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Personal Finance Plan Worksheet Essay

The process of creating a detailed plan to meet your financial needs and prepare for the future is called b. personal financial planning. 2. Which of the following is not one of the five major steps of the financial planning process? c. collect and organize your financial information 3. Which phase in life is commonly associated with focus on marriage, family, purchasing a home, and career development? c. ate 20’s through your 40’s 4. Which of the following is a benefit of having a college degree that can affect your financial planning? d. all the above 5. Which of the following elements of a comprehensive financial plan involves analyzing future needs, such as saving for retirement or college funding for dependents? d. protecting wealth and dependents Directions Respond to the following short-answer questions in 50-to 100-words: 6. People have different styles when it comes to handling their money. List the two things that affect your personal beliefs and opinions about financial planning. How well do you feel you manage your money? Can you spot areas for improvement in your money management style, and if so, where/how? a. Two things that affect my personal beliefs about financial planning are: my family composition and values. I want my family to be comfortable and I also save but not as much and often as I should. Making sure I save for hard time and my family stability is a must. Setting up a budget is a main topic in my household. b. I can do better and stop tapping into my savings. I do have a savings account that is linked to my account. Everytime I spend something a dollar is sent to my savings, so that also help me balance my account as well. I also need to focus on our needs and not what we want. c. Yes I could stop spending more money and save more which is hard because we just moved and we are buying the house we are renting. Im putting money into the house but bills still have to be paid. We are starting to do a budget to eliminate the how, who, when, and where. 7. Which element of the comprehensive financial plan focuses on your housing needs, setting aside money for emergencies, and establishing a career path? Consider your own finances. Do currectly own a vehicle and/or home? If yes, how well do you manage monthly home and auto expenses? How well do you save for unforeseen expenses? a. Securing basic needs b. I own two vehicles and purchasing a home. We pay our mortgage at the beginning of the month in which we split, we pay the bills as soon as we get the bills and we split those as well, then the car notes are split up, and at the end of the month our car insurance is due. c. We have a savings account that pulls money from our checking whenever we spend money nd then we literally have what I call a piggy bank and we save change as well. There is nothing wrong about saving change because it does add up. 8. The economy is unpredictable and can affect your personal financial planning. List one factor in economic conditions that may affect your financial future. How could you reduce the impact of that factor on your finances? a. Inflation b. To reduce the affect of inflation is to save and go on a budget. You can also shop smarter by shopping cheaper, like generic brands. Also using coupons and your rewards card to reduce the cost of groceries and gas. You can shop around for the cheapest prices and most of the time if you buy in bulk its cheaper. 9. Which step in the five-step financial planning process requires you to organize your financial information, create personal financial statements, and evaluate your current financial position? Have you ever completed this step? If so, is it still applicable to your current financial situation? If not, do you plan to do this soon? Why or why not? a. Step1: Analyze your current financial position. b. Yes I have done it before, but now we just moved and we are now creating a new budget. Since the bills have changed we have to do a new budget and gather our bank statements, bills, and calculater our income to be more financially stable and save more money. We are currently going over a new budget as we speak. 10. Step Five in the five-step financial planning process discusses the importance of regularly reevaluating and revising your plan because personal circumstances often change. List two life changes that may require you to update your financial plan. Have you recently experienced a change that requires you to reevaluate your financial plan? If so, what was it and how have you accommodated it? (Please share only what you are comfortable sharing) a. Marriage and children b. I just recently got married and we’re just purchasing a home. My husband just received social security and 100% in military disability and I work. This make it a little easier for us to make it. I do have children and one is disabled so its tough but we make it. We split everything down the middle so no one person would be overwhelmed with paying all the bills on their own. We try to do a budget and stick to it. We do bargin shop and try to limit where we go due to high gas prices. We also put money to the side for different things we want to do whether its go out to eat, go to the movies, or date night. We also put money back for food and gas. We include everything we do and everything that can happen in our budget and daily life.

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Leadership Styles Case Study Essay

1. What type of leadership is practiced at NCF, transactional or transformational? How do you know? The type of leadership that is practiced at NCF is transactional. Their values are honesty and honoring of commitments and reciprocity. The director stresses to all the employees that dual relationships are a conflict of interest prohibited by the organization. Employees motivated by safety, security, and belonging and this is motivated by the leader rewarding the staff by having an employee lounge built so the employees don’t have to eat off campus. Problem solving is found in the leader, the director encourages staff to report any non- sanctioned interaction between social workers and clients. This can be grounds for employee termination. Distribution of power â€Å"Power-over† the director uses rewards conceived and legitimate bases, by using the lounge as a â€Å"power over† reward. The influence is a unidirectional this memo is from director to employees. 2. What type of leadership is practiced at SSS, transactional or transformational? How do you know? The type of leadership that is practiced at SSS is transformational. The director uses power with rather than power over. He does not use rewards conceived or legitimate bases instead he uses expert, referent and inspirational bases. This is a multidimensional influence because the director simply asks his staff and employees for their participation and input in overcoming this obstacle. Their values are liberty, justice, equality, peace, and humanitarianism because the director, staff, and employees have a goal in common, they are depending on each other, their prosperity will rise and fall together, and they share the results of overcoming this obstacle together. 3. Which style of leadership would you recommend for a human service organization? Explain your answer. The style of leadership I would recommend for human service organizations is transformational. This type of leadership involves the organization as a whole. Everyone in the organization works together in order to achieve the common goals and all share the achievement. In my opinion it is best to include the employees in running the organization. By doing this it will not only make them feel a part of the organization it will also make the hard work worth more to them. It makes the employees feel better about the work place if they feel that their opinions count.

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Photography term paper

â€Å"Photography can only represent the present. Once photographed, the subject becomes part of the past† (Abbott, Bernice). Since the beginning of time humans have tried to commemorate their existence and one of the ways we have done so is through photography. Photography can be found anywhere. One of the most common places you can find photography is in a museum; which is where my story begins.As I entered the doors of the Museum of Photography at the University of Riverside I was transported through time. I was taken back to a time when hydrotherapy was nearly a budding phenomenon. A time where the mention of daguerreotype; a picture made on a mirror-like surface, would stop people dead in their tracks. A time where death; as tragic as it was, was celebrated as art. The time of Post-Mortem photography.As I ventured deeper into the world of Post-Mortem photography, I quickly discovered that Post- Mortem photography meant photography of the deceased. I immediately questioned the photographers' motives and was hesitant to except their works as art. However, as I continued to examine and observe I realized that these photographs weren't as horrific as I had made them UT to be. In fact, they were quite beautiful; In that they leave something behind for the living to hold on to.As I continued through the halls of the museum I found several other photographs whose subjects were living. I favored these photographs over the other photographs because they were much more cheerful. Throughout my exploration of the museum In total there were four photographs that stood out to me. Photography term paper By zoologically out to be. In fact, they were quite beautiful; in that they leave something behind for exploration of the museum in total there were four photographs that stood out to me.

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Sales promotion and Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Sales promotion and Management - Essay Example For instance, coffee is one of the most valuable import commodities in the whole of the United States of America. To be able to cope with the demand resulting from the popularity of coffee as the most preferred beverage in the world, there have been numerous retail chains that have been established. There has been a remarkable and continued expansion of their operations in the sector. This paper will analyze and critically evaluate the various promotional techniques used in the sector and further evaluate their effectiveness. In addition, the issue of budgeting for the chosen promotional activities and the respective returns will also be discussed. Large self-service retail chains or coffee shops have always provided customers with an experience. This is by the way they provide a wide range of innovative products and services, through well-targeted promotions that have an impact on their buying decisions. Some of the most common promotional techniques that are closely related to product trial include the use of free samples, bonuses, coupons, and discount on purchases and in the shop display. The main reason behind the use of trials is that they determine repurchase behaviour among consumers. In addition, they also mediate in the relationship between sales promotions and repeat-buying behaviour. Repeat-buying behaviour of customers is widely influenced by the values or tastes obtained and perceived on the product or the taste of the coffee in a given retail chain as commonly stated by many. Additionally, the product characteristics, knowledge, trial, availability and subsequent purchase factors influence the customers towards making re-buying decisions in relation to the type of promotional technique employed by the coffee chains. Moreover, the decision by consumers to re-purchase the products on offer or in this case, revisit the retail chains is largely affected by customers’ level of satisfaction that is obtained from the products. It is also

Legal Aspects of Health Administration Case Study

Legal Aspects of Health Administration - Case Study Example State and federal laws had been amended in order to protect young teenagers from any attempt to violate their chastity by older men. Thus, modern laws have encompassed statutory rape as involving the sexual assault on girls aged 13 to 18 depending on state laws. In California, the statute provides that "it is illegal for any person to have consensual sex with any person who is under the age of 18" (California Penal Code Sec. 261.5). Thus, it is clear that the new age of consent is now 18 years. This is based on the assumption that girls below the age of 18 are not mature enough and thus are legally incapable of consenting to sexual intercourse. However peer sex or what they term as Romeo and Juliet Law, wherein minor couples engage in coitus or the sex act, is treated differently or is an exemption to the rule. Here, the male is penalized for the 'crime' of misdemeanor if the age gap between him and the 'victim' is not more than 3 years. If the age difference is more than 3 years, th e male could be charged for misdemeanor or felony ( California Penal Code 261.5(b). But the harshest penalty is reserved for culprits aged more than 21 years old. Other than the charge of misdemeanor or felony, the adult culprit has to face fines and civil penalties, which increase with the age gap between the minor and the culprit. The civil penalty may ... But the harshest penalty is reserved for culprits aged more than 21 years old. Other than the charge of misdemeanor or felony, the adult culprit has to face fines and civil penalties, which increase with the age gap between the minor and the culprit. The civilHealth Admin 3 penalty may reach $25,000 (US Department of Justice 2003, p.3) if the "perpetrator is over 21 years old and the minor is under 16" (Cal. Penal Code 261.5 (e)). And in such case, the Statute of Limitations is 3 years, meaning, the filing of a case in court must be done within 3 years from the knowledge of the statutory rape. It is also worthwhile to mention that in California, mistake of fact is allowed as a legal defense by the perpetrator. He may allege that he did the crime believing that his 'victim' is beyond the age of consent. A. 15 Year Old Sandra Anderson's Case In the case of Mrs. Anderson's daughter, Sandra, there is definitely statutory rape because Sandra is merely 15 years of age and statutory rape laws in California had set the age of consent at 18 years.Whether Sandra acceded to the lustful desires of her stepfather is of no moment because in statutory rape, the gravamen of the offense is the carnal knowledge of a girl below the age of minority. Whether Sandra consented to the sexual act is not an issue because statutory rape does not consider that kind of consent as voluntary i.e presuming Sandra consented. It further presumes that the offended party does not and cannot have a will of her own. The fact that it was Sandra's stepfather who

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Assignment- Top Urgent Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Assignment- Top Urgent - Essay Example With the evolution of the club into a global enterprise, a significant proportion of the authentic supporters of Manchester United felt alienated by this novel trend towards profit maximization and corporate sponsors. The bursting coffers of Manchester United started attracting hostile takeovers by early 2005. In particular, coveting aspirations of the American investor Malcolm Glazer, least interested in football, commensurately attracted the ire of the Shareholders United, a front of small shareholders owing a sincere allegiance to the club. An impressive number of supporters even managed to float a parallel club. Eventually, Glazer managed to have his way by purchasing a majority stake in the club. The British government preferred to leave the matter to the shareholders. In this altered scenario, Glazer came out with his aggressive corporate plans. In the meantime, the Shareholders United not only swelled in following, but also managed to garner free legal representation and popul ar financial and organizational support. Glazer attempted to dilute such opposition by dedicating some funds for the upkeep of sports and the sportsmen. By June 2005, United reverted to private ownership, courtesy the loans accrued and the support of old veterans. In the existing scenario, the club seems to be the cause of rift between its businesses minded owners and its dedicated fans and small shareholders. In the post Glazer scenario, the club has undoubtedly managed to do well, going by its augmenting fan following around the world, the generation of massive revenues, bee lining sponsors and lucrative merchandizing. Therefore, for the time, the things definitely stand to be propitious for United. However, considering the immense growth potential of football as an international sport, the owners may loose to the upcoming competition from other clubs, if

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Dead Poets Society and The Banking Concept Essay

Dead Poets Society and The Banking Concept - Essay Example The headmaster however comments that discipline and tradition are the two important factors that shape young men. Students are taught to follow the banking concept of learning from their childhood. When students are familiar with standard methods, a revolutionary teacher like Keating is sure to face challenges from the institution as well as students. A deviation from normal engagement in learning and the adoption of a new approach may create doubt in the minds of students. The anxiety of students is more likely in higher classes or college when students are accustomed to a specified method of teaching. If the student is in an elementary school or kindergarten, they would trust the teacher’s creative and innovative methods because they believe that this is the normal method with which a teacher teaches. In fact, the banking concept puts the teacher and student in the wrong path because both do not enjoy the vistas available in education that deals with creativity and innovation. While following the banking concept, the teacher transfers the knowledge or information for the student to lea rn them and reproduce them without any scope for further thought or reflection on the subject. Students do not get a chance to investigate or explore the reactions and results in a laboratory which is also performed by the teacher. The role of students under this method is to accept all the information passed on to them without raising questions or understanding the reality. They do not have the opportunity to find the reason or truth behind each lesson they learn and find its relevance to their daily life. Any opposition from students on a particular curriculum is often treated as a disruptive behaviour (Monchinski 120-122). In contrast, Dead Poet’s Society is a movie where students are given the opportunity to explore. They are given the chance to experience their individualism, non-conformist and the extraordinary

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The tomato is an important food in many cultures and modern cuisines Essay

The tomato is an important food in many cultures and modern cuisines - Essay Example Today, the tomato is of importance as a staple food and as such has to be specially cared for in regard to the methods of growing, in protecting it from disease, and in deciding which varieties are most beneficial and popular. Finally, current research explores the new potential of tomatoes as a food source world wide as well as the previously unknown benefits it may bring to one's health when consumed in the right...... Size, as well, can vary—from the small, marble-like varieties to large, almost melon-sized types. (Lerner 1) The anatomy of a tomato plant has all the common characteristics of any berry plant. The tomato is fleshy on the outside, and this part of its anatomy is known as the pericarp. The pericarp specifically includes the outer wall, as well as two inner walls—the septa and then the columella. As a whole, these form the part of the fruit that is first bitten into by a human. The seeds of the tomato are located inside locular cavities, which are the crescent shaped cavities inside the tomato's outer wall and along the septa. These seeds are connected by a radiating pattern to vascular bundles that lie within the outer wall. These seeds are inside clear, gelatinous membranes as well, and are easily recognized when viewing a bisected tomato. These fruits develop from the ovary of the flower of the tomato plant. (Rost) The tomato flower also exhibits a berry plant anatomy. The plant has yellow flowers that can develop in multiple patterns or inflorescences. Temperature and other factors can influence how the stems of the flowers develop, either with single or multiple flowers and in what sort of pattern. The anatomy of the flower itself can be divided into four layers, or whorls. Sepals, the green fleshy protective layer of the flower, are the first layer. Inside the sepals are the yellow flower petals of the tomato plant, which are intended to attract pollinators. Two elongated compartments lie within the flower petals, and these are known as the stamens. The stamens are the male reproductive organs of the flower. The stamens serve as a protective cylinder around the carpels, which are bulb-like

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Critically analyse the trend towards incorporating nurse practitioners Essay

Critically analyse the trend towards incorporating nurse practitioners into healthcare systems has been evolving over the past several decades in Australia - Essay Example This evolution in advanced nursing practice in Australia and other countries is because of increasing demands on the health care system and changes in the delivery of health care which include the growing cost of acute health care; the increasing number of specializations in health care; the greater avoidance by medical practitioners of particular client groups such as people in rural and remote communities, those with chronic illness, and low socio-economic groups; and the extensive upgrade of nursing education and training. These factors fuel the development and extension of the scope of nursing practice and the consequent increase in the allocation of clinical discretion, responsibility and autonomy to nurse practitioners (Pearson & Peels, 2002). The value of nurse practitioners will be fully realized only when they also focus on advocating for changes to the social and economic conditions that are at the root of many of the medical conditions they will be required to manage. This paper proposes to analyze the development of the role of the nurse practitioner in Australia from a socio-political perspective. The nurse practitioner is defined as â€Å"a registered nurse with appropriate accreditation who practices within the professional role. The nurse practitioner has autonomy in the work setting and has freedom to make decisions consistent with his/ her scope of practice, and the freedom to act on those decisions† (NSW Health Department, 1998). By the turn of the century after several years of struggle and conflict with the medical profession to crystallize the importance of the nursing role in health care, legal recognition was proclaimed for nurse practitioners in New South Wales, Ausrtralia. This brought about legislation, authorization, acceptance and implementation of the advanced professional role and status of nurse practitioners (N.P.), practice privileges, and protection of the N.P. title in five states: New South Wales,

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Cyber Crime Literature review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 6500 words

Cyber Crime - Literature review Example However, these technologies represent significant costs for communication companies, and ultimately, the general public. With more businesses coming to depend on computers and internet-based systems, attacks on these systems have increased. Such attacks have been considered crimes which covers the application of computer networks, alongside financial scams, hacking, virus attacks, phishing, cyber stalking, and pornography (Li, et al. 2012). In 2000 for instance, the ILOVEYOU virus caused billions of dollars in damage to different computers and companies all over the world (Mishra and Pajrapati, 2013). It was later discovered that two Filipinos were responsible for the creation of the virus. However, since the Philippines, at that time, did not have any cybercrime laws which would have held the perpetrators accountable, the perpetrators were later released (Mishra and Pajrapati, 2013). Regardless of the presence or absence of cybercrime laws however, the apprehension and prosecution o f perpetrators have been made difficult by the nature of the offence, including the complications related to the cyber security awareness and cyber incident reporting (McGuire and Dowling, 2013; KPMG, 2011). This paper shall carry out a literature review of cybercrimes, cyber security awareness, including cyber incident reporting. Related details shall refer to the usual cybercrimes which have gained notoriety and in general, government actions related to cybercrimes, and the challenges presented by cybercrimes and cyber security. According to Gercke (2012) cybercrimes are also considered in relation to computer crimes. Different perspectives have been considered to develop a more encompassing definition and understanding of cybercrimes and computer crimes (Gercke, 2012). Cybercrimes nevertheless have a more specific focus than computer-related crimes, especially as computer-crimes only involve

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Odysseus as an Epic Hero Essay Example for Free

Odysseus as an Epic Hero Essay What is an epic hero? Homers’ â€Å"Odyssey† is about an epic hero named Odysseus and his quest home. â€Å"The Odyssey† begins after the Trojan war had left Odysseus trapped, pointlessly seafaring for 10 years after angering Poseidon, the god of the sea. He tries desperately to return home to Ithaka and his wife, Penelope, and newborn son, Telemachus. Odysseus then has many hardships upon which he overcomes through his intelligence and wit. Odysseus is an epic hero because he is intelligent, he listens to the god’s advice, and he is witty; able to think on his feet. With the help of the gods he can survive things most men couldn’t. First, nearing the end of the Epic, Odysseus continues to use his intelligence to overcome obstacles and hardships. Upon one attempt to return home, Odysseus must pass the island of the Sirens. He has his men plug their ears with beeswax but not before he tells them his place in the plan: â€Å"Take me and bind me to the crosspiece half way up the mast; bind me as I stand upright, with a bond so fast that I cannot possibly break away, and lash the ropes ends to the mast itself. If I beg and pray you to set me free, then bind me more tightly still. Even though Odysseus gives into the weakness of the sirens’ song, he is unable to escape from the bonds of the rope and his previous intelligence saves him. Once he arrives in Ithaca, Odysseus once again uses his intelligence to overcome his suitors and reclaim his estate. When he first encounters the people of his land, he wisely chooses to remain anonymous, avoiding an unplanned struggle or fight. Odysseus then reveals himself to his son and few servants to plan an attack on the suitors. At a contest to see if anyone can string Odysseus’s bow, the hero plans his attack after stringing the bow and firing on the suitors. His son and servants have the other arms and they massacre the entire group of suitors. This was one of Odysseus’s final acts of brilliance to conclude the epic. Furthermore, there are many instances throughout the epic where Odysseus takes the advice of the gods to overcome the obstacles he is faced with. One of the first events is when Odysseus encounters Aeolus, the god of winds. Many men would not trust this god and not accept his secret bag of wind, believing it would be a plague of some sort. But, Odysseus accepts Aeolus’ bag of winds and treats him with hospitality. Another instance where Odysseus accepts the gods’ guidance is when the hero listens to Hermes on how to overcome Circe: â€Å"But Hermes met me, with his golden wand, barring the way-a boy whose lip was downy in the first bloom of mankind, so he seemed. He took my hand and spoke as though he knew me. † By Hermes insight, Odysseus eats the food that is given to him and patiently waits for the right time to strike. Odysseus subdues Circe and forces her to free his men from the bondage of swine. After living in luxury with Circe for a year, he listens to her advice on how to return to his homeland of Ithaca. Finally, one of the first obstacles Odysseus conquers is the defeat of the Cyclops. Once trapped in the cave of the one-eyed monster, Odysseus must devise a plan and fast, the giant had taken to consuming his men. This is where Odysseus’ wit comes into play. Cunningly, Odysseus gets the Cyclops drunk and allows him to fall into slumber. He then blinds the Cyclops with a red-hot spear, knowing intelligently enough that if he kills the Cyclops they will be trapped forever. Searching for help, the giant opens the cave. Earlier, Odysseus says: â€Å"My name is Nobody: mother, father, and friends, everybody calls me Nobody. When the blinded giant is seeking help from his brothers, he proclaims that, â€Å"Nobody† blinded him. Therefore, Odysseus and his men escape with their lives by the means of this hero’s wit.? In conclusion, through this intelligence and wit with advice from the gods, Odysseus overcomes all of his obstacles against all odds. Being a true hero, the Achaeans look up to Odysseus as a role model with his intelligence, wit, and godly insight. It is because of these three traits that Odysseus is considered an epic hero and is never to be forgotten.

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Christian Values and Americas Historical Documents Essay Example for Free

Christian Values and Americas Historical Documents Essay While socially networking, a person will run into many different opinions on all topics. People have their own beliefs and ways of looking at things, so when I was expounding on my ideas, the inevitable topic of religion was brought up. As much as the Golden Rule flows through most religions, there are people who are not able to put their ego aside and open their minds to the simplest possibilities. The specifics of this topic were of such that the United States was founded on Christianity. Religion and politics are highly volatile topics and most people will only argue emotionally instead of stopping and critically thinking about any information they may be given on these two subjects. Many people believe that the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence were founded on Christian values, but in closer examination, they both have vague wording and Deist beliefs. Counterarguments There are several reasons that people believe that the historic documents of the United States were written with Christian values in mind. One reason is, in the 19th Century, a movement started which believed that the settlers were led here by the hand of God (Allison, 1998). This was a popular belief and many people still hold true to this belief. It is taught in public schools that the colonists came over from England because of religious persecution. Another argument for this way of thinking is that, because of the belief that God showed the settlers where to go, that He also must have had led the Founding Fathers to write the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States (Allison, 1998). This lead to the belief that God is needed to preserve not only religious institutions, but also democracy. Human rights are seen to be given by God, which, in a nation that was intolerant of non-Christians, meant the Judeo-Christian God (Cherry, MD, 2011). Our Founding Fathers separated Church and state, but not God and state. Church and state and God and state are sometimes seen as  the same idea, which can be confusing, even to a Christian. In addition to this, many believe that this country was founded with Christian values because of a statement that was made in Madison’s Federalist Paper Number 37 where it states, that only, â€Å"†¦ a finger of that Almighty hand† could have shown him the insight to write the Constitution (Ferguson, 1987). United States Constitution The United States Constitution was written in such a way as to be intentionally vague and without Christian values, but Deist values instead. The Constitutional Convention had many problems in coming up with this historic document. Every man that attended this convention had their own ideas and ways to convey what they believed needed to be included in this document. Vague Wording Ben Franklin’s ambiguous wording in the Declaration of Independence led Madison to exaggerate the wording even further in the Constitution. The intentionally ambiguous wording that Madison used in the Constitution was used â€Å"to bring conformity within a divided country,† (Ferguson, 1987, p. 159). In the 14th Amendment it states, â€Å"Any person†¦,† but when this document was written African-Americans were not considered people, so Jim Crow Laws were kept in place in many areas of the country. In the convention meetings leading up to what the Founding Fathers wrote to become the Constitution, compromises were made. In the second amendment, it states that people have a right to keep and bare arms. What makes this vague is that most of us take this to mean any, and all people, but what the Constitutional Framers meant was to indicate those that were in the militias. So, those â€Å"people† that were in the â€Å"militias† could keep and bare â€Å"arms,† not just anyone could. Deist Beliefs The Constitution forms a secular document and is in no way related to God (Walker, 2004). God was not forgotten in the writing of the Constitution. This omission was purposely done to keep the government and religion separate from each other. The Constitution’s preamble starts out â€Å"We the people†¦,† and clearly states the intention of the men who framed the Constitution, including â€Å"establish Justice, ensure domestic Tranquility,  provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity†¦.† Nowhere in the Constitution is the word God, so there would be no mistake as to the thoughts of Madison. The First Amendment to the Constitution even states that, â€Å"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the exercise thereof†¦,† which means that the government is not supposed to support any one religion or to stop any individual from practicing their religion or lack thereof. Religionists and atheists are able to equally practice their belief system because of this. This alone is a contradiction to the First Commandment, which demands fealty to a specific god (Trent, 2012). The Constitution’s confusion stems from the ambiguous wording of the Declaration of Independence. Declaration of Independence The Declaration of Independence’s wording and belief system is not only vague, but also Deist. This historic document did not take sides and was intentionally meant in an unbiased way. This can be shown in several different ways. Vague Wording Ambiguity in the wording of this document by Ben Franklin tends to give many the misunderstanding by using phrases such as, â€Å"Nature’s God† and â€Å"their Creator,† which leads people who are Christian, by default, to the thought that this is a Christian-based document. Wording such as this is intentionally vague, because it comes from the belief in a higher power; whatever that may be to each individual as opposed to strictly Christian beliefs. The intentionally vague wording, such as, â€Å"unalienable rights† and â€Å"laws of nature,† transcends the political, and even the religious, arguments of from where these rights came from and by whom they were given. One of the words in the introduction is necessary and when this document was written, this word had a much more significant meaning than we have today for it. Back then, it meant that it was something that was made in association with fate and was beyond control of human agents. An example of this meaning is the Revolutionary War was going to happen and there was nothing anyone could do about it. The division of the people between England and the settlers could not have been repaired by anyone or anything. Deist Belief System As it is stated in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, Deism is a movement or system of thought advocating natural religion, emphasizing morality, and in the 18th Century denying the interference of the Creator with the laws of the universe. The Founding Fathers, such as Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and several others, were only strictly Christian in appearance, but Christian-Deist in belief. These men followed the works of philosophers, such as Descartes and Voltaire. This led these men to question Christian beliefs. Believing in what the classic philosophers wrote, had the Founding Fathers put the test of reason to every idea and assumption. When they put this test to religion, they found they needed to strip away revelation, which led to Deism (Johnson, 2004). The Founding Fathers were very closed-mouth about their personal religion, but encouraged religious tolerance and a belief in God. When writing the Declaration of Independence, they were in reality writing the reason of their actions to the rest of the world for why they did what they did. In short, it was a foreign policy document. The second and most famous paragraph of the Declaration of Independence states that the Founding Fathers believed that it was self-evident that all men are created equal. The Creator, as is believed by any one person, granted all men with certain rights; life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, which is given by the universe’s natural laws. This one belief shows that at least some of the Founding Fathers were Deists, as this is a Deist belief. The Declaration of Independence is interpreted many different ways to fit neatly into everyone’s individual belief system, when it should just be read the way it is, and not try to make more of it than it is. The Declaration of Independence is a statement of why everyone deserves liberty and freedom. Conclusion The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States were written without Christian values because when the settlers came to America they were trying to get away from a government that was telling them what to do and how to believe without the â€Å"voice of the people† reaching those in power. If the Declaration of Independence and Constitution were written with Christian values, the Founding Fathers would not have put in  the segments about religious freedom into these documents. I believe that if Christian values were used to write the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, that religious freedom would not have been a part of these historic documents. Everyone has their own way at which they look at and perceive things, and they will make things fit into their belief system to make it easier for them to understand. Sometimes, this is not necessarily the way that things in history were meant to be interpreted, such as the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. We are taught this in school through text books, at home with taught beliefs, and political affiliations see this topic differently, but if we break out of the mold, and try to think for ourselves, we can learn and enjoy from the simple beauty in which these documents were written. With an open mind, we are more apt to realize the original intent of historical events and documents. References Allison, J. (1998). Declaration of Independence: Its Purpose. Retrieved from Cherry, MD, R. R. (2011). American Judeo-Christian Values and the Declaration of Independence. Retrieved from Ferguson, R. A. (1987). Ideology and the Framing of the Constitution. Early American Literature, 22(1987), 157-165. Formisano, R. P., Pickering, S. (2009). The Christian Nation Debate and Witness Competency. Journal of the Early Republic, 29(Summer), 219-248. Johnson, R. L. (2004). The Deist Roots of the United States of America. Retrieved from Rubicondior, R. (2012). Founded on Christian Principles? Retrieved from Trent, B. (2012). First Amendment or First Commandment. Up Front, May-June (N/A), 10-11, 37. Walker, J. (2004). The Government of the United States of American is not, in any sense founded on the Christian religion. Retrieved from

Study On The Student Athlete English Language Essay

Study On The Student Athlete English Language Essay Being a student athlete is one of the hardest things there is to do. You find yourself having to make to make two full time commitments, one to your professors who expects you to fully commit yourself to the classroom and one to your coach who expects you to fully commit yourself to your sport. There is no remorse in the life of a student athlete, neither professor nor coach cares if youre too tired trying to balance the two in your life. If you spent all night studying for a class your coach is not going to let you sleep in and if you spent all day working on your sport your professor wont give you any slack. Aside from being a tough life to live there are many benefits to being a college students athlete as well. Sports teach lifelong skills that have extreme value and cannot be learned outside of sports. Also being a student athlete forces you to be so busy that you dont have time to get in trouble like other college students may. Being a student athlete means much more than what its shown to be, you learn critical life lessons through your sport, you learn to deal with stress on a different level and you become bonded to your team like a family. A college team is always changing; especially at the community college level you only see a big part of the team for only a year before they move on to a four year. At the beginning of the season you look to most of these players as just a group of guys of even your competition for your position. But as you progress through the off season your look upon these men changes, instead of your competition you see a team all striving for the same goal. Eventually this team isnt just as team but becomes a family. When your teammate is out of the field and youre not you clinch your teeth for them to make the play instead of fail which could give you a chance to play. At practice you push youre hardest to force the only players to do the same. When a whole team achieves this it creates something special, a team destine for greatness. Being a student athlete can bring a lot of stress causing them to lose concentration in both school and their sport. Stress can be a major problem that can eventually cause a student to not only quit in their sport, but also drop out of school all together. Being a student athlete causes more stress than typically any other reasoning for a college student to be stressed. For example when an athlete has a game coming up and a big project due the same night it will cause a lot stress. The one way that a student athlete can avoid having this type of stress is finishing their school work ahead of time, so they can relax after the game. This strain can also cause an athlete to stop doing a sport completely for a little while and entirely focus on their school. Theres nothing wrong with doing that, but stopping a sport for any time period will interrupt the growth of an athletes skill in their sport. Having good time management could be a determining factor of winning a State Championship or not for the team. Its granted that no athlete wants to be the one that ruins winning a State Championship just because they dont plan in advance. If a student athlete is in a sport that is individual such as tennis or golf this can cause even more stress due to the amount of pressure the sport causes alone. The goal to being a good student athlete is to have time management and not be a procrastinator. An athlete must also have good valued characteristics because in most case they are looked upon as role models. When a student goes to college they will develop into the adult they want to be in the future. Being in a sport while in college can give that student some of the respectable characteristics that they will need in the future. Bob Richards once said One of the great lessons Ive learned in athletics is that youve got to discipline your life. No matter how good you may be, youve got to be willing to cut out of your life those things that keep you from going to the top. Being an athlete means you must know what will help you move forward and what will take you back and remove what will take you back. Being an athlete also gives you leadership qualities that cant be learned elsewhere because you are placed into situations where quick decisions must be made. Athletes also have good respect towards others otherwise they would get punished in their sports for having disrespect. Being an athlete or not everybody probably agrees that having to run for being disrespectful is unquestionably not worth it. Student athletes are usually respected by others because they understand how the athletes have to work hard and are always strong-minded to succeed. Most people believe the idea that college is the time for messing around and discovering yourself, especially in the life of student athletes. The college athlete has been given this reputation of jocks only playing and partying. This is very untrue, the student athlete must strive for excellence of the field and still manage to do all their homework and school work. Regardless of how tough all the school work is, I believe everyone deserves to have a college experience outside the classroom. Some believe that student Athletes lead a different college experience than a normal student. As a college student athlete myself, I have come to learn that I am going to need to work twice as hard to be able to receive good grades while earning my degree along with balancing my time consuming baseball career. While I am trying to balance all of these things I am also going to try to be adjusting to the living circumstances and other situations the college life decided to throw at me. All college students tolerate and encounter some of the same situations. The college life is a huge change from life in high school. In college students usually move away from the comfort of their homes and no longer live under the protection of their parents. Most student athletes like myself have always been juggling their school work and sports as long as they can remember. Because Ive always had a sport to go along with school Ive never had the chance to be as full time student. In high school I was always playing a sport or dedicating my time to become better in one. It gives a student an unfair advantage over student athletes because they can spend this time becoming a better student. Although, there are many issues college students and college student athletes share, there are also a lot of problems they do not. Life can be stressful at times for every college student, but your normal college students have additional time to deal with whatever problems that occur. From witness ing college students around me, I have come to the assumption that all college students will sleep as much as they can. In most cases this would mean sleeping until you have to attend class, which most likely starts around nine for most students. Your standard course load for a typical college student is around fifteen units, which averages around ten to twelve hours a week. Once a college student attends all of his or her classes for the day they are usually free to do whatever they desire. With this extra free time the student has, it is mostly devoted to their social life. Since there normally is a good amount of extra time on the college students life they can usually have a pretty decent social life outside of school. The life of a college student athlete is structured closely to a normal students life but has much more added on top. Although, your typical class normally starts around nine or eight, most athletes are required to have to be up much earlier for study hall and/or practice depending on the sport. Not being able to sleep in very much in the mornings, I celebrate when I have a class at ten and I can go home after study hall or lifting and sleep for that extra hour. After school is over for the day, a college student athlete is rarely free to do what they wish; the majority of the time, there is either practice or games to be attended too. After a long day of class and practice you get to finally go home and do homework and study. With all of their time dedicated to the sport they play, the majority of college student athletes dont have much of a social life separate from their teammates. While most of an athletes close friends are their teammates, it feels more as if a family than just simply friends. Throughout the chaotic schedules of athletes, they can still find some spare time to socialize with other friends. The difference is that every student athlete has a target on their back and constantly has eyes watching them so they must be very cautious of what they do outside of school. Being a student athlete is hard but college can still be fun. Nothing helps clear a writers block more than going outside and throwing a baseball to clear my head. It is still unsure if student athletes or regular college students party and get in trouble more. But what I am sure of is that a student athlete will run a whole lot quick when the police come because of the fear of having to face the consequences from their coaches. The truth of the matter is college is no breeze for anyone student; college as a whole is a lot of hard work and commitment. The majority of student athletes have respect, are good leaders, and are very passionate about their school work and their sport. I personally believe the life of a student athlete can be more difficult in some parts than it is for college students but the life lessons you learn from being an athlete can never be learned anywhere else. Writers Narrative Although my essay strides away from the main topic of the assignment I felt that writing this essay would help me develop as a student. I did extensive research of the benefits and withdraws of being a student athlete and wanted to argue the point that people make that student athletes care less about their school work. Work Cited 1. Academic and Athletic Reform. American Decades. Ed. Judith S. Baughman, Victor Bondi, Richard Layman, Tandy McConnell, and Vincent Tompkins.  Vol. 9: 1980-1989.   Detroit: Gale, 2001.  Ã‚  Word Count: 550. 2 College Athletics. BRADLEY JAMES BATES, JOHN R. THELIN, JASON R. EDWARDS, ROBERT E. STAMMER, Jr., RACHEL M. MADSEN, THOMAS PASKUS,, et al. Encyclopedia of Education. Ed. James W. Guthrie.  Vol. 1.  2nd  ed.   New York: Macmillan Reference USA, 2003.  p344-371.  Word Count: 15416. 3. College and High School Sports. Sports in America: Recreation, Business, Education and Controversy. Robert Jacobson. 2006  ed.   Detroit: Information Plus, 2006.  p69-94.  Word Count: 8791.

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Odysseus: Epic Hero? :: Free Essay Writer

Odysseus: Epic Hero? The question has been raised as to whether or not Odysseus, the hero of Homers The Odyssey, is an epic hero. An epic Hero portrays many classic properties, including being very strong and courageous. Odysseus is an epic hero, because he portrays many of these and other traits, such as having a goal that is foremost in his mind, and having descended into the underworld. An epic hero is almost overwhelmed with difficulty, often beyond that which a normal man could withstand. Not only is he confronted occasionally by danger or hopelessness; it is the entire premise of the poem. â€Å"Sing to me of the man, Muse, the man of twists and turns driven time and again off course, once he had plundered the hallowed heights of Troy† (Fagles 77). This it the first line of the whole poem, summing up what is going to happen as the speaker prays to the Muses, goddesses of stories. There is in fact, no other person, fictional or otherwise, in all of history, ever so besieged with difficulty, as Odysseus. Women and goddesses often tempt epic heroes, and Odysseus is tempted too. The goddess Circe is one of the many people who tempt him, â€Å"Come, sheath your sword, lets go to bed together, mount my bed and mix in the magic work of love-we’ll breed deep trust between us† (Fagles 240). Though Odysseus does bed with her, he never loses sight of hi s hope of coming home to his wife, Penelope. A female character always aids an epic hero, and Odysseus is no exception. Near the end of his travels, Athena feels sorry for him and decides to assist him and let him go home, and once he arrives, she helps him kill the suitors that plague his house. â€Å"That left the great Odysseus waiting in his hall as Athena helped him plot the slaughter of the suitors† (Fagles 390). Not only is this assistance by a woman, and a sure sign of an epic hero, but also a goddess assists him, and only those worthy enough can be helped by the Immortal. Odysseus is also aided and told how to get home by the Goddess Circe. â€Å"You must travel down to the House Of The Dead and the awesome one, Persephone, there to consult the ghost of Tiresias, seer of Thebes† (Fagles 245). This is the same person who tried to tempt him, but she realizes he wont stay and decides to help him instead.

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Fireworks Essay example -- Chemistry Fireworks Essays

Fireworks How do fireworks produce their brilliant colors and loud bangs? To produce the noise and flashes, an oxidizer (an oxidizing agent) and a fuel (reducing agent) are used. The oxidizer oxidizes the fuel in a very exothermic reaction which produces a brilliant flash and a loud report from the rapidly expanding gases produced. For a color effect, an element with a colored emission spectrum is included. Electrons in atoms can be raised to higher-energy orbitals when the atoms absorb energy. The excited atoms can then release this excess energy by emitting light of specific wavelengths, often in the visible region. In fireworks, the energy to excite the electrons comes from the reaction between the oxidizer and fuel. Fireworks are usually made out of the following items; an oxidizing agent, a fuel (reducing agent), a coloring agent, binders and regulators. These mixed together are what make up the basic fireworks: Oxidizers The first thing in a firework is the oxidizing agent. These produce the Oxygen to burn the mixture. Oxidizers are usually nitrates, chlorates or perchlorates. The common oxidizers are nitrates. These are made up of a metal ion and the nitrate ion. I'll use potassium nitrate as an example. Nitrates only give up 1/3 of their oxygen. The resulting equation would look something like this: 2KNO3 ---> 2KNO2 + O2 The next Oxidizers are chlorates are also made up of a metal ion and then the chlorate ion...

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The 2nd Vatican Council Essay -- History Religion Catholic Religious E

The 2nd Vatican Council Starting with the First Council of Nicaea in 325 the Catholic Church established a tradition of ecumenical Council meetings to help decide on and shape the future of the Church. The most recent Council, called Vatican II, is considered to be both the largest ever in scope and also the most ground breaking in the amount of change it yielded. The changes in doctrine, dogma and procedure they enacted had major effects both inside and outside the Catholic Church and continue to today. Before the Vatican II the Catholic Church was an aging dinosaur, still crippled by the Reformation and unable to relate to contemporary man. It emerged from it a modern Church, tolerant and accepting of other religions, accessible to the laity and ready to grip with this age of reason over faith. I contend that the Vatican II council, while not being perfect or perhaps as progressive as it should have been, was just what the Catholic Church needed if it intended to maintain its status as one of the largest denominations on Earth. This paper is divided up in to two portions, the first a historical account of events of the council and the second an analysis of the most important of the 16 documents approved by the assembled Fathers and their effect on the Catholic Church. WHAT HAPPENED On January 25th 1959, Pope John XXIII announced that he was assembling what was to be the 21st ecumenical council of the Roman Catholic Church. He proclaimed to his closest advisors that the purpose of the council would be â€Å"to proclaim the truth, bring Christians closer to the faith, and contribute at the same time to peace and prosperity on earth.† Pope John immediately made it very clear that his papal reign, which up until this point was considered rather inconsequential, was going to make a difference. Councils of the church are called to contemplate and reevaluate the church’s position on matters such as church administration, doctrine and discipline. An ecumenical council is a worldwide council that can only be called by the pope. All bishops and other high-ranking members of the whole church are to be present. This was to be the first major council in the Church since the original Vatican Council that was convened in 1869-1870. Immediately after the pope’s order the Vatican’s bureaucracy of religious leaders, which is known as the Curia, sprung... did little more than grant official consent to the beliefs that were already present by that time in the minds of the majority of Fathers. It still was a necessary step and required a lot of bravery on the part of those involved. Without it the Church may well have become a trivial antiquity too stuck in its old ways to be in any way relevant to the modern world. Works Cited Basset, Bernard. Preist in the piazza. Goal line tribute to a council, with illustrations by Penelope Harter. Fresno: Academy Guild Press, 1963. Berkouwer, G.C. The Second Vatican Council and the new Catholicism. Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 1965 Caporale, Rock. Vatican II: Last of the councils. Balitmore: Helicon, 1964. Catholic Church: Pope John XXIII. Apostolic letter of the Supreme Pontiff John Paul II: on the 25 anniversay of the promulgation of the conciliar Constitution â€Å"Sacrosanctum Concilium† on the Sacred Liturgy. Washington D.C.: United States Catholic Conference, 1988. MacEoin, Gary. What Happened at Rome? The Council and Its Implications for the Modern World. Garden City: Doubleday, 1966. Ratzinger, Joseph. Theological Highlights of Vatican II. New York: Paulist Press, 1967.

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From the Large Scale Universe to the Milky Way

From the Large Scale Universe to The Milky Way Jason Norton SCI/151 Benjawan Kjornrattanawanich May 28, 2012 Cosmology is the study of the universe as a whole. Describe the foundation of modern cosmology. Cosmology is the branch of study in relation to the origin and nature of the universe (Farlex, 2012). The thoughts and opinions on how the universe began over the years was one of spiritual and scientific. Through beliefs of the Bible and followers of the faith it is believed that God created the universe and everything in it. From a scientific view it is believed that the universe was created by The Big Bang.Throughout time many astronomers and scientists pushed the envelope to prove that the universe was not created by God but instead created by one force in space that over time has further developed what is on Earth and out in the universe. Most of the scientists and astronomers back in time were followers of the religion and almost had their own beliefs lead them into the wrong direction. It was not until such people as Galileo, Copernicus, and Sir Isaac Newtown that further proved The Big Bang Theory caused the creation of the universe.Galileo theory of the Earth revolving around the sun had him almost executed by the Roman Catholic Church. Galileo’s use of the telescope marked him as a modern science marvel. His discoveries spanned from the moons of Jupiter to the moon. In relation to cosmology, Galileo’s contributions to the understanding of the universe and how it begun helped shape the modernization of cosmology. It was not until later that Galileo’s contributions were proven to be liable and relative. Present-day cosmology continues to make theories and observations in attempt to prove out or further discover the realms of the universe.The Big Bang theory is a part of cosmology. Explain the Big Bang theory and provide an example of one experiment scientists performed that supported it. The Big Bang Theory has been thought to have begun approximately 15 billion years ago with an explosion that created where people live and everything around us in the universe. This matter and energy in space was held in one area and when the Big Bang happened it helped to lay the foundation of the universe. It help to create and layout the universe and continues to this day to still happen based on scientific observations.Edwin Hubble has credited with the source of the foundation behind the Big Bang with the use of the Hubble Telescope. Hubble’s observations and discoveries of the Milky Way Galaxy and beyond just scratched the surface for astronomers and scientists when it relates to what is out there. An example of one experiment scientists performed that supported the Big Bang theory was, â€Å"Einstein's General Theory of Relativity (1916) is a generalization of Newton’s Law of Gravity. Gravity is described as a distortion of space and time.The Cosmological Principle is an assumption that matter in the uni verse is uniformly distributed when averaging over large-scales, and that the distribution of matter is homogeneous and isotropic. This laid the foundation of the Big Bang Model, which was â€Å"Big Bang Theory = General Theory of Relativity + Cosmological Principle† (Welser-Sherrill, 2007, pg. 1) The Milky Way is just one galaxy that resulted from the Big Bang. Describe the structure of the Milky Way and how dark matter influences it. The Milky Way’s structure is that of a spiral with approximately 400 billion stars.The Milky Way contains gas and dust among its three distinct makeup components; halo, nuclear bulge, and the disk. 1. The halo is a makeup of the oldest stars. 2. The nuclear bulge (center of the galaxy) its view cannot be seen clearly because of the dust and gases. 3. The disk section of the galaxy is where the Earth lies along with the Sun and other planets and stars. The halo section of the galaxy is the larger part of the galaxy but due to dust and gas es it is not clear just like the nuclear bulge.This material, which is not clear, is known as dark matter. Dark matter which is not visible is believed to help influence the gravitational effects on other matter within the galaxy. When was dark energy discovered? How has that discovery changed our view of the universe? In the late 1990s dark energy was observed through a supernova causing the expansion rate of our universe to accelerate. This dark energy has changed the view of the universe because scientists expected the expansion to slow down but in fact it is going faster due to this energy.What is a theory of everything? What does it aim to do to our understanding of the universe as a whole? â€Å"The theory of everything is believed to believe the ultimate theory of the universe of which a set of equations capable of describing all phenomena that have been observed, or will ever be observed† (Laughlin ; Pines, 2012, pg. 1). This theory will help improve the understanding of what makes up the universe, which is not explained or well-known. Some of those areas would be black holes, evolution of the universe, and etc.References Farlex. (2012). Cosmology. Retrieved May 27, 2012 from the Free Dictionary Website: http://www. thefreedictionary. com/cosmology Welser-Sherrill, L. (2007). A History of the Universe. Retrieved May 27, 2012 from the Star Teach Astronomy Education Website: http://www. starteachastronomy. com/universe. html Laughlin, R. , ; Pines, D. (2012). The Theory of Everything. Retrieved May 27, 2012 from the Star Teach Astronomy Education Website: http://www. pnas. org/content/97/1/28. full

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Vampire Academy Chapter 23

TWENTY-THREE I'D NEVER HAD SO MUCH trouble staying out of Lissa's head before, but then, we'd never been through anything like this together either. The strength of her thoughts and feelings kept trying to pull me in as I hurried through the forest. Running through the brush and woods, Christian and I moved farther and farther from the cabin. Man, how I wished Lissa had stayed back there. I would have loved to see the raid through her eyes. But that was behind us now, and as I ran, Dimitri's push on laps and stamina paid off. She wasn't moving very quickly, and I could feel the distance closing between us, giving me a more precise idea of her location. Likewise, Christian couldn't keep up with me. I started to slow for him but soon realized the foolishness of that. So did he. â€Å"Go,† he gasped out, waving me on. When I reached a point close enough to her that I thought she could hear me, I called out her name, hoping to get her to turn around. Instead, what answered me was a set of howls – a soft canine baying. Psi-hounds. Of course. Victor had said he hunted with them; he could control those beasts. I suddenly understood why no one at school recalled sending psi-hounds after Lissa and me in Chicago. The Academy hadn't arranged that; Victor had. A minute later, I reached a clearing where Lissa cringed, back against a tree. From her looks and bond feelings, she should have fainted long ago. Only the barest scraps of willpower kept her hanging on. Wide-eyed and pale, she stared in horror at the four psi-hounds cornering her. Noticing the full sunlight, it occurred to me that she and Christian had another obstacle to contend with out here. â€Å"Hey,† I yelled at the hounds, trying to draw them toward me. Victor must have sent them to trap her, but I hoped they'd sense and respond to another threat – especially a dhampir. Psi-hounds didn't like us any better than other animals did. Sure enough, they turned on me, teeth bared and drool coming out of their mouths. They resembled wolves, only with brown fur and eyes that glowed like orange fire. He'd probably ordered them not to harm her, but they had no such instructions regarding me. Wolves. Just like in science class. What had Ms. Meissner said? A lot of confrontations were all about willpower? Bearing this mind, I tried to project an alpha attitude, but I don't think they fell for it. Any one of them outweighed me. Oh yeah – they also outnumbered me. No, they didn't have anything to be scared of. Trying to pretend this was just a free-for-all match with Dimitri, I picked up a branch from the ground that had about the same heft and weight as a baseball bat. I'd just positioned it in my hands when two of the hounds jumped me. Claws and teeth bit into me, but I held my own surprisingly well as I tried to remember everything I'd learned in the last two months about fighting bigger and stronger opponents. I didn't like hurting them. They reminded me too much of dogs. But it was me or them, and survival instincts won out. One of them I managed to beat to the ground, dead or unconscious I didn't know. The other was still on me, still coming on fast and furious. His companions looked ready to join him, but then a new competitor burst on the scene – sort of. Christian. â€Å"Get out of here,† I yelled at him, shaking off my hound as its claws ripped into the bare skin of my leg, nearly toppling me over. I was still wearing the dress, though I'd shed the heels a while ago. But Christian, like any lovesick guy, didn't listen. He picked up a branch as well and swung it at one of the hounds. Flames burst from the wood. The hound backed up, still compelled to follow Victor's orders, though also clearly afraid of the fire. Its companion, the fourth hound, circled away from the torch and came up behind Christian. Smart little bastard. It sprang at Christian, hitting him back first. The branch flew from his hands, the fire immediately going out. Both hounds then leapt onto his fallen form. I finished my hound – again feeling sick over what I had to do to subdue it – and moved toward the other two, wondering if I had the strength to take on these last ones. But I didn't have to. Rescue appeared in the form of Alberta, emerging through some trees. With a gun in hand, she shot the hounds without hesitation. Boring as hell perhaps – and completely useless against Strigoi – but against other things? Guns were tried and true. The hounds stopped moving and slumped next to Christian's body. And Christian's body†¦ All three of us made our way over to it – Lissa and I practically crawling. When I saw it, I had to look away. My stomach lurched, and it took a lot of effort not to throw up. He wasn't dead yet, but I didn't think he had much longer. Lissa's eyes, wide and distraught, drank him in. Tentatively, she reached out toward him and then dropped her hand. â€Å"I can't,† she managed in a small voice. â€Å"I don't have the strength left.† Alberta, leathery face both hard and compassionate, gently tugged her arm. â€Å"Come on, Princess. We need to get out of here. We'll send help.† Turning back to Christian, I forced myself to look at him and let myself feel how much Lissa cared about him. â€Å"Liss,† I said hesitantly. She looked over at me, like she'd forgotten I was even there. Wordlessly, I brushed my hair away from my neck and tilted it toward her. She stared for a moment, blank-faced; then understanding shone in her eyes. Those fangs that lurked behind her pretty smile bit into my neck, and a small moan escaped my lips. I hadn't realized how much I'd missed it, that sweet, wonderful pain followed by glorious wonder. Bliss settled over me. Dizzying. Joyful. Like being in a dream. I don't entirely remember how long Lissa drank from me. Probably not that long. She would never even consider drinking the quantities that would kill a person and make her a Strigoi. She finished, and Alberta caught me as I started to sway. Dizzily, I watched as Lissa leaned over Christian and rested her hands on him. In the distance, I heard the other guardians crashing through the forest. No glowing or fireworks surrounded the healing. It all took place invisibly, occurring between Lissa and Christian. Even though the bite's endorphins had numbed my connection to her, I remembered Victor's healing and the wonderful colors and music she must be bringing forth. A miracle unfolded before my eyes, and Alberta gasped. Christian's wounds closed. The blood dried up. Color – as much as a Moroi ever had, at least – returned to his cheeks. His eyelids fluttered, and his eyes regained their life again. Focusing on Lissa, he smiled. It was like watching a Disney movie. I must have keeled over after that, because I don't remember anything else. Eventually, I woke up in the Academy's clinic, where they forced fluids and sugar into me for two days. Lissa stayed by my side almost the entire time, and slowly, the events of the kidnapping unfolded. We had to tell Kirova and a few choice others about Lissa's powers, how she'd healed Victor and Christian and, well, me. The news was shocking, but the administrators agreed to keep it secret from the rest of the school. No one even considered taking Lissa away like they had Ms. Karp. Mostly all the other students knew was that Victor Dashkov had kidnapped Lissa Dragomir. They didn't know why. Some of his guardians had died when Dimitri's band attacked – a damned shame, when guardian numbers were so low already. Victor was now being held under 24/7 guard at the school, waiting for a royal regiment of guardians to carry him away. The Moroi rulers might be a mostly symbolic government within another country's larger government, but they had systems of justice, and I'd heard about Moroi prisons. Not any place I'd want to be. As for Natalie†¦that was trickier. She was still a minor, but she'd conspired with her father. She'd brought in the dead animals and kept an eye on Lissa's behavior – even before we left. Being an earth user like Victor, she'd also been the one to rot the bench that broke my ankle. After she'd seen me hold Lissa back from the dove, she and Victor realized that they needed to injure me to get to her – it was their only chance to get her to heal again. Natalie had simply waited for a good opportunity. She wasn't locked up or anything yet, and the Academy didn't know what to do with her until a royal command came. I couldn't help but feel sorry for her. She was so awkward and self-conscious. Anyone could have manipulated her, let alone her father, whom she loved and from whom she so desperately wanted attention. She would have done anything. Rumor said she'd stood screaming outside the detention center, begging them to let her see him. They'd refused and hauled her away. Meanwhile, Lissa and I slipped back into our friendship like nothing had happened. In the rest of her world, a lot had happened. After all that excitement and drama, she seemed to gain a new sense of what mattered to her. She broke up with Aaron. I'm sure she did it very nicely, but it still had to be hard on him. She'd dropped him twice now. The fact that his last girlfriend had cheated on him probably wasn't helping his confidence any. And without any more hesitation, Lissa started dating Christian, not caring about the consequences to her reputation. Seeing them out in public, holding hands, made me do a double take. He didn't seem able to believe it himself. The rest of our classmates were almost too stunned to even comprehend it yet. They could barely process acknowledging his existence, let alone him being with someone like her. My own romantic state was less rosy than hers – if you could even call it a romantic state. Dimitri hadn't visited me during my recovery, and our practices were indefinitely suspended. It wasn't until the fourth day after Lissa's kidnapping that I ran into him in the gym. We were alone. I had come back for my gym bag and froze when I saw him, unable to speak. He started to walk past and then stopped. â€Å"Rose†¦Ã¢â‚¬  he began after several uncomfortable moments. â€Å"You need to report what happened. With us.† I'd been waiting a long time to talk to him, but this wasn't the conversation I'd imagined. â€Å"I can't do that. They'll fire you. Or worse.† â€Å"They should fire me. What I did was wrong.† â€Å"You couldn't help it. It was the spell†¦Ã¢â‚¬  â€Å"It doesn't matter. It was wrong. And stupid.† Wrong? Stupid? I bit my lip, and tears threatened to fill my eyes. I quickly tried to regain my composure. â€Å"Look, it's not a big deal.† â€Å"It is a big deal! I took advantage of you.† â€Å"No,† I said evenly. â€Å"You didn't.† There must have been something telling in my voice because he met my eyes with a deep and serious intensity. â€Å"Rose, I'm seven years older than you. In ten years, that won't mean so much, but for now, it's huge. I'm an adult. You're a child.† Ouch. I flinched. Easier if he'd just punched me. â€Å"You didn't seem to think I was a child when you were all over me.† Now he flinched. â€Å"Just because your body†¦well, that doesn't make you an adult. We're in two very different places. I've been out in the world. I've been on my own. I've killed, Rose – people, not animals. And you†¦you're just starting out. Your life is about homework and clothes and dances.† â€Å"That's all you think I care about?† â€Å"No, of course not. Not entirely. But it's all part of your world. You're still growing up and figuring out who you are and what's important. You need to keep doing that. You need to be with boys your own age.† I didn't want boys my own age. But I didn't say that. I didn't say anything. â€Å"Even if you choose not to tell, you need to understand that it was a mistake. And it isn't ever going to happen again,† he added. â€Å"Because you're too old for me? Because it isn't responsible?† His face was perfectly blank. â€Å"No. Because I'm just not interested in you in that way.† I stared. The message – the rejection – came through loud and clear. Everything from that night, everything I'd believed so beautiful and full of meaning, turned to dust before my eyes. â€Å"It only happened because of the spell. Do you understand?† Humiliated and angry, I refused to make a fool of myself by arguing or begging. I just shrugged. â€Å"Yeah. Understood.† I spent the rest of the day sulking, ignoring both Lissa and Mason's attempts to draw me out of my room. It was ironic that I should want to stay inside. Kirova had been impressed enough by my performance with the rescue to end my house arrest. Before school the next day, I made my way to where Victor was being held. The Academy had honest-to-goodness cells, complete with bars, and two guardians stood watch in the hallway nearby. It took a little bit of finagling on my part to get them to let me inside to talk to him. Even Natalie wasn't allowed in. But one of the guardians had ridden with me in the SUV and watched me undergo Lissa's torture. I told him I needed to ask Victor about what he'd done to Lissa. It was a lie, but the guardians bought it and felt sorry for me. They allowed me five minutes to speak, backing up a discrete distance down the hall where they could see but not hear. Standing outside Victor's cell, I couldn't believe I'd once felt sorry for him. Seeing his new and healthy body enraged me. He sat cross-legged on a narrow bed, reading. When he heard me approach, he looked up. â€Å"Why Rose, what a nice surprise. Your ingenuity never fails to impress me. I didn't think they'd allow me any visitors.† I crossed my arms, trying to put on a look of total guardian fierceness. â€Å"I want you to break the spell. Finish it off.† â€Å"What do you mean?† â€Å"The spell you did on me and Dimitri.† â€Å"That spell is done. It burned itself out.† I shook my head. â€Å"No. I keep thinking about him. I keep wanting to†¦Ã¢â‚¬  He smiled knowingly when I didn't finish. â€Å"My dear, that was already there, long before I set that up.† â€Å"It wasn't like this. Not this bad.† â€Å"Maybe not consciously. But everything else†¦the attraction – physical and mental – was already in you. And in him. It wouldn't have worked otherwise. The spell didn't really add anything new – it just removed inhibitions and strengthened the feelings you already had for each other.† â€Å"You're lying. He said he didn't feel that way about me.† â€Å"He's lying. I tell you, the spell wouldn't have worked otherwise, and honestly, he should have known better. He had no right to let himself feel that way. You can be forgiven for a schoolgirl's crush. But him? He should have demonstrated more control in hiding his feelings. Natalie saw it and told me. After just a few observations of my own, it was obvious to me too. It gave me the perfect chance to distract you both. I keyed the necklace's charm for each of you, and you two did the rest.† â€Å"You're a sick bastard, doing that to me and him. And to Lissa.† â€Å"I have no regrets about what I did with her,† he declared, leaning against the wall. â€Å"I'd do it again if I could. Believe what you want, I love my people. What I wanted to do was in their best interest. Now? Hard to say. They have no leader, no real leader. There's no one worthy, really.† He cocked his head toward me, considering. â€Å"Vasilisa actually might have been such a one – if she could ever have found it within herself to believe in something and overcome the influence of spirit. It's ironic, really. Spirit can shape someone into a leader and also crush her ability to remain one. The fear, depression, and uncertainty take over, and keep her true strength buried deep within her. Still, she has the blood of the Dragomirs, which is no small thing. And of course, she has you, her shadow-kissed guardian. Who knows? She may surprise us yet.† † ? ®Shadow-kissed'?† There it was again, the same thing Ms. Karp had called me. â€Å"You've been kissed by shadows. You've crossed into Death, into the other side, and returned. Do you think something like that doesn't leave a mark on the soul? You have a greater sense of life and the world – far greater than even I have – even if you don't realize it. You should have stayed dead. Vasilisa brushed Death to bring you back and bound you to her forever. You were actually in its embrace, and some part of you will always remember that, always fight to cling to life and experience all it has. That's why you're so reckless in the things you do. You don't hold back your feelings, your passion, your anger. It makes you remarkable. It makes you dangerous.† I didn't know what to say to that. I was speechless, which he seemed to like. â€Å"It's what created your bond, too. Her feelings always press out of her, onto others. Most people can't pick up on them unless she's actually directing her thoughts toward them with compulsion. You, however, have a mind sensitive to extrasensory forces – hers in particular.† He sighed, almost happily, and I remembered reading that Vladimir had saved Anna from death. That must have made their bond, too. â€Å"Yes, this ridiculous Academy has no idea what they have in either you or her. If not for the fact that I needed to kill you, I would have made you part of my royal guard when you were older.† â€Å"You never would've had a royal guard. Don't you think people would have been weirded out by you suddenly recovering like that? Even if no one found out about Lissa, Tatiana never would have made you king.† â€Å"You may be right, but it doesn't matter. There are other ways of taking power. Sometimes it's necessary to go outside the established channels. Do you think Kenneth is the only Moroi who follows me? The greatest and most powerful revolutions often start very quietly, hidden in the shadows.† He eyed me. â€Å"Remember that.† Odd sounds came from the detention center's entrance, and I glanced toward where I'd come in. The guardians who had let me in were gone. From around the corner, I heard a few grunts and thumps. I frowned and craned my head to get a better look. Victor stood up. â€Å"Finally.† Fear spiked down my spine – at least until I saw Natalie round the corner. Mixed sympathy and anger flitted through me, but I forced a kind smile. She probably wouldn't see her father again once they took him. Villain or no, they should be allowed to say goodbye. â€Å"Hey,† I said, watching her stride toward me. There was an unusual purpose in her movements that some part of me whispered wasn't right. â€Å"I didn't think they'd let you in.† Of course, they weren't supposed to have let me in either. She walked right up to me and – no exaggeration – launched me against the far wall. My body hit it hard, and black star-bursts danced across my vision. â€Å"What?†¦Ã¢â‚¬  I put a hand to my forehead and tried to get up. Unconcerned about me now, Natalie unlocked Victor's cell with a set of keys I'd seen on one of the guardian's belts. Staggering to my feet, I approached her. â€Å"What are you doing?† She glanced up at me, and that's when I saw it. The faint ring of red around her pupils. Skin too pale, even for a Moroi. Blood smudged around her mouth. And most telling of all, the look in her eyes. A look so cold and so evil, my heart nearly came to a standstill. It was a look that said she no longer walked among the living – a look that said she was now one of the Strigoi.

Macbeth man or a monster? Essay

Macduff calls Macbeth a ‘fiend of Scotland’ and a ‘hell-kite’. Do you think Shakespeare has presented Macbeth as a man or a monster? At the time that Macbeth was written people strongly believed in witches and witchcraft. In fact the king at the time was so interested in witches it is said he snuck into witch trails, in disguise, to find out what was happening. People who lived at this time also believed strongly in Christianity, so they spent their whole lives trying to reach Heaven as they had a terrible fear of Hell. When Macduff calls Macbeth a fiend (A Devil: one actuated by the most intense wickedness or hate) of Scotland, he is basically calling him the devil of Scotland and thus condemning him to hell as he is so evil. When Macduff calls Macbeth a Hell-kite, he is calling him a cold-blooded killer with no heart or heavenly soul, as he is a pure evil killer. These two insults are some of the worst that Macbeth could have been called at the time, implying he is evil, possessed and Heartless. At the start of the play it is set just after a battle between the rebels and the king. At this part of the play the soldiers are talking about one thing. Macbeth. ‘For brave Macbeth – well he deserves that name – Disdaining fortune, with his brandished steel,†¦Ã¢â‚¬â„¢ (Captain Act1, Scene 2, lines 16-17) This quote shows that Macbeth is regarded very highly amongst the soldiers at this part in the play. Macbeth also gain favour with the king at this point. ‘What he hath lost noble Macbeth hath won.’ (Duncan Act 1, Scene 2, line 68) At this point in the play Macbeth is an innocent, hardworking, devoted soldier. I believe Macbeth is a man and not a monster at this point of the play. In Act 1, Scene 3 Macbeth meets the witches upon a heath; Macbeth and Banquo are on their way to somewhere when they see the witches. They stop and the witches give Macbeth three prophecies; ‘All hail Macbeth, hail to thee, Thane of Glamis’ (1st Witch Act 1, Scene 3, line 48) ‘All hail Macbeth, hail to thee, Thane of Cawdor’ (2nd Witch Act 1, Scene 3, line 49) ‘All hail Macbeth that shalt be king hereafter’ (3rd Witch Act 1, Scene 3, line 50) When Macbeth hears the prophecies for the first time he dismisses them, saying some of them will never happen. ‘Stay you imperfect speakers, tell me more. By Siniels death I know I am Thane of Glamis, But how of Cawdor? The Than of Cawdor lives A prosperous gentleman; and to be King Stands not within the prospects of belief, No more than to be Cawdor.’ (Macbeth Act 1, Scene 3, lines 70 -75) This quote shows that he outwardly dismisses the prophecies at first apart from to become the Thane of Glamis, but I believe that this sparks an idea that he could be much bigger, much more powerful. He tells us he thinks this later on in his letter to Lady Macbeth. When Lady Macbeth reads his letter in Act 1 Scene 5 ideas about her becoming more powerful start to spring into her mind, so much so that she tries ask the spirits to become pure evil ‘†¦ ,unsex me here And fill me from the crown to the toe top-full Of direst cruelty; make thick my blood, Stop up th’access and passage to remorse, †¦Ã¢â‚¬â„¢ (Lady Macbeth Act 1, Scene 5, lines 41-44) The difference is Macbeth tries to dismiss them and thinks nothing of it whereas his wife starts to make plans as she has decided that she wants to be queen. So when Macbeth arrives back at his castle Lady Macbeth tries to make him kill his beloved king Duncan. At the start he doesn’t want to know and says he has never intended to kill Duncan but Lady Macbeth uses all sorts of tactics to try and persuade Macbeth to change his mind and Murder Duncan. However Macbeth doesn’t want anything to do with it as he believes Lady Macbeth has understood him. All though He says he doesn’t want to kill Duncan he has obviously thought about becoming king because in Act 1 Scene 4 he says; ‘The Prince of Cumberland – that is a step, On which I must fall down, †¦Ã¢â‚¬â„¢ (Macbeth Act 1, Scene 4, lines 48-49) Macbeth makes this remark just after Duncan’s son Malcolm is named Prince of Cumberland and next in line to the throne (ahead of Macbeth). In Act 1, Scene 7 I think that Macbeth still doesn’t want to actually kill the king himself, but more that he is being forced into it by his wife through blackmail. I think this because it seems that he is trying to talk himself into doing it. ‘†¦ , that we but teach Bloody instructions, which being taught return To plague th’ inventor.’ (Macbeth Act 1, Scene 7, lines 8-10) In this quote Macbeth is basically telling himself I have been taught to kill – I am a killer, which I think is just hyping himself up as he doesn’t have a better reason to kill Duncan, Because of this I believe Macbeth is a Man and not a Monster at this point. I think the dagger soliloquy In Act 2, Scene 1 could be telling us that Macbeth is getting nervous or he could be ill (physically or mentally) about killing Duncan which could be causing him to hallucinate, ‘A dagger of the mind, a false creation, Proceeding from the heat-opressed brain?’ (Macbeth Act 2, Scene 1, lines 38-39) But I think the most likely cause is that Shakespeare has put this in to show that Macbeths’ thoughts are wandering and not concentrated as he is still deciding (in his conscience) what to do, the dagger helps in this way as it actually points the way in which to go; ‘Thou marshall’st me the way that I was going, †¦Ã¢â‚¬â„¢ (Macbeth Act 2, Scene1, line 42) The dagger also guides him by showing he must kill Duncan; ‘And on thy blade and dudgeon gouts of blood, †¦Ã¢â‚¬â„¢ After Macbeth has committed the murder he starts to get paranoid claiming that he has heard all kinds of voices, shouts and cries from other chambers. ‘There’s one did laugh in’s sleep, and one cried â€Å"Murder!†Ã¢â‚¬Ëœ (Macbeth Act 2, Scene 2, lines 19-20) After this they realises that Macbeth hasn’t placed the daggers back on the guards but has kept them in his hands, so Lady Macbeth takes them off him and does what he failed to as he tries to wash his hands but as he is doing this we learn that he feels he can never wash the blood of Duncan off of his hands. ‘Will all great Neptune’s ocean wash this blood Clean from my hand? No, this myhand will rather The multitudinous seas incarnadine, Making the green one red.’ (Macbeth Act 2, Scene 2, lines 57-60) I think in most of Act 2, Scenes 1 and 2 that Macbeth is a monster. But in this brief moment at the end I believe he has become a man again. In the scenes that follow the murder of Duncan Macbeth suspects Banquo of suspecting that Macbeth killed the king. However unfaithful to his old friend this may sound Macbeth is right as Banquo does suspect Macbeth. ‘Thou hast it now, King, Cawdor, Glamis, all, As the weird women promised, and I fear Thou play’dst most foully for’t; †¦Ã¢â‚¬â„¢ (Banquo Act 3, Scene 1, lines 1-3) And so because of what Macbeth thinks he plans to have Banquo killed. Since the murder of Duncan the relationship between Macbeth and his wife has changed dramatically; she is no longer the influential, controlling figure she was but now Macbeth has taken charge, and I think this was a big mistake as all the problems in the plans so far have come about because of Macbeth, either in what he did (or didn’t) do or because of how he reacted, or what he said etc. Macbeths new plan includes a visit to the witches so they can tell him what’s going to happen in the future. When he arrives however their prophecies don’t seem to be as clear-cut as the first ones although Macbeth interprets them word for word as that is what happened with the first prophecies. ‘Macbeth, Macbeth, Macbeth, beware Macduff; Beware the Thane of Fife.’ (1st Apparition Act 4, Scene 1, lines 71-72) ‘Be bloody, bold and resolute; laugh to scorn The power of man, for none of woman born Shall harm Macbeth.’ (2nd Apparition Act 4, Scene 1, lines 79-81) ‘Be lion-mettled, proud and take no care Who chafes, who frets, or where conspirers are. Macbeth shall never vanquished be, until Great Birnam wood to high Dunsinane hill Shall come against him'(3rd Apparition Act 4, Scene 1, lines 90-95) Macbeth takes this first Apparition very seriously and so he decides to go and kill Macduff, even though he thinks he is invincible and can’t be killed, as he believes it impossible for someone to not be born of woman. But when his men reach Macduff’s castle at Fife, Macduff isn’t their but they kill everyone inside it anyway, including his wife and children. The 2nd Apparition Macbeth also takes very seriously, word for word thinking he is invincible as everyone is woman born so he can never be killed. Macbeth also takes the 3rd Apparition word for word and as he believes the wood outside his castle (Great Birnam Wood) can never move he thinks he can never be defeated. I think at this stage in the play Macbeth is becoming more and more of monster as he has now resorted to killing innocent women and children. In the final scenes of the play Macbeth puts all of his trust and faith into the witches prophecies so they might save him from the imposing English army; ‘Bring me no more reports, let them fly all. Till Birnam wood remove to Dunsinane, †¦Ã¢â‚¬â„¢ (Macbeth Act 5, Scene 3, lines 1-2) ‘I cannot taint with fear. What’s the boy Malcolm? Was he not born of woman? The spirits that know All mortal consequences have pronounced me thus: â€Å"Fear not Macbeth, no man that’s born of woman shall e’er have power upon thee.†Ã¢â‚¬Ëœ (Macbeth Act 5, Scene 3, lines 3-7) However when one of the witches prophecies – that Great Birnam wood Macbeth is shocked and lashes out at the messenger who tells him by brandishing him a; ‘Liar and a slave!’ (Macbeth Act 5, Scene 5, line 37) And; ‘If thou speak’st false, Upon the next tree shalt thou hang alive†¦Ã¢â‚¬â„¢ (Macbeth Act 5, Scene 5, lines 38-39) During the last few scene in the play Macbeth has moments of his real, original character of a loyal, brave soldier come out. ‘I’ll fight, till from my bones my flesh be hacked, Give me my armour.’ (Macbeth Act 5, Scene 3, lines 32-33) This is an extremely brave side of Macbeth coming out. In the final fight with Macduff the Macbeth we see is a defiant and desperate one clinging onto his one last hope – the last prophecy; ‘Let fall thy blade on vulnerable crests; I bear a charmed life, which must not yield To one of woman born.’ (Macbeth Act 5, Scene 8, lines 11-13) Macduff then answers to this with; ‘Despair thy charm And let the angel whom thou still hast served Tell thee, Macduff was from his mother’s womb Untimely ripped.’ (Macduff Act 5, Scene 8, lines 14-17) What Macduff is saying here is that he was born by a caesarean section and not naturally born. Macduff and Macbeth carry on fighting until Macbeth is slain. In conclusion I believe that Macbeth was a noble soldier who was almost considered a hero amongst his fellow men who was pushed by his evil, controlling, influential wife to commit a murder he did not want to commit however after this turning point Macbeth became a bloodthirsty, evil monster completely by his own doing, until at the end were we start to see him in his original state again. Others may consider him a complete and utter monster, whereas some will defend his actions saying it was the right thing, or he was forced to do it, but I suppose one way to sum it all up would be to say; ‘One mans terrorist is another mans freedom fighter’ or more simply; It’s a matter of perspective.

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Knowledge Management Life Cycle

Executive summaryThe concept of Knowledge Management comes from the very definition to capture information and content for deriving a value out of it after performing some meaningful operations.  The life cycle would contemplate the process of knowledge procurement to final derivation of meaningful information for processing and further integration.  The identification of several categories which would act as placeholders for the information must be in right hands equipped with right tools so that appropriate function is performed with it.Knowledge Management Life cycleThe step 1 in this process is the identification of the fact that knowledge is king to any organisation and its evaluation, processing and its implementation must be identified in the proper context so as to capitalize on the resources for its optimum usage.Figure 1 : KM CycleThe first task is the formation of Knowledge Management (KM) teams so that the information falls into the right hands for successful processi ng. The KM teams are responsible for procurement of the information, after a thorough analysis of the business scenario. It is also decided whether the system is feasible to handle the KM process from its thought generation stage to post evaluation stage. The economic, technical and behavioral feasibility is obtained at the first level. After evaluating costs, schedule the process takes a momentum for further proceeding. The key stakeholders of the system are the crucial components and are the burning fuel for successful proceeding with the project.The second stage is the ‘What’ and ‘How’ of the system, meaning what needs to be done? And how will one do it? The capture of knowledge must be identified and analyzed thoroughly so that everything works out successfully in the initiation phase.  The third phase is the process of development. Unless the process is identified accurately, the motive of the KM system remains quite incomplete in nature. What to be processed and the objective for doing it? – the meaning must be quite clear at this level. The processing logic is devised by the expert or a set of experts. The business objectives behind the KM process must be evaluated quite well.The fourth phase would mark the designing of the blueprint which would hold information about the scope of the KM system, its interoperability and scalability issues, required system components and the system design and implementation techniques (Awad, 2001). After the roll of the blueprint the system has got a definition of the exact requirements it desires to cater. The system development is started at this level using a RAD model.  After the design is complete the system architecture is set up and all the inputs and outputs are well highlighted through the use of user interface, authentication issues, collaborative agents, application layer, internet layer, and the physical layout of the system (Fan, 2003). After the development phase, the KM system is verified and validated for any errors and defects.After all the stages are over, the final implementation takes the role of implementation where the present legacy system. It requires conversion of the existing system into the new or transferring the essential components into the new KM system. The final stage is user training and feedback mechanism which adds a new dimension to the system and it creates a self learning environment for further incorporating the deficiencies of the dynamic business scenario (McElroy, 1999).A very challenging environment would be to integrate all the systems in the organizations so that information derived from them can be successfully captured for deriving knowledge which would enter a cycle for further derivation of innovative thoughts for the long term success of the business.ConclusionThe KM process is quite essential for managing the information in any organization and deriving greater innovative business thoughts from the information flow in the business and its correct representation and identification of resources for growth and prosperity in enveloping challenges.References/BibliographyFan Yushan (2003). Knowledge Network and Knowledge Management. See: /Year2003/ljq_ICAM03_0312.pdf