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ACT in 9th Grade

Should You Start Prepping for the SAT/ACT in 9th Grade SAT / ACT Prep Online Guides and Tips "Before anything else, preparation is the key to success." While Alexander Graham Bell may not have been referring specifically to the SAT or ACT, his words ring as true for these tests as for anythingelse. Scoring highly on the SAT/ACT is all about preparation, and luckily you have plenty of time to prepare if you start early. If you haven't started already, let's discuss some reasons why it's useful to start prepping as a freshman and the best ways for doing so. Why Are the SAT and ACT So Important? Most colleges require applicants to send their scores from the SAT or ACT. Colleges consider these two tests equally, so it's up to you to choose and determine which test will better strengthen your overall application. As college admissions get more and more competitive every year (sorry, but it's true!), a strong SAT/ACT score goes a long way toward making your application stand out among the thousands of other applicants. While your curriculum and experiences in schools may differ across the country and the world, the SAT/ACT are meant to test students on an equal playing field. Some schools have adopted test optional and test flexible policies, so you'll eventually want to make sure you're aware of your college's requirements. But it's safe to say the majority of you who are applying to 4-year schools will be taking the SAT or ACT. The SAT is considered to be more of a critical reasoning test that tests yourskills in math, writing, and reading comprehension and analysis. The ACT also has a math, English, and Reading section, but it additionally has a science section.The science section is almost more like critical reading than a science class pop quiz, which I'll explain in more detail below. Both of these tests cover material that you've learned over the years and skills you've developed by 9th grade. Before delving deeper into the content of the tests, let's discuss why test prep is so important for the SAT and ACT . Test Prep and the SAT/ACT While you gain knowledge and develop fundamental skills in and out of school, most students also must do a lot of focused, test-specific preparation to perform well on the SAT/ACT. This is because the tests are unique in the way they time you and ask questions, so you must pair strategy and specific time management skills with your knowledge and understanding. Through practice and studying, you can become familiar with the structure and types of questions in each section, how to best approach them, and what rules of math, grammar, and literary terms will be tested. You can figure out exactly how to read the SAT passages or the ACT passages with time to spare, what approaches will boost your score in math, and what exactly is tested on the ACT science section, to name a few examples. Rome wasn't built in a day, as they say, nor can you become an expert in the SAT or ACT overnight. Freshmangrade is the perfect time to start prepping for the SAT/ACT, reinforcing concepts you need to know, and taking official practice tests. If you're having trouble getting started, remember that you'll be doing Future You a favor. By taking time to prep now and diagnosing exactly where you need to improve, you'll be able to be more relaxed when you're in the thick of college applications and more intensive classes, like honors and AP classes. Junior Year You will really appreciate all the help you can give him/her now! So how can you start to prep? PrepScholar's online program offers customizable test prep that diagnoses your strengths and weaknesses, plans your study schedule, and keeps track of your progress along the way. This means that PrepScholardoesn't assume you're a junior in high school, but meets you atyour level. You can also start with SAT Questions of the Day and ACT Questions of the Day, which are a quick, easy, and convenient way to start getting familiar with the types of questions you'll see on the tests.You can find online sample questions on the College Board and ACT websites, as well as download and print official practice tests for the SAT and ACT. If you start studying now, you'll become an expert on the test by the time you register for your first test date. Not only will SAT/ACT test prep help you score high on these tests, it also will help reinforce what you're learning in school and may help you get better grades in your classes. Let's check out how the tests and your classwork line up. SAT/ACT and What You're Learning In School Even if you are just starting high school, you've already learned a lot of key skills and concepts that will help you on the SAT or ACT. You may not have encountered all the vocabulary or math concepts yet, but you probably know a lot more than you realize. Some students who wait until junior year actually feel like their classes have gotten more advanced than what they see on these tests, and they have to go back and review material from past years. By taking the time to prep now, you can really make sure you've reinforced this knowledge and have a clear sense of how you can apply it to one of the tests. Let's break down exactly what I mean by this in terms of each major subject. First, let's consider math. Math Somestudents have already taken an algebra class by the time they get to 9th grade, or are at least familiar with the related conceptsof a pre-algebra class. Algebra and geometry make up the majority of the math questions on the SAT, as well as on the ACT. The ACT gets a little more advanced by covering some trigonometry. As I mentioned above, some students are already in more advanced math classes by the time they take the SAT or ACT, like in pre-calculus or calculus, and mayhave gotten rusty with their algebra, geometry, and probability. Apart from reinforcing the concepts you already know with SAT/ACT practice problems, you can also get a headstart on 10th and th gradeby introducing yourself to new math concepts. You might find detailed explanations and practice problems that will help you learn these concepts independently of class, which can be especially helpful for students who work well on their own and want to set their own pace. If you're surprised that you already know a good deal of the math you'll need to do well on the SAT/ACT, you might also be intrigued to realize you already have some key reading skills, too. Let's take a look at what reading skills you'll need. Reading While there are some differences between the SAT Reading and the ACT Reading sections, there are more similarities. Both includea series of passages (including one pair), with questions about each, though the exact type of passagesand style of questions varies slightly. The passage-based questions on both tests want to make sure you understand the general purpose of the passage, as well as its tone or style. You'll be asked to interpret a word or phrase in context, along with demonstrating your understanding of details. These are all skills of reading comprehension and analysis that you'll have developed throughout your years of English classes in middle school and 9th grade. Reading comprehension is a skill best developed through reading widely and often. By prepping for the SAT/ACT as a freshman, along with the reading, writing, and analysis you do in your English class, you'll get better and better at these skills. Closely linked to the reading sections are the writing section of the SAT and the English section of the ACT. Writing and Grammar The Writing section of the SAT and English section of the ACT are pretty comparable. Both test your understanding of rules of grammar and syntax. Both also include an optional essay. Just like in your freshman year English classes, these testswant you to understand grammar rules, parts of speech, and sentence structure. The essays should generally take the form of a five-paragraph persuasive essay supported with strong examples. Practicing these in class and through test prep will help you develop your English language and writing skills, just like with reading. One difference with the SAT/ACT essay and essays you write in class might be that you'll be writing for the tests under timed conditions and by hand. Thus you'll have to learn to plan out your essay in just two to three minutes and draft it fast. Practicing this could be another useful tool for helping you become more efficient with the essays you're assigned for class. There are specific strategies you can use to draft high quality essays in a short amount of time that will help you on the SAT/ACT and in class. Test prep for the writing sections could help you score highly, impress your teachers, and save time while still writing thorough, well-developed essays. While the SAT and ACT overlap in terms of math, reading, and writing, there is one major section difference between the two. That difference is the ACT science section. Science Unlike the SAT, the ACT has a science section. Thismight sound like it requires a lot of memorization, but actually the science section is less about straight recall of scientific facts and more about applying scientific skills, like reading charts and graphs and interpreting data. In this sense, the science section is almost more like the reading section than the math section. Having some knowledge of biology, earth sciences, and chemistry is helpful, though, for being familiar with the terminology and having lab skills that you can apply to real data. Since a lot of students take biology with a lab freshman year, you'll probably be in a great position to do well on the ACT science section. Just like with the other sections, test prep on the ACT science can help reinforce what you're learning in class and give you a glimpse intonext year. It will strengthen your skills in the context of the ACT and prevent you from getting rusty and then having to reference back to material that you learned years earlier.You might even find you're ready to take the SAT Subject Test in Biology at the end of your freshman year! As you can see, you're likely already in a good position to handle the SAT/ACT. Prepping can help you do well on the tests and in school. Besides mastering and getting ahead on the content, prepping early also gives you more test dates to choose from. When Should You Take the SAT/ACT? Figuring out your SAT/ACT testing schedule as a freshman will ensure you have plenty of test dates to choose from. Since a lot of colleges superscore your results, or take your highest section scores across all dates you took the tests, some students choose to build up their SAT or ACT scores section by section. You can also usually use Score Choice for the SAT or select which score reports you want to send from the ACT, so you can just send the scores from whichever test date you choose. There are some exceptions, though, so you want to make sure you understand your colleges' policies regarding standardized test scores. One testing schedule that a lot of students use is to take the SAT/ACT once in the fall of junior year, again in the spring, and then a third time if they choose senior year. Some students may take it earlier, like in 10th or even 9th grade, to give themselves more testing opportunities or achieve their scores and be finished with the SAT/ACT before the busy time of junior and senior year. Students almost always improve when they retake the tests, having learned more about time management and gained valuable real test experience. Plus if you prep thoroughly and effectively, you can target your weaknesses and do better the next time. So how can you stick to a prep schedule in 9th grade that will help you score highly on the SAT/ACT? Prepping for the SAT/ACT As a Freshman As you saw above with the SAT and ACT Questions of the Day, a little bit of prep sustained over time can go a long way. You definitely don't have to spend all your time studying for these tests in 9th grade. I would suggest devoting an hour a week to test prep. This is enough to be useful and help you develop a habit, while also being low-key and manageable enough not to put yourself under undue stress or pressure. How can you stick to this? Just like with your homework, the best way to stay organized is to use an assignment notebook or planner to write down your plans, goals, and assignments and keep track of them. Some planners even break your day up hour by hour, so you could devote a specific time to test prep, like every Tuesday from 6 to 7. Making something a regular routine is the best way to remember it and incorporate it into your life. This will help you in all aspects of your academic life, along with setting and working towards your own personal goals. To Sum Up... By prepping early, you'llsee your SAT/ACT scores go up and up. Your effort will pay off in a huge way over time, especially if you maintain test prep as a regular part of your routine. Your motivation and discipline will positively impact other aspects of your high school career, too. Test prep will help you improve your math, reading, writing, and science skills, plus it will aid you when you take thePSAT. You can root out your strengths and weaknesses and figure out what you need to learn and where you shouldput in extra effort. Finally, it will remind you that all of your high school career is important for getting into college and help you start laying the groundwork for your future after graduation. What's Next? What's a good SAT/ACT score for 9th graders? If you're taking the SAT or ACT as a freshman, you can figure out yourtarget scores here. The best way to prep for the SAT is with official College Board SAT questions. Download official SAT practice tests here. If you're taking the ACT, you want to try some sample ACT questions from previously administered tests. You can find printable official ACT tests here. Besides prepping for the SAT/ACT, should you think about taking the PSAT as a freshman? Read about the most important considerations for signing up for the PSAT in 9th grade. Want to learn more about the SAT but tired of reading blog articles? Then you'll love our free, SAT prep livestreams. Designed and led by PrepScholar SAT experts, these live video events are a great resource for students and parents looking to learn more about the SAT and SAT prep. Click on the button below to register for one of our livestreams today!

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Challenges and Opportunities for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners Essays

Challenges and Opportunities for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners Essays Challenges and Opportunities for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners Essay Challenges and Opportunities for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners Essay Rick Suttle Rick Suttle has been composing professionally since 2009. printing wellness and concern articles on assorted web sites. He has worked in corporate selling research and as a copywriter. Suttle has a Bachelor of Science in marketing from Miami University and a Master of Business Administration from California Coast University. Business proprietors frequently face challenges with financing their companies. Business proprietors face many challenges when running companies. Competition can be stiff in any industry. Therefore. you must happen clip to maintain path of what cardinal rivals are making. Consumer penchants can besides alter over clip. so you must to the full understand what merchandises and characteristics your clients want. You besides will confront other cardinal challenges with respect to capital. employees and planning. 1. Financing the Business * Owners are faced with the challenge of financing their concerns - both when get downing out and during growing stages. Exclusive owners sometimes use nest eggs or investing histories to get down concerns. However. financing your ain concern can be hazardous. Make certain you have money for your life disbursals when financing your concern. as it may take months to gain a net income. It is frequently hard to acquire a bank loan. All Bankss will look into your recognition before giving you a loan. so get transcripts of your recognition study and do certain it is accurate ; mistakes can negatively impact your recognition mark. You besides can use for a loan through the SBA ( Small Business Administration ) . However. the SBA frequently charges higher involvement rates. the Microsoft Business web site notes. 2. Building Net incomes * It can take clip to construct net incomes in a concern. whether you are utilizing direct gross revenues or advertisement to turn your concern. You will necessitate reinvest a big part of your net incomes into extra advertisement. Companies that use publicizing physique net incomes by bit by bit increasing advertisement outgos each month. For illustration. you may necessitate to pass $ 500 to do $ 1. 500. a 300 per centum return on your advertisement investing. Assuming you can average similar returns. you may make up ones mind to put the full $ 1. 000 net income to do $ 3. 000. Keep in contact with your clients. Try to acquire repeat gross revenues every bit frequently as you can. which besides will assist you increase net incomes. 3. Finding Qualified Employees * Small concern proprietors will hold the challenge of happening qualified employees. Larger companies normally offer higher wages and better wellness benefits than smaller 1s. so you may necessitate to happen employees who recognize the built-in benefits of working for smaller companies. For illustration. employees can travel up more rapidly in a smaller organisation. Another option is offering some type of net income sharing. With a solid merchandise construct and concern program. some occupation appliers will acknowledge the pecuniary benefits of net income sharing. 4. Time Management * A smaller but still of import challenge for concern proprietors is clip direction. Small concern proprietors frequently need to multitask as they have fewer employees to execute everyday undertakings. The key to get the hanging clip direction is prioritising your undertakings each twenty-four hours. Complete the undertakings that are most important to constructing net incomes. For illustration. travel to the meeting with a client and work on your gross revenues budget subsequently. Challenges of Business Owners | eHow. com hypertext transfer protocol: //www. ehow. com/info_7847252_challenges-business-owners. hypertext markup language # ixzz2HY0QNYtL Common Challenges Entrepreneurs Face and How to Get the better of Them * 5 Most Common Challenges Entrepreneurs Face and How to Get the better of Them * My Personal Challenges as an Entrepreneur and How I Overcame Them†¦ * Armed for Battle: An Army of Entrepreneurs Book Review * How Far Are You Willing to Travel for Your Dreams? * Brenda Rivas: How She Used Her Unhappiness in Her Corporate America Job to Propel Her to Get down Her Own Business 1. Negative Mentality The conflict ever starts in the head! Our ain frights. alibis. and merely fundamentally any thing that paralyzes us from traveling frontward to our fate is cultivated in our head. Feelingss of insufficiency such as I don’t know if I can make this or I am non qualified plenty to get down this happen – these are frequently ideas that enterprisers trade with. This can frequently come from our ain low self-pride. deficiency of support. or our upbringing. How to Get the better of: a. Do non entertain the ideas. Remember that whatever you focus on gets magnified. If you pay no attending to it. it will non linger. But for every bit long as you are nursing it. it will turn in your caput and finally catch you! B. Surround yourself with positive people. Birds of same plumes flock together is a popular stating but it is true. If you hang with negative people who criticize other people and set them down and make commiseration party. so before long. you will happen yourself like one. See why it’s of import to environ yourself with positive people. c. Empower yourself by reading inspirational articles. success narratives. great books. films and anything that will promote you and actuate you. Attend seminars and workshops if you can! 2. Overpowering Feelingss There is ever a immense acquisition curve when you foremost get down a concern. Although you may hold tonss of experience in the corporate universe in your field. it’s wholly different when you’re the captain of your ain ship. Now. you have to be the foreman. the seller. the secretary. the client service individual. the shipper. and the list goes on! But these overpowering feelings certainly do non merely come to get downing enterprisers. Some experient and successful enterprisers tend to experience overwhelmed at times excessively so don’t be discouraged. How to Get the better of: a. Take short interruptions in between your undertakings. I find that taking 2 or 3 infinitesimal interrupt off from my computing machine helps. B. Pace yourself. Make a to-do list and do certain that you merely put whatever you can manage within a realistic clip frame on any given twenty-four hours. c. Outsource some of your undertakings. If you’re turning excessively speedy. engage a practical helper or a local individual who doesn’t head coming over to your place office to assist you out with some undertakings. d. Make certain to put aside two yearss away. A concern is a concern. nevertheless. this clip it is yours and you have the flexibleness to make your ain hours and put your yearss off without any job. It is ideal to hold a twosome of yearss off or more if you can afford it to avoid possible speedy burn out. e. If you’re enduring from information overload. 3. Lack of Support Some enterprisers have been blessed to hold supportive hubbies. household. kids. and friends. Some of this support group have the ability to assist do the entrepreneur’s concern grow but some could merely offer moral support†¦which. hey. it’s more than you could inquire for! While some of us are blessed like that. others lack both moral and concern support. How to Get the better of: a. Network with your local concern organisations and happen people that have the same vision and end as you do. B. Find a practical group of people in Social Media that support and advance each other. ( Shameless Plugging: Yes. this is what The Entrepreneur Chic Social Club is all about! Detailss coming shortly! *Wink wink* ) c. Invest in a wise man or a concern manager. 4. Turning a Business The challenge in turning a concern largely lies in the deficiency of fiscal resources. Let’s face it. money begets money. If you have the money. it’s easier to set your merchandise out at that place in 100s of 1000s of people merely like the bigger trade names. the Fortune 500 companies. You see them on Television. wireless. hoardings. societal media. and sometimes possibly in your inbox! Unfortunately. for most little concern and starting enterprisers. this is non the instance. You have to work hard to do money so you can utilize that to do more money! How dry. isn’t it? But that’s where the challenge is! I truly do believe that this country of holding your ain concern Teachs you a batch about continuity and creates such an experience for you that molds you as a concern individual. How to Get the better of: a. Be patient. Turning a concern takes clip. The degree of attempt that you put in is straight tantamount to the degree of consequence you’re traveling to acquire but do non anticipate an nightlong consequence. It’s like seting a seed. it takes clip to go a tree. B. Learn every bit much as you could about selling ( including societal selling ) for every bit long as your encephalon can manage without overloading it! c. Research on ways you can get support. Be originative! ( possibly you can make your ain fundraising technique ) See if you might be qualified for a little concern loan. 5. Feelingss of Desiring to Give Up Because a concern takes clip to turn and it normally takes a batch of attempt to do it work. feelings of desiring to give up do come sometimes. particularly when you’re non seeing the consequences that you want when you want it. Possibly your financess are already get downing to acquire depleted or you’re acquiring physically and mentally drained. How to Get the better of: a. Do non entertain the idea. B. If you’re non seeing any consequences. measure your merchandise. service. mark market. and your selling schemes. Possibly your merchandise isn’t the right 1 for the group of people that you’re showing it to. Maybe it needs to hold a batch of betterment in its presentation/packaging or monetary value. c. Take some clip off. Sometimes stepping away gives you a better position of where things are at and thoughts flow better when your head is rested. hypertext transfer protocol: //www. entrepreneurchic. com/5-most-common-challenges-entrepreneurs-face-and-how-to-overcome-them/ 5 Types of Business Opportunities for Entrepreneurs Are you a ungratified enterpriser? Are you the type of individual who wants to travel into concern to be your ain foreman and win through your ain determination doing? Many people feel the call to go an enterpriser. but are non certain what type of concern to get down. There are many entrepreneur chances you could take. Here is a brief expression at different types of concern chances available: Buy a Franchise Many enterprisers like to hold a concern traveling full velocity right off the chiropteran. Rather than disbursement clip reinventing the proverbial wheel. an enterpriser will purchase a franchise chance. A franchise is an bing concern with a solid concern program and procedure already in topographic point. An enterpriser can run a new concern under a recognized concern name and receive support from the franchise central office with selling. promotional stuffs. new concern merchandises or services. etc. Good illustrations of popular franchises are McDonalds and Subway eating houses. place cleansing concerns. Dollar Shop. or fitness centres. Distributorship or Franchise Another topographic point to happen concern chance leads is with distributorships and franchises. A distributer is a individual or concern that has an understanding to sell merchandises or services produced by another company. Think of an Amway distributer or Avon distributer as a good illustration. A trader is much like a distributer. but more focused on one merchandise. An car franchise may sell merely Hondas. or an insurance agent might be considered a dealer’ in life insurance. Network Selling While an Avon lady might be considered a distributor. ’ there is much more to this type of concern chance. In add-on to administering the merchandises or services offered by the parent company. a web seller besides strives to enroll other distributers. By making a network of distributers. a individual can gain considerable income through residuary committees made from the distributers working under them. This enterpriser chance is besides known as Multilevel Marketing. Licensing You might besides happen enterpriser chances through licensing. Licensing is where you can be originative and invent merchandises. but use the name trade name. icon. or hallmark of a widely recognized concern. Think of Disney merchandises. An discoverer may come up with a great thought for a child’s plaything that would go a large marketer if the celebrated Mickey Mouse was associated with the merchandise. By obtaining a licence from Disney. the discoverer could bring forth his merchandise and net incomes would be shared by both parties. Filling a Niche While pre-made or other types of concern chances can be moneymaking through a parent or franchise company already basking great success. enterpriser chances besides exist for a individual to merely happen a consumer demand and detect a manner to work out it. Possibly you are a new female parent who finds a demand for a babe merchandise non on the market. and hence. you create and distribute one of your ain. Or you are a specializer who finds that other concerns will pay for your audience and expertness in bettering a concern map. Any enterpriser who wants to do a concern of his or her ain has many types of concern chances to research. Find the one right for you and bask the success you can construct on your ain. At the beginning of each twelvemonth. there is ever a small bombilation about what will be the following new large ticket. The universe is supposed to stop in 2012. so I hope you’ll bargain 50 brace of underwear. six months’ worth of nutrient rations and about 500 gallons of H2O. I hope you will do those purchases. non because I think the universe is traveling to stop. but because I’m get downing an underwear-manufacturing company. a food-rations-supply house and a water-supply concern. Each of these concerns will be hot in the new twelvemonth as craze boots into overdrive in 2012. Don’t believe me? Flash back to Y2K. Businesses spent about $ 500 billion to salvage themselves from impending day of reckoning. But nil happened. Not even a small Y2K post-mortem burp. Nothing happened. except that sellers in 1999 pulled in a cool half trillion! So if you’re looking for the following hot chance for enterprisers in 2012. support these five countries in he ad. 1. Aged consumers Because people are populating longer these yearss. a inundation of merchandises and services will be designed to provide to the older crowd. Businesss will present not-so-obvious services. New retirement small towns will jump up and new services that cater to the aged. such as chair lifts for acquiring into aeroplane seats. 2. Domestic buying With Europe on rickety fiscal land. expect concerns to make more domestic buying. There is volatility in front. so if you are based in the U. S. and have rivals overseas. you may hold an advantage in 2012. It’s safer to buy domestically. where purchasers perceive more stableness. even if it is more dearly-won. 3. Mobile buying If you are familiar with Square. you know that this is merely the beginning. In 2012. we will see a large rush in payments made with smartphones. Entrepreneurs who have non optimized their web sites and their concerns for smartphone minutess are giving money off. In fact. the research house Emarketer says that smartphone minutess are expected to transcend $ 6. 5 billion by 2015. That’s a batch of coin. 4. Familial Deoxyribonucleic acid sequencing It’s non the sequencing itself that enterprisers need to leap on. but maintaining it under $ 1. 000. Technological promotions continue at mind-bending velocity. As Moore’s Law predicts. every 18 months engineering doubles in public presentation and cuts the cost in half. In 2012. we should see familial decrypting available for $ 1. 000 or less. That monetary value point would do it available to the mean individual. Most people would hold the agencies to find their familial leaning to jobs. and to take immediate action to populate longer and healthier. This will make a roar in DNA-sequencing services and related wellness attention services. Jump on it now. before it becomes another Walmart offering. like flu shootings are now. 5. World stoping Not. My biggest. boldest anticipation is that the universe will non stop in December 2012 ( even though the Mayan calendar shows that it will ) . But that doesn’t mean there won’t be large chances to gain from the ballyhoo that will construct. It could stand for 1000000s. or even one million millions. in gross. People spent about $ 1 billion fixing for Y2K to hit. and nil happened. We are animals of wont and will probably make the same for 2012. So. if you believe the Mayan calendar may non be accurate about the universe stoping in 2012. consider ways to gain from these countries. They should be moneymaking and provide plentifulness of chance. Besides. the Mayan calendar besides predicted that the Kim Kardashian matrimony would last more than 12 months. and it was incorrect about that. excessively!

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Compare the films dead Poets Society and Stand and Deliver from two Essay

Compare the films dead Poets Society and Stand and Deliver from two perspectives a) Educational Theories discussed in the course b) Mass Media Theories Studied in the book Four Theories of the Press - Essay Example â€Å"Literature uses the normal means of communication – language images, symbols, codes, stories – but uses them with more complexity and subtlety than is normal in everyday communication† (Lye, 2003). Films are able to employ more than mere words, however, as they also use sound, music, light and motion to make the story come to life. Responsible film makers have used films as a means of raising the social consciousness regarding a variety of issues, adopting a libertarian stance to the use of media. By studying films such as Dead Poet’s Society (1989) and Stand and Deliver (1988), one can begin to understand and appreciate the libertarian media and its benefits as it is applied to the question of educational reform. At its most basic level, the concept of the libertarian media as it is demonstrated through these two films is a concept based on the philosophy that the media should serve as a ‘check’ on the power structures of society. Although much attention in this regard is given to the media of newspapers or printed material, the theories and approaches are recognized in most arenas as being equally applicable to the other forms of mass communication, such as films. According to Siebert (1956), the libertarian philosophy is founded on the assumption that man is an end in himself. â€Å"The happiness and well-being of the individual is the goal of society, and man as a thinking organism is capable of organizing the world around him and of making decisions which will advance his interests† (Siebert 40). From this stance, the role of the government was established to be as the representative of the people with the primary duty of securing a space in which the individual could fully explore his or her own happiness and well-being. However, the individual must be aware of what the government is doing in order to make sure that it

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3 insights and questions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 2

3 insights and questions - Essay Example Hammer observes that the process of reengineering signifies the introduction of new processes in the existing business systems to make it more efficient. Business process is observed to be an integration of â€Å"activities, resources, facilities and information† required to accomplish a specific business goal. (Business Processes, Information and Information Systems, 22). Thus a change made in the business process significantly requires proper training of human resources along with proper infrastructural alignments in helping the organization to meet the changing demands. 3. The goal of incorporating information technology in a business process confers specialization to the set of business activities. This happens for different types of business activities has specific information requirements which are met by incorporating information technology in business. (Business Processes, Information and Information Systems, 27). Hammer also observed that the business to earn success must store huge amounts of information ready at hand in large computers for meeting specific business

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Realist and Constructivist Approaches to Social Problems

Realist and Constructivist Approaches to Social Problems Critically analyse the way social problems are constructed and prioritised for intervention. Distinguish between the realist and construction approaches to social problems and offer an assessment of their value. Apply the relevant social theory to a contemporary social problem such as prostitution. Outlined below is a critical analysis of the way in which social problems are constructed and prioritised for intervention. This critical analysis will aim to distinguish between the realist and the construction approaches to social problems, going on to assess the value of each approach in turn. Then the social theory deemed to be the most relevant would be applied to a contemporary social problem. The realist approach to social problems is an approach that stresses that there is usually underlying causes of issues or phenomena within modern societies. The realist approach to social problems assumes that such problems have short – term and also long – term causes that are actually found ingrained into the social structures of modern societies.[1] The starting point of the realist approach to social problems stress that the underlying social causes of such problems as crime, illegal drug taking, and prostitution are generally more important over the long – term rather than the sometimes more obvious short –term causes of the phenomena being examined.[2] Advocates of the realist approach to social problems frequently contend that sociologists should always delve deeper into the specific social problems that they are evaluating. The realist approach to social problems implies that sociologists delve deeper to find out the affects of factors such as deprivation, discrimination, prejudices, and also poverty.[3] According to the realist approach to social problems these factors whether own their own, or in various combinations with each other are the real underlying causes of social problems. Therefore in many respects the realist approach to social problems has a great deal in common with the Marxist approach to social problems and all related issues. The main difference being that the Marxist approach to social problems would always contend that class and economic conflicts or developments are the root causes of every social problem.[4] The Construction approach to social problems examines the causes of all such social problems from a different perspective than the realist approach to social problems does. Whereas the realist approach to social problems contends that there are nearly always underlying factors causing these social problems, the Construction approach to social problems does not automatically that to be the case. Thus in contrast to the realist approach to social problems the Construction approach assumes that social problems are specifically constructed and that they could actually have causes that are as straightforward as they appeared to be at first glance.[5] The Construction approach to social problems argues that these problems are often constructed at the same time as the societies that they are found inside, and sometimes constructed after the society in question has already become well established. In the Construction approach to social problems it also often implied that the issues that are deemed to be social problems are classified as such due to the prevailing social and moral values within any given society. What is regarded as a social problem in one society might be regarded as being partly or entirely acceptable in another society.[6] For instance different societies have different attitudes towards issues such as homosexuality and prostitution, with more liberal minded societies perhaps not regarding them as social problems at all. Under the Construction approach to social problems various social issues and whether or not they constitute social problems depends upon the subjective values of prevailing social and moral attitudes.[7] Societies are not always entirely agreed as to which social issues can be regarded as being social problems. The Construction approach to social problems therefore finds it useful to argue that it is the strongest or prevailing social and moral attitudes that construct and prioritise social problems and labels them as such.[8] The best of the approaches to social problems to be used to construct and also to prioritise the social problem or problems being examined would be the realist approach to social problems.[9] The strength of the realist approach to social problems is that it would offer the chance to gain an understanding of the underlying causes of social problems. The realist approach to social problems such as drug taking and prostitution gives more extensive explanations than those provided by the Construction approach to social problems does. [10] The realist approach to social problems offers a deeper insight into the underlying causes of problems like prostitution. To begin with the realist approach to social problems would make the sociologists examining the issue look into all the possible underlying causes of prostitution.[11] When following the realist approach to social problems like prostitution sociologists would evaluate the parts that addiction, alienation, desperation, discrimination, sexuality, and violence played in making the problem better or worse.[12] In other words the realist approach to social problems would contend that prostitution was a social problem that demonstrates the unfair, harsh, violent, and frequently hypocritical ways social problems are formed and also understood are actually common in contemporary modern societies.[13] The realist approach to social problems would contend that prostitution has been around for thousands of years in virtually every society that has ever existed, its most obvious cause being that people will pay for sex, and that other people will exchange sexual services for cash payments. According to the realist approach to social problems prostitution has more underlying causes such as prostitutes selling their bodies to make a living, to pay for drink or drug addictions, and more sinisterly they are physically forced into doing it. Whether or not prostitutes undertake their role freely or are forced into it the realist approach to social problems would nearly always argue that they are being e xploited for the financial gains of others. The realist approach to social problems or at least its advocates would contend that prostitution will probably never go away, and the main aim of society should be to protect prostitutes from exploitation, violence, and sexually transmitted diseases.[14] Therefore to conclude the realist approach to social problems is better than the Construction approach to social problems as it allows sociologists the chance to evaluate social issues and social problems in greater detail. The realist approach to social problems offers a better understanding of the constructing and the prioritising of prostitution as a social problem. Bibliography Abercrombie N, Hill S Turner B S, (2000) The Penguin Dictionary of Sociology 4th edition, Penguin Group, London Abercrombie N, (2004) Sociology, A Short Introduction, Polity, Cambridge Cavadino M Dignan J, (2002) The Penal System An Introduction, Sage Publications Lawson T Heaton T, (1999) Crime and Deviance, MacMillan, Basingstoke 1 Footnotes [1] Abercrombie, Hill Turner B, 2000 p. 326 [2] Abercrombie, 2004 p. 25 [3] Abercrombie, Hill Turner B, 2000 p. 312 [4] Abercrombie, 2004 p. 25 [5] Lawson Heaton, 1999 p. 58 [6] Abercrombie, 2004 p. 25 [7] Lawson Heaton, 1999 p. 58 [8] Abercrombie, Hill Turner B, 2000 p. 326 [9] Lawson Heaton, 1999 p. 176 [10] Cavadino Dignan, 2002 p.53 [11] Abercrombie, 2004 p. 25 [12] Abercrombie, Hill Turner B, 2000 p. 326 [13] Cavadino Dignan, 2002 p.53 [14] Lawson Heaton, 1999 p. 58

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A Comparison of The Crucible and Nazi Germany :: comparison compare contrast essays

The Crucible and Nazi Germany Arthur Miller's portrayal of Salem, Massachusetts can be juxtaposed with Adolf Hitler's Nazi Germany. While the motivations differ, societal similarities exist and both teach us that when a whole society of people have a fear so great that it can be used against them, the society will try to do anything and everything in their power to prevent this from happening. Even when the means of prevention involves innocent people dieing and the judiciary system becoming corrupt, the society will act upon this fear of wickedness and the devil. When one group or individual has so much power and influence to lead or sentence someone to death, then there is something to worry about. In The Crucible, Abigail has the quality of speaking and always being heard, "I saw Goody Sibber with the Devil!"(Miller 48) After she says this, Thomas Putnam immediately calls the marshal to hand out warrants to the accused. A functional society can't exist without a balance in power. Even in today's society, there is a balance in power to keep the country calm. If the president had all the power, then he would be able to pass whatever ludicrous laws he wanted and basically do anything to benefit himself. Abigail had enough power, not to pass laws, but to testify and decide who should receive a warrant for witchery. When a little, irresponsible, whore of a girl has enough power to do this, she will definitely take advantage of it, and she did. Reverend John Hale also believes that the chaos in Salem can be directed towards Abigail as he said in Act II, "The world goes mad, and it profit nothing you should lay the cause to the vengeance of a little girl."(79) Throughout time, history has proven that through conflict and poor living conditions, it can be quite simple and painless to put all the blame on someone. Adolf Hitler was able to blame people such as the Jews, homosexuals, gypsies, mentally ill, etc. This seemed like an easy answer. All the problems in the world were the result of these types of people. Once Hitler was able to persuade the majority of Germany that this racist thought was true and that they should be afraid and very concerned about being taken over by these people.

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Plants Study Guide (High School) Essay

KEY CONCEPT-Plant life began in the water and became adapted to land. Plants are multicellular eukaryotes, most of which produce their own food through photosynthesis and have adapted to life on land. Plants share many characteristics with green algae. Both are photosynthetic eukaryotes with the same types of chlorophyll. Both also use starch as a storage product and have cell walls that contain cellulose. One ancient species of green algae is the common ancestor of all plants. If it were alive today, it would be classified as a charophycean. Natural selection likely favored individuals of the ancestral charophycean species that could withstand dry periods, until eventually the first true plant species evolved. Life on land presents different challenges from life in the water. These challenges have acted as selective pressures for plant life on Earth. †¢ Retaining moisture: A cuticle is a waxy, waterproof layer that helps hold in moisture. Tiny holes in the cuticle, called stomata, can open and close allowing air to move in and out. †¢ Transporting resources: A vascular system is a collection of specialized tissues that bring water and mineral nutrients up from plant roots and disperse sugars down from the leaves. †¢ Growing upright: Lignin is a material that hardens the cell walls of some tissues, providing structure for plants to grow upright and space for vascular tissue. †¢ Reproducing on land: A pollen grain is a two-celled structure produced by seed plants that contains a cell that will divide to form sperm. Pollen can be carried by wind or animals to female reproductive structures. A seed is a storage device that also protects and nourishes a plant embryo. Plants evolve with other organisms in their environment. †¢ A mutualism is an interaction between two species in which both species benefit. Important mutualisms involving plants include those between plant roots and certain fungi and bacteria, and those between plants and their animal pollinators. †¢ Plant-herbivore interactions have brought about a variety of adaptations in plants that discourage animals from eating them. These adaptations include spines, thorns, and defensive chemicals. Mosses and their relatives are seedless nonvascular plants. These plants must grow close to the ground where they can absorb water and nutrients directly. They also rely on free-standing water to allow their sperm to swim to and fertilize an egg. Therefore, these plants usually live in damp environments. Three phyla fit into the category of seedless nonvascular plants. These include the liverworts (phylum Hepatophyta), the hornworts (phylum Anthocerophyta), and mosses (phylum Bryophyta). Club mosses and ferns are seedless vascular plants. Like seedless nonvascular plants, they rely on free-standing water to allow their sperm to swim to and fertilize an egg. However, a vascular system allows these plants to grow higher above the ground and still transport materials between the roots and the leaves. Two phyla fit into the category of seedless vascular plants. These include club mosses (phylum Lycophyta) and whisk ferns, horsetails, and ferns (phylum Pterophyta). Seeds plants are able to reproduce without free-standing water. Pollen can be carried by the wind or by animals to female reproductive structures, where sperm will form from each pollen grain. Pollination occurs when pollen meets female reproductive structures of the same plant species. Seeds nourish and protect plant embryos and allow plants to disperse to new areas. Seed plants can be grouped according to whether their seeds are enclosed in fruit. †¢ A gymnosperm is a seed plant whose seeds are not enclosed in fruit. A woody cone is the reproductive structure of most gymnosperms. Three phyla fit into the category of gymnosperms. These include cycads (phylum Cycadophyta), ginkgos (phylum Ginkgophyta), and conifers (phylum Coniferophyta). †¢ An angiosperm is a seed plant whose seeds are enclosed in fruit. Angiosperms belong to a phylum of their own, commonly called flowering plants (phylum Anthophyta). A flower is the reproductive structure of flowering plants. A fruit is the mature ovary of a flower. 20.3 KEY CONCEPT The largest phylum in the plant kingdom is the flowering plants. Flowering plants have unique adaptations that allow them to dominate the landmasses of Earth today. †¢ Flowers allow for efficient pollination. Although some flowering plants are pollinated by wind, many are pollinated by animals such as birds or insects. Animals often pollinate flowers while searching for food, so they transfer pollen from flower to flower in a very targeted way. †¢ Fruit, the mature ovary of a flowering plant, plays an important role in seed dispersal. Fruits can take on many forms. Animals may eat fleshy fruits, dispersing the seeds after they have passed through their digestive tracts. Other fruits take the form of burrs that cling to wildlife or fibers that help to spread seeds by wind. Botanists classify flowering plants into two groups based on the number of cotyledons present in the seed. A cotyledon is an embryonic leaf inside a seed. †¢ Monocots have one cotyledon. Monocots generally have leaves with parallel veins, flower parts in multiples of three, and bundles of vascular tissue scattered throughout the stem. Corn, grasses, irises, and lilies are monocots. †¢ Dicots have two cotyledons. Dicots generally have leaves with netlike veins, flower parts in multiples of four or five, and bundles of vascular tissue arranged in rings. Deciduous trees and peanuts are dicots. Flowering plants can also be categorized by stem type and life span. These characteristics help describe mature flowering plants and are commonly used by botanists, gardeners, landscape designers, and horticulturists. †¢ Two stem types are woody and herbaceous. Wood is made up of dead vascular tissue cells that have lots of lignin and cellulose in their cells walls. Woody stems are thick and stiff. Herbaceous stems do not contain wood. †¢ Three basic plant lifespans are annual, biennial, and perennial. Annuals mature from seeds, produce flowers, and die all in one year. Biennials take two years to complete their life cycle. Perennials live for more than two years.