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Interagency Prevention and Planning Failures- Hurrican Andrew Research Paper

Interagency Prevention and Planning Failures-Hurrican Andrew - Research Paper Example With every debacle, the US government set up various organizations and bodies to give assistance and help to overcomers of the outcome. The technique for giving guide and help had away from of power and an away from of which organization was to do what errands (Nudell, 1988). Tragically, the accuracy with which these organizations should work didn't occur. These organizations had transformed into ‘stove pipes’ and didn't help out one another. With almost no interagency collaboration, the different government organizations that were seized with giving assistance were left frail and messed up in administration and formality. The outcome was that a huge number of individuals couldn't be emptied to stations assembled explicitly for such assignments. Billions of dollars in reserves that were utilized for framework were squandered (Herman, 2010). This report examines and centers around the poor interagency avoidance and arranging that added to the calamity after Hurricane Andrew struck Florida. Morton (2008) has remarked on the structure and working of the national security and the resistance powers that have equivocal security jobs and capacity and which serve the President of USA. These divisions have solid workforce societies and a profound situated want to ensure their turf and this made oven pies in the branches of national security. These substances will in general work in disconnection and like to be the conveyor of fortunate or unfortunate news. Different divisions, for example, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence - ODNI, Department of Justice - DOJ under different acts going from the National Security Act 1947 to the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act, 2004 have never figured out how to acquire the different offices to act a helpful way and where a typical culture exists. The different national security acts and state security at the national and state levels are lopsided. A basic survey of Shelby (2011) shows that when

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Response To Clarence Darrow Essays - Clarence Darrow, Determinists

Reaction To Clarence Darrow: Reaction to Clarence Darrow: Association and Development of Arguments in Response to Darrows Henry Sweet and Leopold and Loeb Cases In reacting to Clarence Darrows contentions in the Henry Sweet case and in the Leopold and Loeb case, there are a few contemplations that would need to be tended to in a similar way in the two cases. The cases in any case, contrast from various perspectives that would bring about totally different reactions to the cases. A supporter contradicting Darrow would confront two components depicted previously. In the first place, essentially contradicting Darrow makes some fundamental reaction by the backer, secured by those contentions that stay steady in the two cases. Second, singular parts of each case direct explicit reaction by a backer, which is secured by those contentions that contrast for each situation. Contradicting Darrow would be an overwhelming undertaking for any lawyer, however winning a body of evidence against him would not be incomprehensible if the promoter minds the two his adversary and his contention. General Response to Darrow: In reacting to Darrow for the most part, there are various things that a supporter would need to remember. The backer would need to know about his own essence in the court and how that plays against Darrows, factors for the situation would probably play into this also. The backer should show regard for Darrow. He should additionally bring up the parts of Darrows contentions as to kill them. In any preliminary, and particularly any preliminary against Darrow, it is critical to inspect the nearness that the supporter contradicting Darrow has and form it with the goal that it can confront his or utilize a lawyer who has a nearness that can face Darrows if conceivable. This point will be shrouded more corresponding to every individual case. In tending to his rival, a supporter confronting Darrow would do best to perceive Darrows ability. This ought to be done early, however cautiously. It ought to be done generally through basic regard for, yet not reverence to, Darrow. While perceiving Darrows ability, it is significant not to put the restricting lawyer in a compliant position. The contradicting lawyer wouldn't like to lessen his own ability. Taking a forceful position against Darrow by and by isn't probably going to yield results, as he is sufficiently gifted to turn that hostility against the attacker. Past a for the most part regard full mentality towards Darrow, the contradicting supporter would need to recognize his expertise in argumentation. That is the supporter ought not simply disregard Darrows contentions and continue on the heaviness of his own. It is significant for the supporter to uncover Darrows contentions and react to them. This ought to be done in a way that calls attention to the contentions being made and reacts to them, yet doesn't debase Darrow himself. Undertaking such an assignment would not exclusively be troublesome, it is enticing to utilize an insipid rundown type design, taking on Darrows focuses individually. This sort of reaction must be stayed away from. Conversely with Darrow, this kind of reaction would be ineffectual. Any reaction without a convincing emotion will come up short against Darrow. Reacting to Darrow in the Leopold and Loeb Case: The main issue to be tended to in the Leopold and Loeb Case is who ought to speak to the state. This case is being in a strangely way; Not just is it being attempted before an appointed authority, yet it is just the condemning stage, with the guard previously specifying the blame of the litigants. Therefore, just as the reality design and the chance of capital punishment, this case is to some degree scholarly. It is a case that needs a supporter that introduces himself as shrewd, not simply savvy. The state is endeavoring to kill two youngsters and the appointed authority will need to see in excess of a fanatical indictment and dark letter law; astuteness or the presence of would support the arraignment. Consequently I would not suggest that somebody like me, youthful, female, attempt this case for the indictment, particularly in 1924. The indictment would need to introduce somebody who had a solid nearness in the court that passed on certainty, yet not over enthusiasm. Or on the oth er hand whats better they might want to introduce somebody who was

A Long Walk to Freedom- Nelson Mandela Free Essays

string(33) from the British and the Dutch. Nelson Mandela in his book, Long Walk to Freedom contends through the initial five sections that a dark individual must arrangement, coop, and develop through a general public that is frustrating their lives† with politically-sanctioned racial segregation and concealment of their legitimate land. Rolihlanla Mphakanyiswa or faction name, Madiba was conceived on July 18, 1918 of every a straightforward town of Mvezo, which was not acclimated with the happenings of South Africa all in all. His dad was a regarded man who had a decent existence, yet lost it due to a contest with the justice. We will compose a custom exposition test on A Long Walk to Freedom-Nelson Mandela or then again any comparative point just for you Request Now While, his mom was a persevering lady loaded with every day ensembles. His youth was loaded with messing around with individual kids and having a fabulous time. In school, Mandela was given his English name of Nelson. After his father†s passing, he moved to adore with an official, who was a wealthy individual and owed Nelson†s father for a past kindness. The following quite a long while were brimming with tutoring for Nelson. These schools opened Nelson†s eyes to numerous things, which we will examine later. He and the regent†s child, Justice chose to venture out to Johannesburg and see what work they could discover. They departed on their excursion without the regent†s authorization, however inevitably got away from his capacity and settled down in the town. In Johannesburg, Nelson settled down in a law office as a colleague and went to University of South Africa and Witwatersrand University to advance his law instruction. Witswatersrand University carried numerous new plans to Nelson and stirred a soul within him. The following quite a long while, Nelson met numerous new political companions and started his inclusion in the ANC. Likewise during this time, he met Evelyn and they got hitched. Slowly Nelson†s political association developed and his family life declined. Nelson and his old buddy, Oliver Tambo opened a law office, which occupied the greater part of Nelson†s time. Evelyn mothered two of Nelson†s youngsters, however the step by step became separated. Presently, Nelson was a persuasive political individual and bans and imprisoning started to chase after him. At some point, a young lady came into his life by the name of Winnie and they got hitched. Winnie brought forth two a greater amount of Nelson†s kids. As time passed, Nelson†s soul for opportunity developed increasingly more every day. Despite the fact that his life was loaded with bannings and jailings, he never surrendered his battle, yet he realized that the south African government was getting fomented with him and the ANC. The South African government got savage and severe and this drove Nelson away from his family. After he left his family, he went underground. Nelson†s life has been brimming with hardships and choices, yet his heart for the battle has never floundered. Presently let us look at Nelson in closer detail. Nelson is a person who battled through numerous hardships, but on the other hand was confronted with choices that influenced his future, his family, and his occupation. As we take a gander at Nelson more profound, we can see many fascinating focuses. He was opened to new thoughts and convictions through his encounters in the schools of Heraldtown and Fort Hare, however knew there was something better. He chose to make a trip to Johannesburg to discover new and more prominent chances. While, in Johannesburg, he accepted instruction would be a key resource. While working for a little firm, he took classes at University of South Africa and inevitably Wits University. Here is the place his brain and public activity thrived. He cooperated with incredible personalities and persuasive political people. He conversed with numerous Africans without appropriate instruction, who contained more information and preferable social aptitudes over numerous Africans with training. In any case, he despite everything continued securing his B. A. Brains University carried his life to new degrees. He was likewise conversing with Indians, Coloreds, and whites without precedent for his life and Becoming companions with a lot increasingly noticeable African people. Nelson before long joined the ANC and turned out to be extremely unmistakable in the battle for opportunity. Nelson was consistently open to tuning in to new thoughts, however when his was simply beginning his battle. He accepted that just Africans should battle the battle and that the Indians, Coloreds, and socialists would frustrate their battle. As the ANC developed, Nelson additionally turned out to be notable. He was a piece of the Youth League, another advantageous piece of the ANC. Nelson was not president yet, however was amazing enough to voice is suppositions, which numerous individuals tuned in to and had confidence in. As Nelson†s political contribution developed, the police turned out to be increasingly mindful of him. Nelson got many bans, which went from months to years. He likewise experienced prison time continually. In the long run, the police†s quest for him constrained him to go underground. Nelson was likewise turning out to be progressively receptive. He currently accepted that the battle ought to include the Indians and the Coloreds. He additionally accepted that Communism benefited have focuses, however he could never acknowledge the entire socialism perspective. There were numerous political dissidents in South Africa. One that stood apart was Dr. Xuma. Dr. Xuma was companion of Nelson and the leader of the ANC, yet the battle powers numerous hardships on one†s life. Nelson surrendered everything to seek after his battle for opportunity. He left his family, his succeeding law office, and his past for the battle. Dr. Xuma had confidence in indistinguishable thoughts from Nelson, yet would not surrender his unmistakable quality with the whites and his well off occupation for the battle. This choice must be made by numerous political dissidents. Nelson gave his life for the battle. While, Dr. Xuma thought his profession was increasingly significant. Presently let us take a gander at certain issues seen through Mandela†s book. Through this section, I will look at outside impact seen in Long Walk to Freedom to remote impact found in Mexico through Professor Hornibrook†s talks and notes. As I have seen through your talks, South Africa was influenced by outside impact from the British and the Dutch. You read A Long Walk to Freedom-Nelson Mandela in class Papers Mandela†s collection of memoirs helps give increasingly itemized records of the European impact found in South Africa. Since the time Mandela was conceived, the European†s power influenced his kin. European impact could be seen through each part of life. In Mandela†s school, he was given an English name and this was on the grounds that â€Å"this was the custom among Africans back then and was without a doubt because of the British inclination of our training. â€Å"(14) Also, â€Å"the instruction I got was British training, in which British thoughts, British culture, British establishments were consequently thought to be prevalent. There was nothing of the sort as African culture. â€Å"(14) This shows it was hard to escape from the British impact in any event, for kids in school. The British and the Dutch governments passed a few demonstrations that were established to battle against the Africans opportunity battle. The Africans battle for freedom was gradually developing and this terrified the administration. Another term was being seen and it was called â€Å"apartheid. † The administration established laws and acts that denied Africans from doing Many things that were imperative to their battle and endurance. The Group Areas Act was one model. This demonstration required each racial gathering to be isolated into independent zones. Another demonstration was the Population Registration Act, which indicated that race had become the most significant and persuasive part of South African law and society. Another demonstration was the Suppression of Communism Act. This demonstration required all socialists to be brought to preliminary. The police could capture anybody they accepted were attempting to topple the legislature by viciousness and socialist ways. Ultimately, the administration put bans on people who were turning out to be to associated with the battle lastly the legislature restricted the ANC and all other freedom gatherings. This boycott presently made opportunity battling was unlawful in South Africa. The impact of outside impact was uncommon. Africans lost feeling of African culture in schools. While, the outside government had a go at everything to separate the Africans chance for freedom. The remote impact found in South Africa squashed the African†s expectation and endurance. While this was happening in South Africa, Mexico was likewise observing the impact of outside impact. Americans and Europeans came into Mexico and increased a lot of intensity. Haciendas helped their ascent and remote interest in numerous minerals and oil. Be that as it may, Mexico didn't support of this and transformed it. In 1917, Mexico made another constitution, which constrained outside venture and guaranteed land change. This demonstrated Mexico didn't need an overpopulation of outsiders and would not permit it. While, in oil, the outsiders controlled a great part of the oil, which Mexico had a bounty of. In 1938, oil laborers took to the streets and the organizations would not surrender, however as opposed to permitting remote impact to turn out to be excessively amazing. The Mexican head, Cardenas sent in authorities. The mediators required the/33% boost in compensation, yet the organizations cannot. In this manner, Cardenas nationalized oil and constrained the intensity of outside impact in Mexico. Presently, Mexican oil was constrained by PEMEX, which is controlled uniquely by Mexico. Mexico become a huge impact in the oil advertise during the oil emergency, yet in addition went however hyperinflation and in the long run required some outside assistance. Be that as it may, the Mexicans would not permit remote impacts to command the Mexican state as outsiders have influenced South Africa. Presently I will look at another issue found in the book. In this passage, I will look at the development seen in Long Walk to Freedom to the development found in China during the 1900†³s. In South Africa, the development I saw was the Africans battling for opportunity. In their season of battle, they had little assistance from those with power

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North America, Latin America, The Caribbean and Sub-Saharan Africa are Essay

North America, Latin America, The Caribbean and Sub-Saharan Africa are Joined Economically and Culturally - Essay Example Individuals from differing foundations meet up through the digital world, cooperate, mingle, examine issues and keep themselves refreshed about whatever is going on through media. America is viewed as the world’s most prominent worldwide economy, particularly the Northern locale, which is a far reaching blend of individuals from differing foundations. The major worldwide changes start in this locale of the world and afterward spread wherever rapidly inferable from the various advantages of globalization. On the other outrageous, there is Africa, where development has been negligible consistently, which implies that globalization was additionally at an absolute minimum. In these two limits lie Latin America and the Caribbean where globalization and development were at a consistent rate, a lot lesser than in North America yet a lot higher than in Sub Saharan Africa. For example, Mexico had a high pace of globalization when contrasted with other Caribbean States. Africa is common ly observed as a spot where there is a serious absence of assets and, in outrageous cases, individuals are passing on of appetite. There are colossal land and segment contrasts among these areas, America being the best evolved nation and most locales of Africa being the least evolved. There is a colossal hole in assets, culture, dietary patterns, sort of employments individuals do, level of living of individuals. Americans have a sumptuous style of living and generally have administration based economies, while a piece of Africa is as yet experiencing absence of assets and a genuinely enormous level of individuals who don't have any approach to get by. They are less instructed; and in America, training is an essential concern accessible to all.

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Bipolar Disorder Medical ID Bracelets

Bipolar Disorder Medical ID Bracelets Youve probably heard of medical alert jewelry or ID cards for certain medical conditions that may cause life-threatening emergencies, such as diabetes, heart problems, and drug and food allergies. However, anyone with an ongoing medical conditionâ€"including mental health disorders such as bipolar disorder, depression or anxietyâ€"as well as those who take medications on a regular basis may also want to consider using medical IDs. They can be invaluable, life-saving resources. Why Wear Medical Alert Jewelry for Bipolar Disorder There are many compelling reasons to seriously consider wearing medical alert bracelets or necklaces if you have bipolar disorder or any type of mental health condition. Here are some:     In the event of an emergency, where you cant speak for yourself or are unconscious, a medical ID can help medical personnel give you appropriate and swift medical care.Emergency responders are trained to look for medical IDs when they are assessing patients (say, at the site of a car accident or if youve called 911), and medical alert jewelry immediately alerts them to your health condition.Medical alert jewelry reduces treatment errors that can happen when doctors lack a patients health records upon hospital admission.Mixing psychiatric medications with other types of medication can be dangerous; a medical ID can prevent that type of harmful medical error from happening. Types of Medical IDs Anyone can find the perfect medical ID piece for his or her tastes in an array of bracelets, charms and emblems, necklaces and dog tags, sports bands, and cuffs, anklets, and even watches. There are also a number of alternatives to jewelry. The most common is the medical ID card, which can include a great deal more information than an emblem. Some companies offer engraved pill containers as well. What to Include The back of medical alert jewelry is usually where your personal information is listed or engraved. It can include information such as your medical condition, food or drug allergies, medicines, and an emergency contact number. Obviously, the amount of space available on a jewelry emblem is limited (usually only 3-5 lines of about 15 characters each) so this information must be brief. If you need more space, one option is to include a line on a piece of medical alert jewelry that indicates you carry a medical ID card. Here are some examples: Bipolar DisorderLithium ZoloftPenicillin AllergyContact HusbandJoe Smith888.555.1234Panic AttacksBipolar DisorderFood AllergiesSee Wallet Card Whatever you cant fit on your medical alert jewelry or tag can be recorded on a medical ID card for easy reference. This usually includes  name, birth date, address, telephone numbers, emergency contacts, physicians names, and phone numbers, medical conditions, medications, food, and drug allergies as well as the date it was printed. It may also indicate if you are an organ donor or have a living will. Some individuals choose to join a medical information organization as well, such as MedicAlert. The back of their medical ID carries their member identification number and a toll-free number to reach the organization, which holds an updated medical profile for them. What If You Cant Afford Medical Alert Jewelry? Most of the companies that sell these pieces of jewelry have very inexpensive versions available. You can also look online for templates to print your own wallet card. In addition, MedicAlert offers sponsored memberships.

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Resume Editing Service (Rated #1 by Job Seekers)

Resume Editing Service (Rated #1 by Job Seekers) So you’re looking for that new job and need help polishing up your resume!   Let us help:   our resume editing service has been favored by clients for more than a decade and could be just what your resume needs to get you over the hump.   We’ve provided tutorials in the past on how to write a resume.   Now let us help you edit what you’ve written so far.   Making sure your resume is polished and ready to go can be all the difference between you and the dream job you’ve always wanted.   Don’t wait—get with our editors today Resume Editing Service Reviews â€Å"Thanks!   That was perfect.   Knew it was missing something but couldn’t figure out what!   Your editors did a great job of making my resume look killer!†Ã¢â‚¬â€Joan B., Fairbanks â€Å"I wanted to take my resume to the next level—your editors helped me get it there and then some!   Kudos and well done!†Ã¢â‚¬â€Andy S., Tallahassee â€Å"Never thought I would be saying this but WOW—I thought I knew what I was doing, but you guys were great.   I’ll come back again the next time I start applying for jobs!   Thanks so much.†Ã¢â‚¬â€Michelle T., Oakland â€Å"Awesome as always.   Thanks guys for all your hard work!†Ã¢â‚¬â€Sarah O., Cleveland Best Resume Editing Service Everybody wants the best—that goes without saying.   What doesn’t go without saying is where one can find it.   With our resume editing service, you’ll get the best—so forget all the others.   Our writers and editors are among the top providers of editing services in the business and they are on call to take your order 24/7. What makes our service so good? 1) Our editors know what HR departments are looking for in resumes today—they stay up to date with current trends and implement all the tips that professionals provide when it comes to getting the resume ready. 2) Our editors are not satisfied with mediocre.   If your resume just looks okay, they dial it up a notch or two so that it looks fantastic and will be sure to get the attention it deserves. 3) Our editors know what to look out for when it comes to common mistakes in resume writing.   If they see these errors in your resume, they won’t hesitate to correct them. 4) Our editors are familiar with dozens of templates and resume styles and can match the right resume approach with your background, experience, education, and skill level.   No matter what information you have to put into your resume, our editors will make sure your resume has the right style for you before it walks out the door. 5) We are here to serve you—and that means helping to get your resume to look as good as possible so that you can get the job. Online Resume Editing Service That’s right—we’re an online resume editing service:   we’ve been online for more than a decade and so long as we’re in high demand, we’ll continue to be here day and night. Professional Resume Editing Service Our editors are professional:   they know the business world, have experience in HR, and help thousands of clients every year achieve their goals.   If you want satisfaction, come to a professional—come to us. MBA Resume Editing Service You’ve got your MBA—now what?   Dust off that resume—but don’t start throwing in all sorts of things that aren’t relevant to you, your aims, and the position you’re applying for.   There is a fine art to resume writing—and we can help. Resume and Cover Letter Editing Service Part of what goes into getting a resume up and running and looking as professional as possible is the cover letter.   The art of the cover letter is subtle and distinct.   Free of rambling, mistakes in grammar, clutter, and fluff, the cover letter has to be pristine and concise.   It is the first thing HR will see and is what makes the first impression. The cover letter has to introduce you and your story:   it has to provide in just a few words everything that sums you up.   It tells why you’re special, who you are, where you come from, and what you want.   It is straightforward and to the point.   If you feel your resume and cover letter are just not up to snuff, give our editors a crack at it and let them apply the finish. 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Examining Discourse on Disability - 1493 Words

Many disabled writers often visit the topic of their own disabilities, as well as the role of disability in their lives and in American society. This is exemplified in the works of Nancy Mairs, Andre Dubus, and Harriet McBryde Johnson, who not only reflect on their own disabilities, but on how the subject is treated by our culture. They all seem to share the idea that disability is either misrepresented or incorrectly perceived in popular culture, and in Mair’s case, perhaps not significantly represented at all. However their focus differs, as Mairs emphasizes the representation of the disabled in media, while Dubus and particularly Johnson look at it on a more personal level. The latter two focus much more on how the handicapped are perceived on a day to day level, in contrast to Mairs’s assault on how the media represents them. However, Dubus seemingly falls in the middle, as he touches upon both the representation and perception of disability. Also noticeably differe nt is that their outlooks on their own disabilities vary; Dubus believes it has taken a major toll on his life, while Johnson finds it merely to be a superficial adjustment to life, and Mairs then falls somewhere between the two. Despite these differences, their writings overlap in multiple ways. On a basic level, each of these writers believe that disability is perceived incorrectly by American society. However, as stated, Mairs focuses on media’s treatment of disability, whereas Johnson examines the issueShow MoreRelatedA Theoretical Framework Of Disability Employment1333 Words   |  6 Pagesof the college, with one hundred percent of the students having a learning difficulty or disability. The life skills programme population has students with varying degrees of learning needs and physical disabilities, such as Downs Syndrome, Autism, Cerebral Palsy and Intellectual Disabilities. The study will also include the parents and carers of the young people with learning difficulties and disabilities. Evidence collection The research will consist of three phases of inquiry: anonymous onlineRead MoreRepresentations Of Disability During The 20th Century1727 Words   |  7 PagesAmita Wanar HSPB W3950 James Colgrove 10/22/15 Representations of Disability in Military Veterans During the 20th Century At the end of the Civil War, Andrew Johnson alleged our nation s supposed investment in our veterans by claiming that â€Å" a grateful people will not hesitate to sanction any measures having for their relief of soldiers an effort to preserve our national existence.† Since then, our changing perception of disabled veterans of military service has affected the successRead MoreFeminism And Cyberfeminism1712 Words   |  7 Pageshybridity is enough. In a very similar regard, Disability Studies is a form of feminist thought that is open to interpretation, and works against a totalizing idea of a single identity. Some of the roots of Disability Studies can once again be traced back to Second Wave feminism’s concept of a sisterhood. A totalizing idea of â€Å"women† left very little room for issues not deemed universal, such as disability. The fight for the rights of individuals with disabilities became much more mainstream in the earlyRead MoreEssay about Role of Police Reports In the Law Enforcement Community1011 Words   |  5 Pages A discourse community is a community that shares common goals, language, and genres. Law enforcement officers belong to their own discourse community in which they are united in their overall purpose: to protect and serve. An oath they take when sworn in as officers. Law enforcement officers seem to speak a common language that, to a civilian, is foreign. We’ve all heard the famous â€Å"10-4† comment for â€Å"understood† or â€Å"got it† on police shows and in action movies. Pretty much everything that comesRead MoreLanguage Produced By Typical Developing Children1178 Words   |  5 PagesThe purpose of this study is to examine written language produced by typical developing children in Grades 2 through 4. The researchers examined two common academic discourse genres, narrative and expository by analyzing, microstructure and macrostructure of student writing samples. Overall, the researchers are examining the progression of linguistic elements and exp ository writing development in school-age children’s narratives. Speech language pathologists have a duty to analyze and assess clientsRead MoreMake America Sick Again Case Study1104 Words   |  5 Pagesfunds elderly and disability services, reversed the 2014 decision to include sexual orientation and transgender status questions from the National Survey of Older Americans Act Participants (S. R. Cahill Makadon, 2017). Following public backlash, in June 2017 the ACL agreed to restore the sexual orientation items, but will continue to exclude the transgender question, and will also not include sexual orientation and transgender questions in its other national survey of disability (S. R. Cahill Read MoreAutism Is A Mental Imbalance A Provideentitled, Extremely1432 Words   |  6 Pagesutilizing the social abilities expected to work in the public eye. The correspondence issue is because of a noteworthy deferral in dialect advancement found in great instances of a mental imba lance. Autism This shifts on a case by case premise and if discourse develops it is frequently joined by echolalia, a basic rehashing of what s quite recently been said by another person. Autism ultimately, and maybe frequently related to a mental imbalance, is the dull or formal practices that show. Practices, forRead MoreWelfare Fraud : A Black Woman1289 Words   |  6 Pagesas an example, without explicitly saying her name, to demonstrate welfare fraud that the phrase became popular. Since then, the defaming label applied to poor mothers has been associated with gender and racial implications, further shaping the discourse of welfares’ effects on poverty. The â€Å"welfare queen† can be analyzed by two competing explanations: Oscar Lewis’s theory of the culture of poverty and the social construction of race, also known as racial formation. Oscar Lewis (1959) in his bookRead More509 Paper3137 Words   |  13 Pagesignoring what might be the special needs and perceptions of minority students. As stated in Allen and Hillman-Wilmarth, To implicate oneself in ones own narratives of learning and teaching means turning habituated knowledge back on itself, and examining its most unflattering – for many, its most devastating – features. It also means exploring how even this most unflattering moment may offer insight into making significance. (Allen amp; Hermann-Wilmarth, 2004) In order to help their studentsRead MoreThe Health Impact Of Supportive Housing For Hiv Positive Homeless Patients : A Randomized Controlled Trial1123 Words   |  5 Pages(2014). Improving Access to Benefits for Persons with Disabilities Who Were Experiencing Homeless: An Evaluation of the Benefits Entitlement Services Team Demonstration Project. Social Security Bulletin, 45-55. Lange, L., Skelton, I., Meade, T. (2010). I Want to See These Words Turned into Action: Neoliberalism, and Urban Housing for Elderly People of Aborginal Origin. Canadian Journal of Urban Research, 71-88. Rose, D. (2004). Discourses and Experiences of Social Mix in Gentrifying Neighborhoods: