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Learning is a major part of life. Essay

People tend to learn in every steps of their life. Learning does not necessarily involve complex terms, it can also be primitive things that keeps happening in day to day life of an individual. Everybody has different interest, likewise they have a different pattern of learning things. Some people learn faster through visual medium, some through audio, and some just writing down the things depending upon what the subject matter is. I believe that learning process does not start when one settles in a formal environment but it start right from the birth of an individual. Walking, talking, decision making etc. are some examples including every other primary things are the result of learning. Every time anyone has to acquire a new skills, they need to be focused and scrutinize the subject matter thoroughly, that is how learning happens. Learning affects the confidence of a person as well. If someone learn things quickly than they have higher confidence in doing things and learning new things as well. After going through the video couple of times I realized that one who puts hard work and devotion in learning new things can automatically adapt into the ways the things are done and will become successful. I myself am very much interested in music and vaguely inspired by the beauty of it. I think music can be the most influential thing in an individual life. Music can make a person relax after a hard day at work, cure the illness, provides maximum level of comfort to an individual. Being so much influenced on music I have managed to learn a very few instruments and it always gives me pleasure and comfort when I am playing them. But I do not want to stop here. I want to learn more about music. I want to be able to read the music and understand every keys and notation in it. I want to be a musician like David Gilmour from the greatest band ever, â€Å"Pink Floyd,† who is able to play any string musical instrument that exists in planet today. I am currently doing my major in Business with Information Technology however in order to fulfill my ambition in music I have also planned to take music as my minor subject and later on carry it as my profession along with my  Business major degree. It is very much important to me because of my vague interest in it, but mostly it makes me very happy. Finally, I am profoundly inspired from the video that I just watched and it helped me to boost up my morale. I do have much respect for the people attempting to make things happen and these people are just one of those few who dare to take the challenges and do something that makes difference to others.

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Development and Analysis – Case study

The case study is about the challenge in the classroom in my working experience. It is about two twin boys who were in my class, whereby I was the class teacher. The boys were really bullies, rude, lazy and very abusive. They used to abuse me, their teacher, other teachers and the other pupils. These boys really stressed me to a point that I was not even concentrating in what I was supposed to do. The father of the twins was a member of the school board and taking complaints to him all the time about the bad behaviors of the boys could cost me my job.The twins could interrupt many learning sessions by making noise, abusing and beating other children, and even saying that if I report them to their father, nothing could be done as he was a member of the board. The behaviors of the twins affected the other children who went home and told their parents about it. The parents responded by calling me and coming personally to school to complain on how the twins are affecting their children f rom learning and how the class teacher and the school management had been unable to contain twins.The case was challenging to my career and was degrading the name and status of the school in general. A quick and faster action had to be taken to contain the situation. Decisions had to be made whether for better or for worse since a lasting solution was needed. The boys had to be counseled and their behaviors modeled and at the same time the pupils in my class had to be counseled. The best solution for this was to apply the behavioral modeling to the twins whereby model looks closely at the behaviors of the victims, by going back by collecting data on their behavioral history.The behavioral modeling is meant to assess at the behavioral patterns of an individual from the past and relate to them to the present, know why individual is behaving in that strange manners, whether the causes for the behavior change could be the family, environment, the friends, the workplace or the community and then look for strategies that can assist in correcting the behavior and was done in the following ways; a) Initiating a session-the counselor should first initiate a session for discussion. He/she should introduce him/herself to the twins so that they could be aware of who they are going to discuss with.The initial rapport will determine on how the discussion will flow. The counselor should tell the twins what he/she expects from them and the boys should be given time to decide if they will be willing to talk but should be given options. b) Isolation- the twins should be isolated from other children. The counselors should in isolation with the twins study their behaviors and know what is really happening. He/she should dig deep into the past history of the twins, the behaviors of the family and the circumstances that have made them to behave like so.This information can only be gotten from the twins when they alone with the counselor whereby they have the freedom of expressing t hemselves freely. When victims of the same circumstance are mixed with people of the same problem it becomes very difficult to get information from them because those who are with them may influence their answering to the questions asked. Isolation does not mean that the twins should be completely isolated from other children or the family but put in isolation when talking to the counselor.The counselor must also make sure that the isolation process does not affect the twins but improves their concentration during the discussion exercise. c) Find out about the historical background of the family/ information gathering- the consultant should critically look at the behavioral patterns of the twins’ family before making conclusions. Are there other members of the same family who are still in school and have the same behavior? The counselor should find out whether if the had been counseled previously and if there was any impact.It will be necessary to know the behavioral patterns of their parents and then relate them to those of their children. d) Show the paternal and maternal love-the counselor should at his/her level best the paternal and maternal love to the twins. The twins may be missing the love and attention of the one or both parents, and this has made the twins to become uncontrollable as there is no one to control them and show them love and affection. Every person needs the love of both parents to grow and develop normally and if the twins are missing the love and absence of their father or mother or both of them, their mind set and behavior will change.e) Become closer to the boy- the counselor should develop a very close relationship with the twins. He/she should make sure that the twins are comfortable with him/her all the time they will be spending together. The counselor should not be sympathetic to the twins as this will worsen the situation but should make sure that they understand that what they are doing is wrong and they should be read y to change their behaviors so that they will be able to interact and mix freely with the rest of the other children.They should be told that their behaviors are affecting the whole class and that parents of the other children are complaining of their behaviors. The counselor should also involve the friends of the twins to find out more about the twins behavior when they are together. The friends should be encouraged to talk to them on changing their behavior pattern and they should at the same time tell them the consequences of their bad behavior in a friendlier manner.If the twins feel that they are insecure when they are being counseled, they should be taken to a place of their choice, but should be given options or else they will dictate the situation. This will give them more freedom to express themselves and will build confidence and trust between them and the counselor. The consultant must also involve the family members who should be urged to become closer to the twins. The parents should be told Without any fear of the bad behaviors of their children and how this has had a negative impact to the other children and to the school.The family members and friends should play a bigger role in modeling the behavior of the boys through being closer and talking positively to them on how good behaviors and manners come with good rewards. Having gone through all these steps, the twins in their minds will be in a position to condemn their bad behaviors and see the need to reform for the better. Behavioral change is a long term process which needs a lot of patience and perseverance. The above actions will help solve this crisis and also create a good learning environment for the other children and at the same time ease my work as the class teacher.

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Comparison Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 4

Comparison - Essay Example However different the conditions are, they also share a few similarities. The similarities and differences come out only well after thorough analysis of the two conditions. A decision by a first year college student to either reside in campus or off-campus ends up having total transformation of his or her life (Morris, 2008, 77). It is inevitable that staying in campus hostel will influence the life of a college student and staying at home has its pros and cons. Living in campus hostels exerts a pleasant experience on one student and an awful ordeal for another. Living in the dormitory is a necessity for some people. The forms of advantages and benefits compared for the two living conditions relate to closeness in terms of accessing classes and campus, cost advantages, availability of affordable and nutritious food, additional benefits of education to the student, as well as available opportunities for student to involve in such as entertainment and co-curricular activities. Living off-campus means that a student will commute to campus because he or she lives in an apartment, a fraternity, or a sorority. Living off-campus lacks the advantage of proximity to campus and classes. It would require some of the student who do not live in campus hostels to travel long tiring distances every morning to get to class and have to wake up early enough to catch up with early classes and in some cases avoid traffic jams on the way to college. Those who already live in college hostels do not have these problems. The situation presents a problem to students especially in times of winter. During this season students do not like waking up therefore, skiving classes becomes a common occurrence. Beds become far more inviting during winter compared to the journey to class. The cost of living outside for instance, in an apartment can be very high. In some regions

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The current state of the economy of the United States Essay

The current state of the economy of the United States - Essay Example It is calculated by adding up annual expenditure on goods and services in 4 sectors. The first sector is ‘Personal Consumption Spending,’ involving expenditure on durable goods (like cars and televisions), non-durable goods (like food and clothes), and personal services (like manicures and haircuts). The second sector is ‘Private Investment Spending,’ including expenditure like purchases of real estate, plant and machinery by corporations. The third sector is ‘Government Spending,’ featuring expenditure on goods like armaments and services like wages of public school teachers. The fourth sector is ‘Net Exports,’ which is the value of goods and services exported abroad, minus the value of goods and services imported from other countries (The World Book Encyclopedia). GDP is the most widely used measure to analyze the prosperity of the nation. The U.S is considered the world’s most prosperous economy as it possesses the highest GDP in the world. In 2000 its GDP purchasing power parity which was $ 9.82 trillion, rose to $ 10.13 trillion in 2001, $ 10.47 trillion in 2002, $ 10.96 trillion in 2003, $ 11.71 trillion in 2004, $ 12.46 trillion in 2005 and $ 12.98 trillion in 2006. U.S GDP figures have shown a healthy, continuously rising trend, rising by 3.16 % between 2001 and 2001, 3.36% between 2001 and 2002, 4.68% between 2002 and 2003, 6.84% between 2003 and 2004, 6.40% between 2004 and 2005 and 4.17% between 2005 and 2006 ( As compared to the U.S, other world countries lagged far behind. In 2004, as against the U.S GDP purchasing power parity of 11.71 trillion, China ranked a distant second at 7.272 trillion, followed by an even most distant group of countries led by Japan at 3.745 trillion, India at 3.319 trillion, Germany at 2.3 62 trillion, the U.K at 1.782 trillion, France at 1.737 trillion and Italy at 1.609 trillion

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Alternate Assessments w9 esol Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Alternate Assessments w9 esol - Essay Example In this paper, we shall discuss alternative assessments like portfolios and K-W-L charts that are being frequently used and have gained tremendous success in the ESL classrooms. Learner Portfolios are one of the most common alternative assessments that are being used widely in the ESL classrooms nowadays. A portfolio refers to a compilation of a student’s work which can include such items as notes from learner/teachers discussions, learner’s writing samples, reports on books read, learner’s reflection on their development, and statistics from performance based appraisals, and scores of commercial tests. Portfolios are a holistic, student centered and performance based approach of assessment. This method of assessment is tremendously beneficial to all the students especially the ESL students since portfolios focus on students’ strengths rather than their weaknesses. Moreover, it provides room to the ESL students to display more than what they are tested for. In this way, students are encouraged to work more efficiently and display their best work. They provide prospects for students to look upon who they are as learners, writers a nd people. In addition, portfolios enhance the communication between the teacher and the students, the teacher and the parents, and the school administrators as well. However, these portfolios are very time consuming and don’t give quantifying outcomes which only commercially available tests can provide. Moreover, these alternative assessments may not meet eligibility necessities in career training programs, or higher level classes of ESL learners. Therefore, it is important for ESL programs to use a combination of commercial based and performance based assessments to test the language proficiency of ESL learners (Burt &Keenan, 1995). As far as native English speaking students in the classroom are concerned, portfolios are fair to them. All the students, irrespective of

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UpBeat Inc. ( Case Study ) Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

UpBeat Inc. ( ) - Case Study Example According to the provision 1, bank needs to take permission from Upbeat Inc to sell its receivables in case of default also which is not the right accounting practice. It is totally against the principal of US GAAP. The bank has full statutory authorities to sell different receivables of Upbeat Inc in case of company’s defaulter situation. Once the company announced its incapability to repay bank loans then the bank can sell all receivables without any prerequisite permission. According to accounting principal this is considered as breach of trust or failure of agreement between two parties. Under this situation bank’s money is there with the company and the company is not returning it unreasonably (Sherman, 2011). This situation gives full authority to the bank to sell all receivables of the company without any permission. According to ASC, the bank needs to monitor the financial conditions of borrowing Upbeat. It has to observe whether the company is trying to pay bac k its money or not. Here in this case the company is withholding bank’s money unreasonably. So, there is no need to take any prior permission to sell or pledge their receivables. But here in this provision opposite thing has taken place. In the designing of this provision all the required standards of ASC has not been followed. This provision is not supporting various accounting standards. So, all the above arguments are stating that provision 1 of transfer agreement does preclude sales accounting. Here in this case, Transfer Provision 2 will not preclude sales accounting. According to this provision of transfer agreement Upbeat can repurchase their all receivables in future at a fixed price. According to GAAP of USA, Upbeat can come to an agreement with the bank where both parties will agree upon a fixed price against which the company will get back its receivables from the bank. It is a very suitable principal for Upbeat Inc. Due to this

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Self awareness Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Self awareness - Essay Example Self esteem is the overall reflection of a person’s emotional worth. I will improve my self esteem by dressing well in public for the next two years before completing my education. This is the importance I attach to dressing. I will double my expenditure in clothing to the tunes of at least three times the initial amount after every three months to achieve self esteem. This is the most essential opportunities applicable to my scenario despite the other avenues being in place. Other opportunities include associating with popular members of the society. Dressing codes have been used to denote not only culture, but ascribed status as well. Therefore, dressing will denote higher self esteem. This will be attained within a period of two years. The attainment of this goal requires me to make savings that will be used to purchase the clothes. The savings will also be a step towards counteracting the obstacle of economic challenges that are unpredictable to people worldwide. This will be useful in preventing the person for relapse; adopting the previous dressing patterns. A dressing course would assist in understanding factors in the environment that make people acquire the particular dressing behaviour. With knowledge of such factors, using dressing to enhance self esteem will be unavoidable. Besides, acquiring some skills as far as funds management is concerned is also significant. In addition, I will do research to find out the requirements for one to consider to be dressing well and steps to take. The efforts required will be analysed critically. With such information, one would assemble all the resources before the actual work begins. Recording all the progress will be quite useful. These records will be evaluated after every three months. This will be critical in assuring that resources are used well, which will subsequently result into the realisation of objectives. Therefore, the planned activities will be adhered to without any violations. The major cha llenge according to this objective will be reverting to the previous dressing behaviour. This challenge would be overcome by consulting those who have undergone the entire procedure of behaviour change, and how they handled the challenges they faced. Besides, advice will be sought on how to integrate such goals with the daily life activities so that nothing is compromised. Step two Research conducted among college students in a university in Nigeria found out that people bought expensive clothes to improve their self esteem. Those who bought expensive clothes agreed that they did so to improve on their self esteem among their friends within the college. Besides, improving myself esteem, expensive clothes offer additional advantages. For example, expensive clothes are fashionable than those that are cheap. In addition, they are very durable a property that makes them to last for a longer duration than the cheap ones. This conforms to a statement in the society that states that cheap is expensive (Karnack, 35). Several approaches will be applied to ensure that my self esteem improves besides buying expensive clothes. These approaches will be used to supplement the expensive clothes that have been bought. The first will be to enhance proper hygiene; it will be a way of enriching my public appearance. In particular, my hair will be kept short and smart. Along with the clean and expensive clothes, this will greatly improve how I am perceived in public. Good hygiene together with wearing expensive clothes can only be recognized when someone identifies a posture that can be regarded as unique. These attributes put together will be crucial in enhancing my esteem (Koop, 45). They seem quite basic, but are essential for developing self esteem. Studies have also found out that untidy people have lower self esteem among themselves. Smartness; thus, brings out the personality in a person. Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs explains this process aptly. Maslowâ€℠¢

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Comparitive Argumentive essay on the primary text of the Canadian

Comparitive Argumentive on the primary text of the Canadian Dream - Essay Example There is a great Canadian dream that is related to the aspect of immigration. Both of these texts are involved with this dream though in different ways. It is this aspect that brings about the main difference between the texts. In both texts, there are immigrants who gain entry into the Canadian land. Each of them is astonished and overwhelmed by what they see and encounter. In this sense, they are both driven by the Canadian dream to afford the lives of the inhabitants hence make their future in the new land better. They also have similar experiences. However, they handle these experiences in different ways hence accomplishing the Canadian dream in completely varied ways. Thus, while others are able to realize this dream fully, there are others who are not able to do so based on the different ways that they work towards it and against the oppression that they face as they try to adapt into the new ways. The Canadian dream was created for those who were moving from Canada to other new places. It made use of the term ethnic, which was used to refer to all those individuals who have become immigrants but are not members of the founding cultures in Canada. They include those who are not the catholic French or the protestant Anglo-Celtic. In addition, the term ethic was also used to involve all those aboriginal inhabitants of Canada, the native Indians as well as the Inuits, who have always kept their distance and alienated themselves from the Canadian society. The main aim was to bring about personal development and prosperity for the individuals. It was clear that any immigrant from Canada to other areas would feel pressured to adapt to most of the new ways that they experienced in the new areas. However, despite their ability to learn new ways, it was advisable that they do not get fully assimilated in the new ways but also try as much as possible to hold on to their previous ways an d not forget

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What could happen if computers substituted human thinking Research Paper

What could happen if computers substituted human thinking - Research Paper Example Understanding and thinking is the route to develop curiosity in every human being which enables them to explore, learn and interact with the surrounding. Accordng to Walter (2008), we have a network of relationships in our mind (Preface, p. XIII). The conceived thought can be used either in a constructive manner or destructive manner. Human thinking skills have developed innovative technologies over the years. In modern civilized society, in many households we are using automatic dishwashers, riding lawnmowers, T.V. remote controls, automatic garage door openers, power screwdrivers, bread machines, electric pencil sharpeners, etc., etc. etc. Humans have created computers to facilitate this easy and comfortable life. Unfortunately this trend in workplaces and living areas is taking our lives into pitfalls by making us lethargic and passive. We are going against our health that too, without much realization. Overuse and overview of these items restricting our diverse physical movements, and still we are calling it as a wonderful life. Irony is that, do we really want our life to be dull, lazy with all ill health effects If we let these technologies take over us, it might happen that over the time we could become slaves of the technology. Computerization is facing criticism due to its unparalleled powers to harm life for all future generations. An unknown new way gives rise to whole set of new questions. These problems might be such that we would have never thought of. The consequences of the substitution of human thinking by computers might entail unprecedented risks to human health and the environment. The mental ability of human being is irreplaceable by any artificially created intelligence which is not self supportive. Computers are created and used to carry out number of predefined activities in an orderly fashion (Walter, 2008). They are programmed according to human intellect and translate the commands in a sequential fashion without knowing the end

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Prices of gasoline Essay Example for Free

Prices of gasoline Essay With the prices of gasoline fast approaching $3 per gallon, the effect is already causing deep pocket holes in most American homes. A survey carried out by Reuters in Washington discovers that Americans are already planning to reduce their driving. This is causing pains and hardship for most of homes, factories and, manufacturing companies that must use gasoline in larger quality. The reason of this increase in the price of gasoline is linked majorly to the high rising cost of crude oil. There are several costs that go into producing and delivering of gasoline. These include the cost of the crude oil to refiners, refining costs and profits, distribution and marketing costs, and federal and state taxes. The cost of the crude oil hovers close to 50 per cent of the cost of a gallon of gas, taxes comprise about 25 per cent, and the remaining costs average almost 30 per cent. An explosion at a refinery in Big Spring, Texas was cited as one of the reasons for a rapid increase of crude oil prices to a record high over $100 a barrel. Also the unsettled nature of the oil producing regions of the world is one main cause of increase in the prices of gasoline. The Niger Delta problems and political instability in Nigeria, war in Iraq as well the supply problems in Iran. Most importantly, the increase in gasoline has affected the cost of living. A survey carried out by Reuters has indicated that 58% of Americans now go with public transport. We can not also overlook the fast raising price in food. This is as a result of the high cost of production which the companies are paying. The sensitive role played by gasoline in the American economy and the subsequent increase in prices has affected every aspect of an average American and this will continue if the Federal Government does halt stockpiling for the time being. In conclusion, the rising increase in the demand of gasoline by the global market having contribute to this present state, the Government should be working on developing other sources of enery. this will help resolve the continues increase in the price of gasoline in America now and in the future. Thanks Reference: †¢ Food and fuel America. (Thursday, February 21, 2008) Gasoline Price Soar Higher.

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Newspaper Tool To Promote Malaysia Government Propaganda Media Essay

Newspaper Tool To Promote Malaysia Government Propaganda Media Essay 1. Introduction During the pre-election, the election candidates usually will choose appropriate media as their major election tools to disseminate their asserted statements for changing government policies and convey their main purpose of gaining the ruling power from opposition parties, which may sway the voters decision of balloting. So what is media? Why does media so important during the pre-election period? The word of media is included the whole host of modern communication systems, for example cinema, television, newspapers, magazines, advertisements, radio, and interactive multimedia. These developments depend on the use of industrial technology to produce, send and receive message. Country information From the overview coaches and trainees that like working journalists will need to do some intensive research before they arrive in an unfamiliar country. It is enormously beneficial to have a basic understanding on the country. That included their demographics, culture and history, as well as the current political situation and their media environment. This information is important in setting the context for the specific election. They also need to know about the specific conditions of the election. We will able to country information thought todays internet system and also some country-specific guidebooks. Besides that, the local governments websites will also present some basic information on the countrys population, economic conditions and health standards to educational levels. In examining guidebooks, we also can look for information such as life expectancy and number of citizens of voting age, extent of literacy, different ethnic groups, religions and languages, and urban and r ural populations. These are factors to consider in guiding media coverage of an election campaign because they identify important groups of voters, challenges to voter education, and regions or issues which otherwise might be neglected. However in Malaysia, the Sultan is elected by hereditary state rulers to serve a 5-year term. Prime Minister is designated by parliament. In the Senate (Dewan Negara), 44 members are appointed by the monarch to serve 3-year terms and 26 members are elected by the state legislatures to serve 3-year terms*. In the House of Representatives (Dewan Rakyat) 222 members are elected by direct popular vote to serve 5-year terms. Political context Political background Election is about few political parties are competing with each other for the popular support and power, so it is essential to know the basic facts about the political history of the country. There may be facts or events which play a symbolic or special role in the parties campaigns because of how they are perceived by the voters. Information such as the date of the countrys independence, major internal and trans-boundary conflicts, and the names of former heroes or villains, who may become an issue or rallying point in the campaign, should be identified. These kinds of considerations also apply in the case of referenda. Other factors to examine include the pattern of stability of previous governments, and the role of the army or other forces, or foreign interventions in the duration of past governments. Beside that, the structure of government and leading figures like presidency, parliamentary democracy, monarchy, and so on. Current political landscape Beside that, the current political landscape or immediate context on the election is an essential knowledge for coaches to know. They need to learn what key issues arose during the term of Coaching Manual for Media Support during Elections. For example, the country information, and the previous government works; on how they were handled and whether they caused this election. Coaches should know the names of the main political parties, their central ideologies and leaders, and relative strength and popularity. This kind of information aids coaches in assessing whether election reporting is balanced. Other factors that under consideration are include the extent of democracy, the strength and activity of civil society in public life, the courts and authorities respect for the rule of law and human rights, extent of corruption and lawlessness, and the economic or political disparity between identity groups. In addition to media reports and country profiles, organisations such as Human Ri ghts Watch and Amnesty International, Freedom House, the International Crisis Group, and the United Nations Development Programmes human develop meant indicators can provide such assessments. Coaches will also usually find the reports and staff of international observer teams monitoring the election to be helpful and well-informed. For Malaysia, it is a country which is seem to be a long and drawn out struggle to what is now some resemblance of a democratic nation much like its neighbours Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and East Timor (admittedly East Timor isnt a direct neighbour but its in the hood).   This country experiences significant problems domestically with extremes in poverty and wealth.   There are seemingly an endless string of problems with labour and workers rights, as well as significant issues with deforestation and continued infringements on human rights.   What makes 2010 significant for Malaysia is that despite its apparent problems, the most significant of them being the domestic political turmoil, there appears to be progress towards better transparency? However the problems for the incumbent leadership really are about domestic issues and how to keep their country from quickly sliding backwards after years of relatively steady economic growth albeit underpinned by the International Mon etary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank. With growing extremist populism in politics taking root even in the moderate political parties, the country faces growing isolation as other countries attempt to work to resolve Western sentiment of the region being riddled with terrorism, extremist organisations and terrorist training camps.   There are many unresolved problems between different ethnic groups, especially involving Malaysian Chinese. The media environment The first priority is to identify the principles of the countrys media freedoms and regulations. Coaches must then determine the practical realities of these freedoms and regulations. In some countries there may be wide-ranging protection for media freedoms in the constitution or in legislation but the freedoms are much abused or ignored by authorities or journalists in daily life. Media regulations among the essential media regulations to examine are: Constitutional guarantees for a free press: Do they exist in law? Do the courts protect them effectively against government or other interests harassment, intimidation, assault? à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¢ Media regulation bodies (press councils and radio-television regulators): What powers do they have? Are they independent of government? Are they free of corruption? Do they defend media freedoms? Do they fairly discipline irresponsible media? à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¢ Content restrictions: Are there laws which censor what the media can report or offer as opinions? Who imposes these restrictions? Is there an appeal to the courts? Are there laws against hate speech? Is criminal libel used to suppress published criticism of government? à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¢ The Internet: Is it widely available? Is it regulated or censored? Is it influential? à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¢ Ownership restrictions: Is media ownership determined by government, by law, or by free market competition? à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¢ Journalist registration/accreditation: Is there any law defining who can be a journalist? Who administers the law? Is this law used to restrict free expression? à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¢ Broadcast media: How is it regulated? Is licensing conducted fairly? Is public or state broadcasting treated differently than private broadcasting? à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¢ Are there Access-to-Information laws? Are they effective? Are they blocked by secrecy laws, political interference or bureaucratic obstruction? Firstly, newspaper is the best way to research because it is a regularly scheduled publication containing news, information, and advertising, has emerged as one of the important media throughout the entire world. However, its multifunctional purpose has caused it to be manipulated in many forms. In Malaysia, the most obvious manipulation towards newspaper is in the form of political view. Political parties especially the ones who act as the rulers of the country are continuously taking advantage in the name of veto power to use newspaper as the primary tool to promote their propaganda. (Media Stereotyping: Reporting War and Terrorism, 2007). As a definition, propaganda stands for a form of communication that is aimed at influencing the attitude of a community toward some cause or position. As opposed to impartially providing information, propaganda in its most basic sense, presents information primarily to influence an audience. Propaganda often presents facts selectively (thus possi bly lying by omission) to encourage a particular synthesis, or uses loaded messages to produce an emotional rather than rational response to the information presented. The desired result is a change of the attitude toward the subject in the target audience to further a political agenda. It is proven as it is used in the ancient times; the Roman Empire published Acta Diurna, or government announcement bulletins, around 59 BC, as ordered by Julius Caesar. (Acta Diurna, 2010). Looking back during the National Election campaign in 2008, the Barisan Nasional governments launched their massive political campaign through the means of newspaper and other forms of media to sell out their propaganda in order to influence the minds of the citizens to vote for them. To make things easier, they are the rulers of this country and thus, no one can put the barrier on them on what-so-called restriction of press. The determination of press freedom is on their hands. However, in the campaign, they suf fered the most humiliating defeat in the history of Malaysia as they lost five states to the opposition sides, Pakatan Rakyat; Kelantan, Kedah, Perak, Selangor, and Penang. How could it happen? This situation lied on several factors. The non-government newspapers played their role in publishing news on the truth behind every promise made by the governments sold out to the society during the election campaign. This actually worked out as citizens realised that they could not be continuously cheated off by the fake promise. It can be said here that propaganda does not always work the way it should. Currently, the issue of the concept of 1Malaysia is another case regarding the manipulation of newspaper by the authorities to promote their propaganda. The introduction of this concept has been massively spread out to the mass audience via various kinds of mass media including newspapers. The spreading out can be classified as successful as everyone is talking about 1Malaysia now. However, the concept, introduced by the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Abdul Razak, is still on the surface and the truth behind it is hidden from the acknowledgement of the public. 1Malaysia conce pt is still blurred and confusing. Everybody seems to accept the propaganda without realising the effects on them. The most obvious effect that will someday happen is that it harms and destroys the special rights enjoyed by the bumiputra especially Malays. Before things turn from worst to worse, Pakatan Rakyat try to stop the citizens from getting carried away by the cheat through the only medium they are able to; newspapers owned by them. Is it going to work? Conclusion In this research, there are three main problem statements that are aimed to be found out. The first problem statement is that newspaper is being used as the primary tool to promote Malaysia government propaganda. The matter that is about to be conveyed is the advantage enjoyed by the government to simply use their veto power to spread their propaganda. Newspapers like Utusan Malaysia, Berita Harian, New Straits Times and many others are owned by the government. The question is that are these puppets being manipulated to do the promotion on behalf of the Barisan Nasional government neither directly or indirectly to set up the minds of the society. The second one is that the use of newspaper as a medium of spreading government propaganda is effective and giving impacts to the society or it is either occurring the other way around. The governments are the ones who act as the gatekeeper to all media including print media like newspaper. They pick what to publish and eliminate news that i s risky to harm them. The question whether it is totally effective or not in manipulating the citizens minds will be answered in the findings of this research. Last but not least, the opposition-own newspapers are also playing their role in revealing the hidden truth behind every propaganda of the ruler of this country and how effective their messages in setting up citizens minds? Newspapers like Suara Keadilan and Harakah are owned by the opposition sides. This research will reveal whether they succeed in showing the truth behind the propaganda of the government in the high-risk situation of do-or-die as there is a very high possibility that the government will misuse their power in stopping these kinds of newspapers to continue showing their true colours. Harvard-style for List of References

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The Crime of Stalking Essay -- Crime Stalking Stalk Harassment Essays

The Crime of Stalking Stalking has been around since the beginning of time. Men and women alike have been accused of such a crime cause they either can't get it out of their head that the other person does not want to have anything to do with them, or they are just obsessed with a stranger. It is just recent that they United States Government have decided to make stalking a crime in it self. This type of crime was labeled as harassment, annoyance, or domestic violence. It wasn?t until the 80's and 90's that stalking cases were brought to the attention of the media and high political policy makers. I suppose that I should inform you as to the legal definition of stalking before I go any further with this paper. There really is no one definition, each state has the right to put down on paper their own definition of what they this is stalking. Most states will agree that stalking is a willful course of conduct involving repeated or continuing harassment or another individual that would cause a reasonable person to feel terrorized, intimidated, threatened, harassed, or molested, and that actually causes the victim to feel terrorized, frightened, intimidated, threatened, harassed, or molested. Basically this is saying that in order for there to be stalking, a person need to feel like their life is in danger, they are unable to lead a normal life cause of another person that won?t leave them alone.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  There are three main types of stalkers. The first one is the simple obsession type. This is probably the most common one consisting of 70 to 80 percent of all stalking cases. Most of these were brought on when a relationship of some type was terminated. This could have been a business relationship, neighbor, customer, dating or even a lover. These people are also seen as the most dangerous. In cases where the two people were dating or lovers, they become obsessed with getting the relationship back, not with the sexual aspect. This type of stalker has a low self-esteem and feels that their partner is the only positive thing in their life. They fear losing this person, for they become dependant on them for their support and sense of achievement. They literally feel that without this person being an active and positive part in their life that they are worthless. They do not realize that they are driving the person further from them, they think that they a... ...  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Expecting police to solve your problem and hope it goes away 8.  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Taking adequate privacy and safety precautions 9.  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Neglecting to enlist the support of family and friends. 10.  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ignoring their emotional need before and after a stalking . This is only the top ten mistake that a victim makes. There are probably plenty others, and if a person feels like a they are a victim of stalking then they need to get some help.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  In conclusion, stalking is not something to be taken lightly. It is a serious crime that affects thousands of people each year. Recent laws are making it safer for the victim, but there is a lot more that needs to be done, and as long as there are men and women on this earth then there is going to be stalking. Works Cited 1.  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Heavy Hands, by: Denise Gosslin. Prentice Hall 2000. Pp. 316-326 2.  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  National Call for Law Enforcement Stalking Protocol, by: David Anderson (6 Mar. 2000) 3.  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Top Ten Mistakes, by: Clairity Consulting. (6 Mar. 2000) 4.  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Stalker Definition, by: Zona. (6 Mar. 2000)

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Doing Business in Italy Essay -- International Business

Doing business in Italy is very different than in the United States. â€Å"Set to move onto a slow, but steady, path of economic growth;† Italy, at first glance, seems to be a promising business environment with projected increases in GDP per capita in the coming years, according to Business Monitor International (â€Å"Italy Autos Report† 30). However, there are many cultural, administrative, geographic and economic differences that make the business environment much different than that in the US. Generally dominated by domestic carmakers, mainly Fiat S.p.A., the auto industry in Italy doesn’t look very appealing for new firms because of the high barriers to entry. However, foreign carmakers like Ford have managed to penetrate the Italian market, with vehicles like the Fiesta, by focusing on small fuel efficient cars. Furthermore, Italy faces many problems that makes it a less attractive place for business; such as â€Å"low business productivity, insuff icient investment in high technology industries, disadvantageous demographics, and the labour market.(â€Å"Italy Autos Report† 31)† Although the automotive market in Italy doesn’t show much room for sales growth as shown by a high car ownership per capita. In 2009, mostly due to government incentives, the auto market saw a more moderate drop in sales than in the previous year (fig. 1). According to the Business Monitor International total auto sales is forecasted to surpass 2.58 million units by 2014 (â€Å"Italy Autos Report† 27). Taking into account Ghemawat’s four dimensions of distance; culture, administrative, geographic and economic shows that while there are costs and risks associated with doing business in Italy there are also advantages. English is taught early as a secondary languag... ... both advantages and disadvantages. The current auto market, mostly dominated by domestic players due to the consumers loyalty toward domestic brands, shows very little appeal for new entrants. Some foreign carmakers, Ford for example, are showing signs of growth in this market. Ford has been able to do this by appealing to the consumers desire, for small affordable cars. Works Cited "Italy Autos Report - Q1 2010. " Italy Autos Report 1 Jan. 2010: ABI/INFORM Trade & Industry, ProQuest. Web. 28 Feb. 2014. Italy - Labor. Encyclopedia of the Nations. 28 Feb. 2014. . Potesta, Sandra. How to do Business in Italy. Feb. 2007. 28 Feb. 2014. . Welcome to Italy. 28 Feb. 2014. .

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Internet Security Essay -- Internet Privacy Security Web Essays

Internet Security Internet Security is the most important aspect of information technology. It has been years since computer has been invented and to keep the information confidential we have to safeguard this information. The importance of integrating security measures into systems development. Every business has their own security systems to reach their goals of information security. The computer world created security systems in order to reduce risk, maintain confidentiality, ensure the reliability of data resources, and compliance with national security laws and privacy policies and laws. SECURITY STANDARDS There are several types of standards when integrating security measures into new systems. Some companies developed their own application that has their own standards; others usually follow well-established national or international standards especially if the systems they developed are to be used by government agencies or contractors. Two major standards developed by the United States government and the other by the International Standard Organization. The U.S. used of the information security standard not only for businesses but also for our homeland security. Ever since the September 11 incident we have developed a tighter security for every branch of the government. The new standard is being used most especially for our military from the Internet worldwide and others has to follow. The most important one is the issuance of immigration visas. Our land, air and water transportation has been the first one to put this into action and intelligence officer’s tract criminal ’s activities through these measures. These are the Standards from the Orange Book: Trusted Computer System Evaluation Criteria (TSE... ...rmation security but not people security. Sometimes people’s value diminished because of business. We are so lucky to have live in the United States of America knowing that our security is the first priority of our government. Through the use of information security our government was able to tract down some of the most dangerous people in the world who were also involved in the September 11 incident. We are the world’s leader in the military and democracy. To live in a secure world is to live in peace! Reference: Management Information Systems, Third Edition Effy Oz,

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Manage Own Performance in a Business Environment Essay

1: Understand how to plan and be accountable to others.1.1 There are a number of guidelines and procedures in place to enable me to do my job not only to the best of my ability but in a professional manner. In administration, there are procedures that need to be followed relating to various aspects of the job including correct procedures to, answer the telephone, confirming tickets, dealing with outgoing mail, rooms as well as other procedures. All of the administrators procedures are kept in a file at the office area where any member of admin staff can revise them as and when necessary. In my work place, these general procedures cover a wide range of skills used within any administration such as how to deal with a telephone call and how to used the office printer. They are available on the system for any staff member to review. 1.2 As a employee I am accountable to my employer. They have a right to see that my work is up to standard. Having a plan allows for my manager to see a quick overview of my daily tasks and allows them to check that I understand what needs to be done through out the day. It also helps to agree timescales and goals, and helps with performance managing.Planning skills allows me to be efficient and to successfull in my job.I have to be able to set and achieve targets and help others to do the same.1.3 The purpose for agreeing realistic targets for work is to keep everyone on task and focused, there is no point setting a target that is impossible to complete in the time scale given. Things will always get rushed and missed if the target is unrealistic. Work will not be done to the highest standard. However you should always push yourself at work. There should be a balance between the time it takes, how much work you have to do and making sure your work is to the highest standard. This wa y, everyone can contribute effectively and reach targets efficiently instead of struggling to achieve the impossible. 1.4 I need to make sure that the deadline is fair and be honest about how much work I can handle. When speaking to my manager I will gain respect by being straight about how much I can do. If I set too easy a target for myself I won’t be pushed to improve myself and it will be clear to my manager. If I make it impossible to reach my manager will be unimpressed by my inability to work out how long I need and missing the deadline. Setting targets is part of planning so the more accurately you can stick a plan usually the more likely you are to succeed. 1.5 The first thing I do in the morning is to prioritize my work. That is, place the most important job at the top; the least, at the bottom. When judging priorities, I need to do several things: I need to determine what is required. This is the number of jobs that need to be done. I need to figure out what is required. I need to ask myself â€Å"What must I do that nobody can or should do for me?† I have a list on which I write every target I need to Achieve and then I plan this around my day. If I’m stuck or behind on an important job I can ask my office manager Jack or other employees to help me. I don’t put everything into a ‘pending’ or ‘jobs to do’ file. I Classify my targets into those that are: both urgent and important (class 1) urgent (class 2) important (class 3) neither (class 4).1.6 So other people can help me when I am stuck and it doesn’t waste time. We can work as a team together to get the task finished.They can give me tips and say how I could improve my work.If someone is relying on a piece of work from me to complete their own tasks then it is important to keep them informed of where I am. By doing this I can also gain information on timescales, when this work needs to be completed. If I am unable to complete something by the time requested then other people will have to re-prioritise their own workloads to fit around me and by keeping them informed of my progress I can show where I am with my work.1.7 It respects people’s time and allows people to be better prepared for work, mentally, physically and tools-wise. It is respectful of the other person’s time to give him or her a good idea of what and how you want them to do something and when they need to start. If these plans change, respect demands that you infor m others involved of the changes to these plans. 1.8/1.9Computer crashingWork not getting savedPower cutsPhotocopier runs out of tonerPhotocopier runs out paper. All of these issues can be resolved very simply.Any technical fault that involves my computer I would report this to my manager or director. Things like photocopier running out of paper would be common sense I would fill the paper tray myself with the correct size and type of paper. If there is a jam I would try and resolve this myself without creating danger or ask somebody I would ask my manager who knows how to fix this. 1.10 The importance of learning from mistakes is so that you will not make the same mistakes (or similar mistakes) in the future, and you will thereby make more right decisions and fewer wrong decisions, and therefore will enjoy more success and less failure. Outcome 2: Understand how to behave in a way that supports effective working.2.1 The purpose of agreeing and setting high standards for work assures that each person tries their hardest and achieves there goals. By setting high standards you are showing a good example to the hole work team. Your building trust with your employer, it can give you benefits such as a pay raise or promotion and It gives you a great sense of satisfaction. You must always make sure you have the right amount of work for your time scale. This allows you to make sure your work is to the highest standard and isn’t rushed. I have learnt from working at h2o the its better to take a little bit longer doing something than doing it to quickly and having to go back and correct your mistakes. 2.2/2.3 I can set high standards of work by putting 100% into every task I do. By being the best I possibly can be. If I challenge myself in areas I will improve at my work, impress my employer and set a high example to all of the staff. By not challenging myself I am not learning anything. I should always take on new challenges if given them. This means I will earn new skills and will allow me to become experienced at my job. 2.4 If there are changes, its best to find out the purpose and make a plan, gather as much information as you can. Discuss the changes with your manager as understanding the situation helps you plan an appropriate course of action. Find out if the changes will affect your salary or benefits. There are always changes made in our workplace such a new office equipment, new staff, change in role. It gives me new challenges and experience. 2.5 The purpose of treating others with respect, honesty, and consideration is to treat others how you would like to be treated. To help people when you can. Never judge anyone and understand people as individuals. This gives people self confidence and positive a work environment. In my workplace we always listen and respect one another. 2.6 Behaviour is vital to the workplace because it can affect everyone. A person’s negative outlook can spend to those around that person. The workplace can immediately become a hostile environment due to the action or attitude of a single person. 2.7 Types of behaviour that display honesty, respect, and consideration are listening to others’ ideas and providing thoughtful feedback, being sensitive to the needs of others, seeking a solution that will benefit all, cooperating with everybody, treating others fairly and with dignity. Some negative behaviours are not listening to people, ignoring the opinions of others, having a selfish attitude, disregarding the efforts of others, and spreading false or hurtful information about others like spending rumours.

Lifespan Human Development Essay

Lifespan, simply defined, is the utmost period of time that a living being can survive. Lifespan can also be applied to a material or object. For a human, the period between his birth and death is a process that is identified as the lifespan development. According to Rebecca Heron (2010), lifespan development encompasses all of the developments or changes that occur from birth throughout life. Others termed lifespan development as a series of events that took place in a person’s life that made him more knowledgeable or wise. Others call it journey. Everyone has their own stories to tell. No matter how sad or colorful one’s story is, it is still something that we can call journey. Let me start mine by letting you know something about me. I am a Latin-American (Cuban) male. I was raised in Newark, NJ and I am in my late thirties now. When I got married last 2004, I moved down to south Jersey. People say that I am a good listener and that I give a good piece of advise. Like every other teenagers, I can say that I gained experiences from my teenage years. Thanks for my best friend Denniz; she was always there especially during my rough times in relationships. She was my shoulder to cry on when I needed one. D. Boyd and H. Bee (2009) tell that there is a Learning Theory that can be applied in a person’s life. According to this theory, one’s development results from an accumulation of experiences. I agree to this concept because I can say that people goes through a lot of experiences in life. Love is a great experience. I can still remember being in love and being out of love but still moved on. With a friend like Denniz, who says life can be so tough? We used to hang out most o the time as I can remember but then she has to move to California during our late teens. We continue to talk over the phone, share each others’ stories until fate has to take her away. A terrible car accident took the life out of my friend and until now, there is never a day that I do not think of her. I know that whatever I am right now, she is a part of it. Living on the darkest point of my life, somehow, I manage to move on. In fact, I acknowledge the need for higher education that is why I pursue studying. I can say that despite the hardships I had, I also gained success. I manage to buy a home, getting married, being asked to speak at my GED graduation on TV, and simply being there to help my parents when they needed me most. I also value simple things like my dog licking my face, the warmth smile of wife, and sometimes, being very child like. I got hurt a lot of times. First, when my best friend died. Then, when I found out that my aunt died in a cold hospital room instead of spending her time with her family. I also got hurt when I was laid-off from my job of 14 years which made me feel that I failed my wife. Because of this, I make sure that I do not disappoint someone, especially my loved ones. I developed the hatred for failure. However, I believe that life is a form of trial and error. Whenever my actions did not produce the outcome that I wanted, I re-think and plan again. Until I am very sure that I will be successful. Intelligence and sensitivity are imparted to me by my parents. There are times that I am emotional rather than logical. But with a bundle of experiences that I have in my life, I learned to balance both of them when I wanted to be successful in the things I do or the decisions I made. I can say that I am in the middle of my journey now. I believe that there are more experiences for me to face and I am ready for it. I had become a better person because of the experiences in my life because it taught me how to be tough and move forward. Twenty or thirty years from now, I want to see myself obtaining a degree in nursing. It feels good that your parents and wife are proud of you. They had been there when I started this task and I want them to be there when I am successful. Of course, I also want to have children of my own where I can be a proud parent someday. I want to teach them what my parents taught me and am able to know that I and my wife have influenced them in a fine way. Now, I can say that my goal as of the moment is to change the relationship between me and my two older brothers. We did not develop expressing our feelings towards each other on our younger years even though we spend a lot of time together. As I age, I feel the need to open up more with them because our relationship as siblings becomes deeper. I’d also like to see my friend Denniz someday. I like to tell her what I went through and how she had become part of it. I’d like to tell her that she is never forgotten and that she is the best friend I ever had. I’d also like to see my aunt. I wanted to say sorry for not being there when she needed us. I’d tell her that we cared for her and ask for her forgiveness. Trials come at times when you do not expect it but with a strong bond with family and friends, it is easy to overcome. With all the influences I have in this journey of mine, I owe most of it to my family. From the hobby of watching movies, to being charismatic and even being open-minded about things, I got it from my family and some from my friends. They are most important to me. That is why disappointing them is the least that I want to do. I’d rather use my ability to make them laugh and see smiles on their faces rather than inflict pain on their hearts. References Bee, Helen and Boyd, Denise. (2009). Lifespan Development. Prentice Hall. Heron, Rebecca (2010). Definition of Lifespan Development, retrieved May 2, 2010, from http://www. ehow. com/facts_6066997_definition-lifespan-development. html

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Creative educational tools Essay

â€Å"We visualise and develop creative educational tools that provoke inspirational activity and bring positive recurring stimuli for children in their learning process and creative play. We believe on the power of creative education.† – Innospark Our team has chosen Innospark, Lithuania, which is actually a new company who produces educational toys for young children. Education is very important aspect of each persons life, especially in this century, so having the children start their educational journey in the early age is very important. Growing bigger, becoming a competitor on the Lithuanian market, Innospark decides to go outside the local market and take a chance on different European markets. Us being able to choose the market we came to agreement to have two markets, first Poland and second, Scandinavia. Considering that Poland is one of EU’s fast developing countries, which also has a lot of investors coming from around the globe and where the middle i ncome is growing rapidly, we decided that Innospark would have a big chance in conquering the Polish market fast. Also there is almost no competition on the market, on their particular product. Scandinavia on the other hand is developed and open for new companies, giving them new opportunities. Even though, there is one actual competitor, Innospark has different kind of products which can easily compete with the others. Our decision on the entry mode is direct export. It is easy to implement in smaller countries, trade barriers are reduced to minimum, because all the countries are EU members and capital requirement is limited. The potential of getting profits are greater, because of the intermediaries are eliminated. All aspects of the transaction are controlled by us. We know who are customers are, our customers know who we are and business trips are more efficient and effective with meeting the customers face to face, for more confidence and trust. Customer relations are one of the most important part, they will feel more confident and secure with our product, once we establish the worming contact with them. We also have to have a total control over the negotiations and transactions, also the patents, copyright and trademarks. For future plans we are considering bigger improvements and expansions on the markets. We also considered about three employees with standard salary (Poland), proximately 410 euros, which is a normal salary for Poland. Advertisement for our product will be throughout the internet.  First the webpage of Innospark and the possibility of Facebook, opening a page is free and getting more customers will be faster and easier, we also would be able to advertise our page with a very low cost. 1. Market Segmentation As stated in the previous section, the market has been segmented by Innospark into two distinct customers, i.e. individuals and businesses. Individuals: The purchases made by this segment are usually single purchases for own kids or someone known to the individual customer. The demographics of this segment can be classified as: An average household income of 1500 Euros Parents have high aspirations for children with respect to education and development Businesses: This category includes business clients who buy toys for children. These clients are also organizations such as day-care, as well as school-based organizations like pre-school and/or nursery. This segment generally caters for seven to twenty five children. 2. Target Market Segment Strategy Exporting is a method of increasing sales potential for businesses. To go international, a company does not need to be big in size or have a huge marketing department. The Lithuanian market represents enough sales potential for Innospark. However, it is important for the firm to grow and the only way to do so is by exploiting the untapped markets, one of them being Poland. As per Euromonitor, the traditional toys and games market in Poland has been dominated by global brands for many years by companies such as Lego, Hasbro, Mattel and Simba. These companies have dictated general trends in the Poland toys market. This indicates that the Poland toys market represents a good opportunity for Innospark since consumers seem to be accepting global brands. Apart from increasing the customer base, exporting would also mean increased market share, and therefore increased profitability by lowering per unit cost. As per a general trend, an average order from international customer is often large r as compared to that from a domestic buyer. This means that exporting its toys can result in an increase in Innospark’s perceived size and stature. Additionally, it will also improve its competitive position, as compared to other similar-sized  startups in its sector. Through growth in business, Innospark may also look at overseas licensing, franchising, or may even set up its production unit in Poland. Additionally, the educational toys that Innospark is offering are very unique and innovative in nature. This opportunity can be exploited by commanding greater profit margins in Poland than in Lithuania. Although Lithuania helped the export-oriented economy in avoiding exchange-rate fluctuation by pegging the Lithuanian currency (the Lithai) to the Euro in 2002, other fluctuations in the economy and business cycles cannot be avoided altogether. Diversifying the market is therefore a feasible option for Innospark to reduce the risks. Also, exporting the products to Poland will help put the idle capacity at work, which will help Innospark to enjoy pure economies of scale with toys that are more global in scope. These products are also most likely to have a wider range of acceptance globally in the long run when Innospark grows and penetrates into other markets. From consumer point of view, Innospark will have to make sure that it offers products of the highest quality at a competitive price in Poland. If it becomes successful as an exporter, chances are highly likely that the educational toys will have increased acceptance in Poland as well due to Innospark’s heightened efficiency and focus on product quality. Lastly, Innospark also stands to gain from the export activities by a potential gain of knowledge. The myriad experiences and gain of information on new technologies, marketing ideas and product line extension that it will have in Poland can help Innospark to improve and grow not only its export business, but also the domestic business. 3. Entry mode As both countries (Lithuania and Poland) are part of EU, trade barriers are minimal. With reference to this information two the most attractive ways for â€Å"Innospark† to entry the new market has been selected: Indirect exports Direct exports Criteria Indirect exports Direct exports Implementation Find an export agent or freight forwarder from Poland, which could handle exporting and would be responsible for coordinating, could be a good choice, as local employees know their home market (customer’s needs, ways to attract them) better. Directly export products to customers (could be wholesalers or individual consumers) which are interested in purchasing them, without any intermediaries. This could lead to a better representation and protection of company’s trademark. Involvement in process Requires minimal involvement in exporting process. The company would be responsible only for finding any kind of intermediary (export agent or export managing company, freight forwarder, etc.).In that way â€Å"Innospark† would be able to continuously concentrate on Lithuania’s market and at the same time increase its market share in Poland. Requires maximum involvement in exporting process as company becomes responsible for developing understanding of a marketplace, handling logistics of shipment, collecting any kind of payments that might be needed to be paid, implementing support service. The market share in Poland might increase greater; however, domestic market would be a little bit â€Å"neglected†. Risk Almost none. This is the best way to field-test export potential for certain products. It might appear that it takes more time, money, energy than company is able to afford. Responsibility Intermediary would be responsible for failures, because indirect export requires minimal involvement in processes – there would always be someone to point the finger at if something went wrong, or not the way it was expected. The â€Å"Innospark† would be accountable for its failures. Being responsible for all exporting process will demand more effort from every level of the company. Potential profits Profits would be lower. Profits would be greater. Control Company would lose control over foreign sales because of the intermediary’s existence in the exporting-selling process. Company would have a better control of all phases of the transaction (ex. Shipment, selling, etc.) Contact with customers â€Å"Innospark† would have no direct contact with its customers. As a result, company might lose the opportunity to get to know the evolving needs of the consumers. â€Å"Innospark† would have direct contact with its customers. As a result, not only company will be able to get to know its customers and their needs, but also customers will know who â€Å"Innospark† is. Business trips Business trips might seem useless as company would be step removed from actual transaction because only intermediary would be able to know the latest information. Business trips would be efficient, useful and informative. There would be an opportunity to meet customers responsible for representing the products of the company. Long-term goals If suddenly the long-term outlook and goals of the company change, the reorientation of the company will be harder as production would already be in someone else’s hands. The reorientation would be easier as the â€Å"Innospark† would be the only unit responsible for exporting production of the company to Poland. As it is clearly visible from the table above direct exports has both, advantages and disadvantages. Analogue situation is with indirect exports. However, because the one of the main concerns on which is based the decision which entry mode should be selected, is contact with customers, the advantages of direct exports had outweighed advantages of indirect exports. With reference to information mentioned previously, the suggested entry mode for â€Å"Innospark† to entry Poland market is – Direct exports. The â€Å"Innospark† will focus on two types of consumers during this entry: Individual consumers (ex. parents, grandparents, aunts, etc.) Wholesale consumers (ex. kindergartens, daycare centers, etc.) The main and most important question is – why? Why consumers are such an essential part of the entry mode? The table below should answer this question. Reason Explanation Consequences Better margins Despite the fact that sales scope will be smaller, margins will be higher. More profit Closer contact with customers Stronger relationships which lead to loyalty will be developed by selling directly to customers, excluding any kind of intermediaries. This will form a more accurate feedback – better knowledge about evolving consumers’ needs. Products that satisfies consumers’ needs better > Customers’ loyalty > Word of mouth advertising > Increase in the market share > More profit More efficiency Fewer layers involved in distribution Simpler managing of the distribution processes Future plans â€Å"Innospark† will sell direct to the consumers and also to wholesaler purchasers, who will be responsible for representing the trademark and the products of the company. While this entry mode (Direct export) creates more work for â€Å"Innospark† in terms of generating sales, it provides better margins. Additionally, this process will be more costly, having in mind not only money, but also time and energy, for the first few years; however, once loyal relationships will be developed with individual consumers as well as the wholesale purchasers, the marketing expenses will decrease extremely as the customers become familiar with the â€Å"Innospark’s† extraordinary and exclusive products and continue to make purchases. What is more, loyal customers will not only constantly acquire products, but also introduce them to their friends, family members, etc. – company will get free word of mouth advertising. 4. Industry Analysis The toy industry in Poland is characterized by many different domestic toy manufacturers (ex. TUBAN, KANWIL) also as global manufacturers who exports their production to the country (ex. Mattel, LEGO). Nevertheless, there is a  niche of educational toys which „Innospark† can take advantage from as this niche is quite new (within the last five years) and more legitimized nowadays comparing to the situation ten years ago when it was believed that toy can’t have any educational value – it was assumed that toy is just a meaningless way to occupy children giving parents’ a brake from parenthood. Only recently it was proved that there are some special designed toys which not only attracts children’s attention but also teach them constructrive skills at the same time as develop their imagination and ability to concentrate. It would be a great opportunity for „Innospark† to establisth itself while this niche is not overloaded. As it is clearly visible from the table above, competitors mainly focus is on eco-friendly wooden toys or constructors. â€Å"Innospark† would be like a â€Å"gust of the fresh air† in the Poland’s market with its creative solutions applied  to make outstanding educational toys and wide assortment of the products. 5. Staffing policy We decided to start with Warsaw and hire local staff, because, introducing our product, advertising will be more efficient in capital city than in other small towns. The minimum salary will be 405 and more, depending on the work level (Minimum wage in Poland is 404,16 â‚ ¬). The salary will be transferred to their accounts which also can be opened by us in one particular bank, which will be better for the company for not loosing money in transferring etc. We also will have 3 employees, till we expend on the market. Decision is to use local staff. Reasons: Local employees and managers know more of the local market and therefor can build reliable and trustful relationships with the customers. Local customers may prefer interactions with local employees and managers due to the common cultural background and lack of language barriers. Local managers and employees working together can increase employees morale, work satisfaction, organizational commitment and as a result effective performance. 6. Marketing strategy (business scheme) The business scheme will point out the fact that products are absolutely educational tools that are entertaining. This is a meaningful message because parents will desire their kids to play with this kind of toy. The essential feature of the „toyâ€Å", in the product is used to make the kids bound with the product, something mostly hard to do with most educational tools. â€Å"Innospark† create ideas in our minds and develop creative educational devices that provokes developmental activity and makes positive recurring stimulation for kids in their studying process and creative play. â€Å"Innospark† trust in the capability of clever education. Cleverness- clever person is a curious explorer. Let’s create a place where creativity grows Hopes, goals- the first years of children’s life are most important time in the growth of hopes. Let’s have the hopes high. Permitting- a kid so deeply wants to believe his or her wishes can come true. It is our job to help them  build a feeling of inner confidence, fearlessness and toughness. Progress- cleverness has developed into a highly treasured skill in the century. It is an important building block for changes in business, history and nowadays life. Let’s grow clever The business scheme will identify and describe for the fact that there are two definite client groups that must be drawn attention to. To take the awareness of both groups sees that the groups are very dissimilar despite the fact that they are buy identical product. ( â€Å"Innospark† will use direct mailings and advertisements. â€Å"Innopark† is a new company, is a little two years old, so for the beginning we recommend choose the „Innospark† website ( Will be used like the main tool to spread the product. It will be a cheap and productive way of spreading information regarding and its product. The site will be divided in two fields, one for general information and the other for dealers/traders. The second part will have greater amount of information outside business information like stock. Also, â€Å"Innospark† as a new company, choose the Internet as a cheaper and more effective your advertising apparel and corporate types. To ensure the effective promotion of the search results, one of the ways to register â€Å"Google AdWords†. Next would be placement of advertisements in various, popular international social networks such as â€Å"Facebook†, â€Å"Twitter† etc. Social networks provide advertisements wide spread not only the Internet but also Internet users communicating with each other, as well as commenting on a product on the Internet, writing reviews, etc. Often, when choosing a product, service or business other people’s reviews are crucial selection. Homegrown web sites the opportunity to advertise, is the largest news portals.Like the ad placement site, an important aspect of creating their advertisements, is to choose the advertising audience. Audience determined to run at end-customers, which is a very important part of a successful advertising campaign. The website business scheme is easy to understand and clear, have the webpage shortcuts on all available materials as well as mention it in all talks with clients. To make it easy to find for greater amount of people. Will add the site to more spacious extent of search engineers so even if a specific customer is not informed of but has knowledge of the product category, they will still be pointed to site. 6.1 Sales strategy (Marketing scheme) The marketing scheme will be adjusted for every client group. The marketing scheme for individuals is to make plenty knowledge of. So that clients are asking their dealers to carry for them. To address the marketing part it is future plan that the businesses are not just purchasing one or two of the items but that they are purchasing entire products addressing dissimilar abilities, all of which are valuable. In most cases this is particularly valuable as businesses repeat clients, meaning that if buyer is satisfied with the bought item, they will probably become a long term clients and not search for other dealers. 6.2 Operations strategy (Action plan) Will make manufacture widely popular of all of its products. We choose the publicizing system for many reasons: None of them have been involved in manufacturing action  Popularizing will lower the cost to smallest amount, making all products costs variable Popularizing will make it available for the business team to pay more attention on marketing and new product growth Minimizing the possible financial dangers by not committing to the cost of a manufacturing facility Making business plans sales grow bigger Bibliography Delaney, L. (2014). About Money. Retrieved from Innospark. (2012, December). Innospark. Retrieved from Martins, R. (2014, November 28). Poland. Retrieved from (2014). Country Reports. Retrieved from (2014). Retrieved from

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Transfer of Property

THE TRANSFER OF PROPERTY ACT, 1882 PERSONS COMPETENT TO TRANSFER (Section-7 ) Submitted by: Ananya mohapatra BBA-LLB (A) 5th Semester 1082015 PERSONS COMPETENT TO TRANSFER (Section-7) Every person competent to contract and entitled to transferable property, or authorized to dispose of transferable property not his own, is competent to transfer such property either wholly or in part, and either absolutely or conditionally, in the circumstances, to the extent and in the manner, allowed and prescribed by any law for the time being in force.Who is a Transferor? Every person who is competent to contract as per the Indian Contract Act is also competent to transfer a property provided that he is authorized to transfer it as per the law. The term â€Å"authorized† needs to emphasize. If transferor is not owner of the property he purports to transfer he must show that he is otherwise authorizes by law to transfer the property. Who is a Transferee? As far as a transferee is concerned th ere is no such requirement that he must be competent to contract.So, a minor, lunatic- all they can be transferees. However, a few limitations are there. First in the lease of lease both transferor and transferee have to be major or otherwise competent to make contract. Second, if a gift is made to a minor, it has to be accepted by its guardian. Apart from these, there may also be some special provisions which attach some (dis)qualification to a person wanted to be a transferee. For Eg: S. 136 of the T. P. Act provides that officers of the court including judges and advocates cannot be assignee of actionable claims.COMPETENT TO TRANSFER Under S 6(h) (3), any person is competent to be a transferee, unless legally disqualified. This section deals with the competency of a transferor. The transferor must be- a) competent to contract; and b) have title to the property or authority to transfer it if not his own. COMPETENT TO CONTRACT This is the same condition as is enacted by S 7 of the Indian Trusts Act, 1882 for the creation of a trust. S 11 of the Indian Contract Act 1872 defines the capacity to contract.The power to transfer must depend upon the power to contract, for without an antecedent contract to give and take; there can be no transfer at all. MINOR AS A TRANSFEROR The transferor must have attained the age of majority according to the law to which he is subject. The Privy Council held that a contract by a minor is void and so therefore the transfer by a minor is also void. Although a minor is not competent to transfer, yet a transfer to a minor is valid. LUNATIC AS A TRANSFEROR Under S. 2 of the Indian Contract Act 1872, a person is of sound mind for the purpose of making a contract if he is capable of understanding and of forming a rational judgment as to its effect upon his interests. A contract made by a lunatic is void under the Indian Contract Act 1872, and so also a transfer by him of his property is void. Disqualified to contract A statutory disqual ification to contract imports, as in the case of a minor, inability to transfer. Such a disqualification ensues when the owner’s property is under the management of the Court of Wards, or of an officer appointed under Encumbered Estates Act.A judgment debtor whose property is being sold in execution by the collector is also incompetent to alienate. Oral Transfer: Formalities of a Transfer Section 9 of the TP Act states that in every case where writing is not required a transfer can be made orally. The meaning is that if writing is not required by Law- property can be transferred by delivery of possession of the property. Pre-requisites of a valid transfer: 1) Property must be transferable S. 6 2) Transferor must be competent to contract and should not be disqualified under any special law S. 3) Transferee should also not be qualified under special law S. 7 4) Legal formalities required by law should be fulfilled S. 9 5) Consideration and object of transfer should not be contr ary to law or public policy S. 6(h) (A person’s conduct in collecting rents and managing an estate of the landlord does not empower him to transfer the land as the landlord’s agent; Balai Chandra Mondal v. Indurekha Devi, AIR 1973 SC 782. ) ____________________________________________________________________

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Case Study, Cultural Turnaround at Club Med Essay

Case Study, Cultural Turnaround at Club Med - Essay Example Sooner, it was able to achieve a considerable growth in the competitive tourism business industry. During the year 2000, the company was highly focused on developing its brand image due to the fierce competition prevailing in the global hospitality industry (John Wiley & Sons, Inc., n.d.). Before the year 2000, the business performance of the organisation has been recognised to achieve substantial growth due to its wide range of tourist villages along with targeting potential clients through its exceptional business strategies. The strategy of maintaining festive atmosphere during all the seasons and maintaining adequate culture within the organisation has been widely accepted, which enabled Club med to attain a competitive advantage in the rapidly flourishing tourism industry (Sheth & et. al., 2010). The strategic reposition along with emphasising on building relationship has significantly facilitated the company to accomplish its desired business goals. In this context, Gracious Or ganisers (GO) responsible for maintaining effective relationship with clients has been identified to play a crucial role by maintaining festive culture throughout all the seasons within the tourist villages. Moreover, the integration of different events for targeting the youths such as cultural shows, sports along with village dances have significantly helped the organisation to obtain a wide attention of the global clients. In addition, the continuance of cooperative relationship between the employees along with their families has also been proven to play a major role for Club Med to maintain its organisational culture (Verdure, 1993). Major Factors for Club Med’s Success between the Year 1950s to 1990s With reference to the case scenario, a set of key success factors can be identified that led Club Med to play a dominant role in all-inclusive resort industry during the years 1950s to 1990s. In this regard, few of the key success factors during those years have been briefly highlighted in the following discussion. Value Creation Strategy The strategy of increasing value of different tourism activities performed by Club Med can be considered as one of the major successive factors that led to provide adequate support to the organisation between the years 1950s to 1990s. With regard to the major functional attributes in the value proposition of Club Med, it has been widely accepted that transportation, food, accommodation along with sports and entertainment events are the four major pillar of the company’s value creation strategy. Innovation The continuous innovation across the major key factors for the global tourists can also be considered to play as essential role in increasing value of its range of tourism services. Moreover, the innovative strategy of integrating exceptional tourism products and/services have act as a shield for the organisation against various potential threats from the global tour operators along with hotel chains within the period of 1950s to 1990s. Few of the remarkable innovative business operations analogous to Club Med during these periods have been demonstrated in the following table. Source: (Marom & et. al., 2003). Organisational Culture With regard to the

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Analysis Phase Of System Development Life Cycle Thesis

Analysis Phase Of System Development Life Cycle - Thesis Example There is aim regarding implementing a new information technology system at ABC Company, which is an accounting enterprise. The main intention of this implementation is to minimize the information management complexity and improve the overall working systems flexibility to get better working performance and functionality. In addition, this report presents detailed and comprehensive analysis of implementation of an IS (information system) and critically assess the analysis phase of the overall SDLC (software development lifecycle) of this information system for the ABC Company. Here system development life cycle is a group of activities those are aimed to develop the whole project. The main intention of the SDLC is to provide a complete framework regarding the development of the whole system product. In this scenario system development moves through each stage of development and offers a better system development output. The analysis phase of the SDLC is the initial phase of system dev elopment. In this phase we analyze the whole system regarding its requirements, feasibility and development areas. At the present, the business of ABC accounting enterprise is functioning by using the traditional ways of business management (i.e. paper based, decentralized legacy systems). However, the modern and up-to-date techniques for the business and corporate technology have allowed the higher management to think about the new business technology implementation at the corporate structure. The main intention behind the development and implementation of the modern and up-to-date techniques of information technology in the business and corporate structures is to enhance the overall corporate performance and enhanced management of the business data. The current era is known as the age of information technology as IT is playing basic and major roles in almost every field of life. In addition, the

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Myeloproliferative Disorders Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Myeloproliferative Disorders - Essay Example In 2005, similarity in the major disease groups of MPDs got some explanation when Janus Kinase 2 V617F (JAK2- V617F) which in fact represents a G to T somatic mutation of JAK2 at nucleotide 1849, in exon 14, which eventually end up in the substitution of valine to phenylalanine at codon 617 (Tefferi 2006). Apparently, it seems that all group members of MPDs contain JAK2-V617F in equal proportion in all patients, persistently; which raises the question of capturing all disorders in the group through a single mutation, how is it possible But this is not the case! In fact, various diseases of the group carry this mutation in their genetic materials with different proportions in different patients; moreover, these diseases do not constantly carry this mutation as a universal principle. ... Various researchers have got the evidence to describe that the proportion of the patients with one of the three diseases of MPDs carry JAK2-V617F in different proportions and among these diseases PV is the disease which carries it to the maximum level. According to Tefferi (Tefferi 2006), almost all patients with PV carry the mutation while in the remaining two diseases, ET and IM, about half of the patients each in the two groups carry JAK2-V617F. While Jones et al (Jones 2005) gave could capture lower frequency of the mutation in these diseases, like: 81 percent of the patients with PV could show JAK2-V617F, 43 percent with IM and 41 percent with ET were able to reflect the mutated genetic material. This non-consistent behaviour of the mutated genetic material demands some further exploration in this area. One possible explanation in the favour of single mutation with multiple diseases still exists and which is related to sensitivity and specificity of the tests capturing the findings, which support JAK2-V617F. There are chances that mutation is present in the disease groups belonging to MPDs but the available tests are not efficient enough to detect that. For this answer we need to wait for the availability of refined testing system. At the same time it seems obvious that some other mechanisms are also operating in differentiating the progenitor to different diseases. Whether these mechanisms are timed before, after or at the same time as the mutation develops; it is to be answered. Jamieson et al (Jamieson 2006) found through their study that: in samples of PV patients, the cells with haematopoietic stem cells phenotype produced JAK2-V617F which in

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Kelly's Contract Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Kelly's Contract - Essay Example l contain a definitive promise providing the other party with an unambiguous option to accept or decline the offer.1 An offer constitutes the starting point of a contract and must be stated with clarity. In other words the person receiving the offer must be able to determine from the offer exactly what it is that is being offered as well as the terms of the offer.2 Kelly’s offer is for the sale of two black limousines for the 15,000 pounds. Kelly’s offer is in the form of an advertisement and typically an advertisement is treated as an â€Å"invitation to treat†particularly since it usually lacks specificity. This is usually the case in advertisements for the sale of goods.3 In Carlill v Carbolic Smoke Ball Co Ltd (1893) 1 QB 256 however, it was held that if an advertisement was presented with sufficient clarity it could constitute a valid offer.4 Once an offer with sufficient specificity to purchase the advertised goods is made and that offer is accepted by the vendor it is possible for a legally binding contract to be formed.5 Based on these rulings Kelly’s advertisement constitutes a valid offer, acceptance of which is capable of forming a legally binding contract. The offer made to Sarah via email for the sale of the two limousines is also a valid offer. However, Sarah’s response is problematic for Sarah since it did not mirror the actual offer and by implication represented a counter-offer. Sarah’s insistence that the limousines be sprayed white functions as a rejection of Kelly’s offer. A counter-offer is made when new terms are injected and are required to be accepted.6 Sarah’s counter-offer was made via email. In circumstances where communication of an acceptance is made via an instantaneous method such as an email, the offer is effective at the time of remittance.7 It is not certain that Kelly received the email, but even if she did not receive the email it will not negate communication of the counter-offer. Kelly is deemed to have

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Case study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 6

Case Study Example takeholder include the Government; UNICEF; National Health Committee; NGOs; school teachers; local leaders; national television; media; village sanitation committees; private sector; and households. Responsibilities for stakeholders have been clearly defined in project plans. Impoverished communities around the world suffer from unique problems. Singleton (2003) described origins of problems including lack of access to safe water; lack of facilities for health care; lack of access to educational opportunities; shortage of nutrition; lack of employment opportunities; inadequate transport facilities; and limited or expensive power supplies. Impoverished communities are caused by lack of income because of underemployment; inadequate housing, sanitation, and water supply; limited educational opportunities; or inadequate or expensive transport. Reasons for failure of poverty alleviation strategies include lack of planning for operation and maintenance; limited attention to the development of ownership by the local communities; political interference and intervention; allocation of funds without poverty alleviation strategy; and corruption. Myanmar suffered the deaths of 30000 children in 1997 from diarrhoea. The sanitation coverage was 39 percent for the population, and personal and domestic hygiene was poor. The World Health Report published in 2000 ranked Myanmar 190th among 191 countries. Attempts were made to improve sanitation in the 1990s by promoting community participation. A strategy was the provision of free latrine plans to families, but the project had to be phased out as it did not succeed in achieving community support and became costly. The government realized that its role was to facilitate and stimulate local communities for recognizing and meeting their own needs (Singleton, 2003). The aim of this case study is to highlight the role project governance in the development of engineering solutions for communal sanitation in Myanmar. Aspects of